Zhanjiang recruitment | Guangdong Xinfu construction technology company recruitment (social security, year-end bonus)


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It is not only better, faster and more economical, but also resource sharing and environment-friendly, which promotes the transformation and upgrading of traditional construction industry to intelligent manufacturing and realizes high-quality development.

2、 Store salesperson}3-6k / month job responsibilities: 1.

Have the ability to output original scripts, write passages that are grounded, funny and have big brain holes; 3.

Responsible for the explanation and promotion of the company’s products; 3.

4, expand more channels to help tiktok account operation.

Dignified, generous, enthusiastic, passionate, able to work under high intensity and pressure; 3.

Good communication and expression skills, strong learning ability, familiar with office software; 4、 Own Transport (motorcycles, electric vehicles and small cars) are preferred.

Job requirements: 1, the depth of the tiktok users, willing to explore the play.

Have a sense of network, sensitive to hot events and news, and have a strong interest in new media platforms; 5.

Good communication and expression skills, strong learning ability, familiar with office software, relevant store management experience; 5.

College degree or above, aged 28-45, male or female; 2.

Create interesting and interesting scripts independently; Organize video shooting and video editing; 3, responsible for the amount of voice, interaction and tiktok, and fully explore and analyze user preferences.

Assist the store manager in the management of town stores; 5.


Job recruitment tiktok 2 months 6-8k/ job responsibilities: 1, responsible for the company’s tiktok account structure; 2.

Tiktok familiar with the operation mode, has its own unique insights.

The intelligent structure technology is perfectly combined with the traditional cast-in-place technology.

Relevant short video or new media experience is preferred.

The main components are designed, produced and constructed one by one through industrialized software.

Be responsible for the cashier, finance and reconciliation of the store; 3.

provide one-stop overall solutions for house construction; The company has a professional designer team, excellent construction team, rich decoration schemes, diverse garden landscapes and perfect supply chain system.

Dignified, generous, enthusiastic and passionate; 3.

Display the company’s concept and image; 4.

Comprehensively preside over the operation and management of the company’s store and complete the marketing objectives; 2.

responsibilities of the store manager: 1.

Age: 20-35 years old, male or female; 2.


Xu Wen is a permanent resident with certain network resources.

Be responsible for daily sales and visitor reception of the store; 2.

Job requirements: 1.

The overall solution of Xinfu prefabricated building redefines the building through spch space smart.

Solid Lifting Socket

Pay attention to and analyze the same type of accounts and make corresponding content planning.

Understand and connect the bank mortgage business of local villas.

Have a sense of responsibility and self-motivated, good at communication, quick thinking, strong execution ability, good at accepting challenges, have team spirit, and have certain pressure resistance ability; 6.

Xinfu Building takes improving the ecological quality of Chinese people’s homes as its mission and focuses on new prefabricated green buildings from R & D, production and design , construction, indoor and outdoor decoration, landscape building, after-sales service, etc.

Strong organization and management ability and active working ability; 4.

Be responsible for the operation statistics and data analysis of the store and the management of the store Put forward adjustment suggestions for shop operation; 5.

Please be vigilant! Beware of being cheated! I wish you all a smooth job ^ ^ company profile.

Be responsible for mastering the market sales and analysis of products and materials; 4.

The building has the advantages of energy conservation and environmental protection, safety and beauty, strong seismic resistance, economy and practicality, short construction period and so on.

Job requirements: 1.

Welfare benefits, social security performance bonus, Festival welfare professional training, transportation subsidy, paid annual leave contact information email: 412844219@qq.com Contact address: North of Chengdong Avenue..


Let building more worry free, check in more at ease.

Be responsible for store warehouse management, warehouse in and warehouse out registration, and guide the shelves of articles; 6.

Self provided means of transport (motorcycle, electric vehicle and car) is preferred.

Understand and connect the bank mortgage business of local villas.


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