Chengdu recruitment | recruitment of state-owned enterprises! Training Administrator of Human Resources Department of Sichuan No.3

Have strong organizational ability, communication and coordination ability and overall planning ability; 3.

Be responsible for the custody and use of the dongle in the company’s certificate registration system; 6.

Be able to skillfully use office software and office automation equipment.

for those who meet the registration conditions and are interested in participating in the application, please submit your resume before 17:00 p.m.

Internal management of the Department and other work assigned by the superior.

Be familiar with the labor contract law and other relevant national laws and regulations; 4.

remuneration shall be subject to relevant standards of the company VI.

Be responsible for implementing the specific work of personal qualification certificate management, including declaration, extension, change handling, etc; 4.

Be responsible for cooperating with the specific work of bid management; 5.

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3 Construction Engineering Co., Ltd.

on December 22, 2021 The scanned copies of basic information registration form of candidates (attached), graduation certificate, degree certificate, professional and technical qualification certificate, honor certificate and other data shall be packaged and sent to the contact email.

2、 Job responsibilities 1 Be responsible for implementing the specific work of employee training management, including preparing and summarizing the annual plan, organizing or assisting in the implementation of training, training summary, training data archiving management, etc; 2.

Establish, update and maintain certificate management account in time; 8.

now publicly recruits a training administrator of the human resources department within the company, the group and social channels, as follows: I.

Be familiar with the staffing requirements of construction enterprises with various qualifications; 5.

3、 Job requirements 1 Bachelor degree or above, more than 2 years related working experience; 2.


162, east section of the first ring road, Chenghua District, Chengdu, Tel.: 028-83376824, email: , contact: Mr.

Wang) identification QR code.

post information: 1 Training Administrator of the human resources department of the company.

Be responsible for completing the scanning, filing, uploading and management of the company’s or assisting, guiding and urging the subsidiary companies to complete the certificates of relevant registered personnel and technical and economic personnel.

4、 Work location: Chengdu v.

Be responsible for the specific work of management of special types of work and three types of personnel with certificates; 3.

(company address: No.

Due to work needs, Sichuan No.


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