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Payment and recovery of deposit; 5.

Prepare construction log and construction organization design, and draw as built drawings; 6.

Have risk control and safety awareness, understand national accounting and economic policies, accounting and tax regulations, and be familiar with bank settlement business; 5.

Be responsible for the collection, sorting, cataloging, temporary storage, utilization and archiving of daily construction documents; 2.

Lifting Anchor

Welfare benefits, five insurances and one fund, performance bonus, overtime subsidy, full attendance award, food package, free parking, regular physical examination, employee travel, holiday welfare and regular group construction.

College degree or above, under the age of 40, major in finance; 2.

Familiar with financial software and office software such as Excel and word; 4.

Be responsible for external liaison with banks and other departments; 7.

Good communication skills.

Carrying out and following up bid sealing and bid opening to ensure smooth completion; 4.

Be responsible for filing and keeping accounting documents; 6.

Job requirements: 1.

Proficient in data and office software such as CAD, PS and office, proficient in drawing and drawing, carefully fill in engineering data, neat handwriting, standardized documents, complete, true, timely and effective; Cashier 4-5k / month responsibilities: 1.

At least 2 years relevant experience in cashier or financial accounting; 3.

Under the age of 40, college degree or above, major in electrical engineering, engineering management and other related majors; 2.

Preparing credit and commercial bids and collecting relevant data; 3.

College degree or above, major in management; 2.

Job responsibilities: 1.

Apply for bills, prepare and submit accounting statements, and assist in handling tax statements and declarations; 4.

Serious and careful work, strong sense of responsibility, team spirit and pressure resistance; 4.

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The company’s business scope includes: power equipment installation and maintenance; Housing construction works; Road lighting works; Municipal works; Foundation and foundation works; Steel structure works; Plumbing installation works; House demolition works; Installation and maintenance of mechanical equipment; Technology investment and management consulting services.

Cooperate with the cost department to complete the project visa data; 7.

Sorting and collecting bidding information, registration, purchase of bidding documents and other preliminary work; 2.

Be responsible for the management and verification of daily cash journal and bank deposit journal; 2.

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is a large private enterprise integrating construction engineering, power and electromechanical equipment installation engineering construction.

Complete daily routine work, collect and review original vouchers, expense reimbursement and audit; 3.

Coordination and communication with other departments; 6.

Collection, inspection and summary of various quality assurance data during construction; 5.

Complete other affairs assigned by the company.

Review and record before commencement and after completion acceptance; Job requirements: 1.

Be able to do all kinds of process data such as power construction projects, collect and sort out all kinds of data at all stages of the project; 3.

Optimistic and cheerful, proactive, strong sense of team, strong pressure resistance, serious work and correct attitude.

Job requirements: 1.

Joinus post recruits power engineering documenter 4-6k / month.

Contact us at email: qbjzaz@163.com Address: building C26, Huaming EOD headquarters port, north of airport logistics processing zone, Jinhan Road, Tianjin..

Tianjin recruitment link warm prompt at 9:00 every day: Thank you for paying attention to Tianjin recruitment link! Because there are many online frauds and many tricks, it is illegal for employers to charge job seekers in any name! Please be vigilant! Beware of being cheated! When you go to a job interview or work in a certain place, you’d better tell your relatives and friends where to go, so that you can apply for the interview safely.

One to three years working experience, experience in the same position is preferred; 3.

Bidding agency Maintain the company’s relationship.

Cash and bank collection and payment processing, bank reconciliation, document review, issuance and storage; 5.

Collection, sorting, transmission and feedback of project information during construction, and timely report to leaders if necessary; 4.

Working hours: 8:00-17:00 from Monday to Saturday, 1 hour off at noon (lunch provided by the company) post responsibilities of bid specialist: 1.

Engaged in relevant work for more than 2 years, with certain engineering data preparation and management experience; 3.


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