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Lifting Anchor

We focus on overseas housing construction, infrastructure, investment and development, China’s foreign aid construction and embassy and consulate construction.

Recruitment enterprise CSCEC international engineering branch • CSCEC international is the only domestic secondary enterprise focusing on overseas business of CSCEC.

Working area: Beijing, Suzhou Overseas campus recruitment post civil engineering post – Overseas civil engineering post – domestic project management post – overseas project management post – domestic electrical post – Overseas electrical post – domestic electromechanical / water supply and drainage / HVAC post – Overseas electromechanical / water supply and drainage / HVAC post – domestic safety management post – overseas safety management post – domestic finance post – overseas finance post – domestic investment / financing post – overseas legal post – overseas translation post (Spanish) – overseas translation post (French) – overseas translation post (Arabic) – overseas information post – domestic human resources post – overseas administrative post – the above overseas information is sorted out by the information released by the enterprises on the national recruitment platform.

At present, CSCEC international has established 42 overseas offices in more than 30 countries and regions.

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