What does a wardrobe with architectural beauty look like?

Space design and planning based on the concept of fullness and emptiness allow us to experience different architectural aesthetics.

Interior | the interior cloakroom is inspired by Scandinavian style.

More and more roles are aware of and participate in the whole process.

The manufacturer of wooden handicrafts is contradadegliartigiani studio under cometa foundation in Como Province: here, master craftsmen constantly update the tradition and impart the most classic and ancient craftsman values, skills and secrets to vulnerable youth groups at the social, economic and personal levels.

Cuve is selected for the metal part of the whole wardrobe ́ E champagne color, exquisite and noble color, perfectly match with the internal white cherry finish.

The new 25 * 25MM metal pole replaces the traditional 25 * 45mm size and further strengthens the extremely lightweight sense of space: This is a technical innovation based on visual simplicity, and the Porro wardrobe system brings us more pleasant experience.

The new wireless lighting system is the result of Porro’s research.

Focus on technical details: the transparent luminous laminate is powered by the wireless lighting system, which can be perfectly embedded and hidden in the cabinet.

The closed back plate and transparent back plate are connected by transparent glass side plates, which improves the overall sense of value of the system.

Alice cooperative, which produces clothes for display in the wardrobe, opened Gaoding sewing studio in San Vittore prison in Milan to help women in difficulty reintegrate into society.

The production of storage is based on each design scheme.

The back plate and functional configuration are soft and versatile ciliegiowhite white cherry tree.

In addition, the corner scheme including luminous laminate, glass back plate and iron glass cabinet door enhances the visual lightness.

The most important thing is that storage realized our imagination of wardrobe as an exquisite display cabinet of clothes.

Melamine is very similar to cherry wood texture.

The current of the transparent light-emitting laminate is transmitted through the wireless power system hidden inside the cabinet.

In my mind, storage in 2021 is a family boutique.” — Piero Lissoni Porro’s exclusive selection and production of six textures decorate the interior of the storage cabinet, which has the characteristics of stability and durability and high-level aesthetic value.

For example, the northern European style white cherry light finish is soft and versatile, reproducing the texture of cherry wood.

Customization | personalized customization | the light and bright storage system is more than the wardrobe: it creates an open, closed and transparent “room” based on the real architectural space planning, so as to maximize the freedom to design the system in mind.

Lighting | the lighting storage system has been upgraded from an almost imperceptible point of view: lighting.

Flat Rubber Recess Former

The black Sugi dark matte finish has clear texture, which is inspired by the traditional wood protection process of Japanese fir burning board.

Lightness | as the protagonist of the Porro brand’s 2020-2021 product series, lightness has always created the brand’s exclusive business card based on the characteristics of customization.

In 2021, storage introduced many power products.

Transparency | as the real central area of the home, the storage cloakroom freely combines the open cabinet and the glass cabinet door wardrobe.

The internal storage box with white cherry finish, the cushion at the bottom of the drawer and the environmental protection leather tray with different colors and specifications can be carefully collected for accessories.

These high-quality props are made by studios that respect the sustainable development of society and environment.

With a complex design program of more than 25000 codes, the design scheme of each order guides the production process.

The all glass transparent cabinet and partially or completely closed cabinet appear alternately.

Storage | the drawer containing and finishing the glass panel presents and improves the sense of value of the wardrobe.

The storage wardrobe cloakroom system designed by Piero Lissoni and the product R & D center has been innovated from the manufacturing point of view.

Let’s feel the magical charm of Porro’s new storage wardrobe! “Storage wardrobe was born in 2000 and has been evolving for many years.

It is a high-tech, complex and extremely flexible system.

Wardrobeinterior | blacksugi is a warm material, extremely exquisite, classic and modern, especially suitable for storage system furniture wardrobe..

Each item is the result of aesthetic choice and reflects the thinking about the present and future.

As a private space, the cloakroom, like a private museum, treasures our dressing preferences and personal taste, and the wardrobe and cloakroom system with architectural beauty can also add infinite fun and possibility to our living space.

Societysustainability | social sustainability Porro uses the new jewelry designed by ELISA ossino studio to complete the world of storage.

Each wardrobe combination is custom designed and identified by a special “ID card”, tracing the production cycle until delivery to the end customer.

Architectural aesthetics we see that the new metal frame ensures more internal space, which can perfectly match different types of systems: hinged door wardrobe, open cabinet and cloakroom.

Users can choose solutions according to their personal needs.


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