On September 9, 2021, trading limit and stock selection exchange: CSCEC sh601668

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Recommend official account official account: brother brother curve wrecker, the author of this public number, is a friend of China who has been a professional friend for more than ten years.

His official account is designed to help investors to make less detours and make money at an early date.

Why is the next five years of Niujing investment bound to be the five years of capital market explosion?   Original [picture] self introduction by the author: Tsinghua Aboriginal, studious and hard-working, with some experience over the years; After ten years of trading, all friends share their frustrations.

However, now, looking at the next five years with a warm attitude, we are full of hope and enthusiasm…

People who lose money want to go out, and people outside the city want to come in; At one time, our stock market was called a casino, with Zhuangzhu shares everywhere and insider stories frequently.

Focus on the official account of Niu Jing investment.

When talking about China’s capital market, they often feel besieged.

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Click on “Zan” and “look at”, the background response number 9 has a surprise.

What brother Fei told you is why “the next five years will be the five year of the capital market explosion”.


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