Sevilla municipal government owed the construction company 30000 euros in the final payment, and the boss climbed the hanging tower and

The woman sued the Ministry of health for a claim of 3 million euros.

Vox hopes that the police will directly announce the nationality of the offender every time they report the case.

Don’t deliberately hide it!..

Finally, the National Police negotiators persuaded him for hours to save him, and it was not known whether he could ask for money and salary.

A female overseas Chinese in Barcelona made money 24 hours at home, but her business was hot, but it aroused public anger! 5246 new cases, the death toll remains high and can’t sustain it! Sabadell bank announced major layoffs and closed hundreds of branches! Sanchez said that Spain under its leadership is much better than last year and asked the people’s party not to make trouble and harm others! After the boy was diagnosed, he ran around, causing 8 people to be infected and 1 person to die.

The child was wrongly raised after birth until the age of 19.

The boss’s company had a disagreement with the government on payment several years ago.

Because he couldn’t get the money, he couldn’t pay the workers.

After many unsuccessful appeals and no way to appeal, he could only attract the attention of the society in this way.

Under heavy pressure, the boss had to climb up the crane tower of a construction site of the housing department to ask for salary.

On Tuesday, a boss of a construction company in Sevilla climbed up the hanging tower of a construction site overnight.

Then the police sent negotiators to communicate psychologically and alleviate his emotions.

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Finally, he was persuaded to climb down the hanging tower.

According to the boss, the government defaulted on the balance payment of 30000 euros and refused to pay.

Lifting Anchor

His company cooperated with the government housing department.

He was sentenced to 5 years’ imprisonment! Great country style! Spain has provided assistance to many African countries and purchased a large amount of materials to donate.


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