The only construction enterprise in Shandong Province! “National Quality Award” of China Construction Eighth Engineering Bureau + 1

The transformation of Linyi port dredging railway mode injects new impetus for development.

It is an award approved by the CPC Central Committee and the State Council and has extensive influence in the field of quality at home and abroad, It is the highest honor in terms of quality awarded to organizations that have implemented excellent quality management and made remarkable achievements in quality, economic and social benefits.

Compile the history of the army, the records of the Department and the yearbook to comprehensively and systematically record the development history of the enterprise; Set up a “new voice generation” cultural propaganda group, publish a collection of brand stories, and inherit and carry forward the Iron Army spirit; Each year, we will select theme figures and the most beautiful spokesmen, organize Tiejun culture publicity month, tell stories carefully, and create “famous enterprises, famous products and celebrities”.

The first company of China Construction Eighth Engineering Bureau is the management benchmark of key state-owned enterprises selected by the state owned assets supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council.

The national quality award is selected by China Quality Association.

It is a national and national quality award as famous as Deming award in Japan, Baldrige National Quality Award in the United States and EFQM Excellence Award in Europe.

Over the years, it has always carried out in-depth benchmarking and world-class management improvement, comprehensively implemented the excellent performance management mode, and achieved a contract value of more than 100 billion yuan in 2020, The operating revenue has exceeded 50 billion yuan, and the comprehensive strength has ranked first among the three-level units of China Construction Group for four consecutive years.

Inherit and carry forward the Iron Army context.

On December 2, 2021, the annual meeting of China Quality Association was held in Beijing.

Jinan connection line of Beijing Shanghai Expressway adheres to independent innovation and creates the core competitiveness of the brand.

With R & D projects as the carrier, national enterprise technology center and maker’s home as the platform, well-known universities and R & D institutions as the cooperation objects, industry experts and academicians as consultants, and well-known universities such as Tsinghua University, deepen the integration of industry, University, research and application, overcome the world’s largest two-way eight lane tunnel group in Jinan connection project of Beijing Shanghai Expressway, and build Guangqu road project in Beijing, To tackle the “capital’s first difficulty” of the 240m river crossing tunnel and improve the ability of technological innovation in an all-round way.

of China Construction Eighth Bureau won the organization award of the 19th national quality award.

Adhere to the differentiated development strategy, build five differentiated business divisions such as EPC, high-tech plant, environmental protection water affairs and high-speed railway station building, and form a new growth pole.

In 2021, the total number of patents exceeded 2200, ranking first among construction enterprises in Shandong Province.

Lifting Clutches

The first company of China Construction Eighth Engineering Bureau will create a new situation in the market layout of the 2021 middle work conference.

After strict screening in certification consultation, diagnostic training, expert review, on-site review and other links, and through layers of checks such as high-level defense, review committee review, network publicity and evaluation committee review, 15 award-winning enterprises have been selected in China, and the first company of China Construction Eighth Bureau has successfully passed the review and identification of China Quality Association.

It is the only award-winning construction enterprise in Shandong Province.

Next, let’s take a look at the 19th national quality award winning enterprises with Tiejun.

The project management has changed from general construction contracting to general engineering contracting covering design, procurement and construction (EPC) transformation, systematic improvement of general contracting management capacity, and the proportion of EPC projects will reach 31% in 2020.

China Construction Eighth Engineering Bureau No.

At present, it has built an information architecture of “one center, two platforms and four systems”, independently developed Ba operation decision-making system, and provided support for enterprise decision-making with big data analysis; Independently build the “site management + comprehensive plan” system, and comprehensively use BIM, Internet of things, cloud computing, AI and other technologies to build a smart site integration platform to realize intelligent early warning and real-time tracking throughout the project life cycle.

Actively explore transformation and upgrading, China Construction Green Industrial Park (Jinan) has been invested and built, which has become a model of domestic smart factory operation and assembly construction.

1 company has a “national enterprise technology center” R & D platform, is a “national high-tech enterprise” certified by the Ministry of science and technology, and adheres to the principle of “paying equal attention to advantage inheritance and innovation driven” We always regard innovation as the first driving force for high-quality development.

A new design and Research Institute and procurement center have been established.

Focus on “green construction, smart construction and building industrialization”, carry out technology research and development in the fields of “smart city, digital building, water and environmental protection”, and take the lead in building the first 5g smart construction site in China – Beijing Jingdong headquarters phase II project.

CSCEC took the lead in building an information platform.

The first 5g smart construction site in China adheres to management innovation and stimulates new efficiency of smart management and control.

One belt, one road city, is to follow the national strategic orientation, actively integrate into the core city and hot spot area construction, create the “1816” market layout in China, actively respond to the national “one belt and one road” initiative, form the layout of the “3+X” overseas market, and create the “ten major product sequences”, covering ten major sectors, namely, “medical health care, urban renewal, environmental protection water services” and so on, forming a diversified market layout.

Guided by the wisdom platform culture and gathering the consensus of enterprise development, the first company of China Construction Eighth Engineering Bureau inherits and carries forward the Iron Army Culture of “military soul and ingenuity, family and country feelings, orders and prohibitions and mission”, forms a unique cultural competitiveness and won the model organization of enterprise culture construction in the 13th five year plan.

The first company of China Construction Eighth Engineering Bureau attaches great importance to strategic management, has established a perfect strategic management system, carries out closed-loop management of the whole process of strategy formulation, deployment, evaluation and adjustment, and leads all employees to strive towards the development vision of “becoming a world-class modern comprehensive construction service provider”.

The expedition ceremony of Wuhan Leishen Mountain hospital strengthened the guidance of mainstream culture.

China Construction Green Industrial Park (Jinan) is innovation driven and shapes the core advantages of enterprises.

The first Construction Co., Ltd.

Summarize and refine the “eight management concepts” and issue annual theme words for 11 consecutive years, so as to make the cultural orientation always take a clear stand and convey the positive energy of cohesion..

Improve the innovation system and build a new platform for technology R & D.


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