[excellent course] a series of courses on Construction Engineering Practice

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01 senior lawyer’s night talk about construction project contract disputes (end) 02 discussion on relevant legal issues of construction project construction contract (model text) gf-2017-0201 03 construction project core cost disputes (end) 04 three abilities that young lawyers should have from typical cases of construction projects 05 18 key points of 7 practical problems in construction contract disputes 06 clarify four difficulties and solve four Puzzles: Lawyer’s work in judicial expertise procedure of construction project construction cases 07 practical guide “disputes over priority of compensation right of construction project price” Case difficulties and agency practice 08 risk prevention of processing contract 09 risk prevention in the construction stage of construction project 10 risk prevention in the signing and performance of construction project contract 11 drafting project construction contract 2010 Edition Issues related to legal and judicial interpretation 12 several hot issues in the trial of construction contract disputes 13 engineering disputes and cases video 28 lesson 14 how to recover project arrears 3 lesson video 15 standardize the employment management of construction enterprises and effectively prevent legal risks Lecture 16 legal practice and skills of construction engineering 4 video 17 negotiation skills of construction engineering contract 18 engineering claims and disputes in real estate development Counterclaim 19 compilation of laws and regulations on construction projects 2019.pdf as a professional online course sales team, we have more than 6 years of professional experience in knowledge payment, more than 180tb of courses, and high-quality online course resources covering hundreds of Internet platforms.

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[excellent course] construction engineering practice series courses.

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