Construction site “new regulations” issued, such migrant workers will be dismissed? Do you support it?

In the past, there were many young people among migrant workers, but now, there are more middle-aged and elderly people.

Farmers’ friends would choose to work in cities in order to enable their families to live a better life.

If you are also from the countryside, you will find that many people in their 60s are still working in the city.

According to the media reports, we can know that some time ago, a construction site from Hubei was found by the relevant regulatory authorities to employ migrant workers over the age of 60, and the responsible department and person in charge were punished.

Many people expressed disapproval of this policy.

For male groups, if they are over 60 years old, they can’t continue to pay.

If they are accidentally injured on the construction site, it will also increase the national financial expenditure.

So what do you think of this policy of prohibiting the employment of male migrant workers over the age of 60 and female migrant workers over the age of 50? (Disclaimer: the picture and text come from the Internet, please contact to delete if there is infringement) friends are watching: Blessed are farmers, the “3 ban” will be lifted in rural areas, including farms and motorcycles.

In addition, their work is no different from that of young migrant workers, and their main purpose is to earn more income.

In addition to the cost, they may finally get only one or two thousand dollars.

However, recently, the relevant departments have announced some new regulations for the situation of construction sites.

In fact, even if these migrant workers over the age of 60 can’t continue to work on the construction site, they can also choose some other ways to make money, such as choosing the doorman or attendant who works more leisurely.

If they continue to do dirty and tired work on the construction site, they may be at risk of disease and their safety is difficult to be guaranteed.

Under the “new regulations” of construction sites, such migrant workers may be dismissed? What the hell is going on? If such a situation is found, the person in charge will be severely punished.

But in fact, the reason why the state wants to clean up migrant workers who do not meet the age requirements on construction sites is mainly due to the following two reasons.

Although such a policy has not been announced on the official website, it is indeed something that the relevant departments are planning.

In the past, the gap between rural areas and cities was quite obvious.

The official account has been banned official account..

That is, if the age is over 60, all kinds of construction sites are not allowed to hire such migrant workers.

No matter when they are young or when they are old, they can’t concentrate on their children’s life.

How can we be idle? There are also some elderly people who mainly want to reduce the pressure on their children.

These old people are still working hard at such an old age.

If they are allowed to do nothing, they will not adapt, and it is easy to lead to physical diseases.

Although they have retired, they still want to earn more money to help their children and provide them with financial support.

But working in the city can earn at least one or two hundred yuan a day.

In addition, the state is bringing social security policies to migrant workers.

As long as they can have strength, they will strive to create their own value and bring a better life to their children.

They have worked hard for a whole year.

For these groups, we all call them migrant workers.

Some time ago, the housing and urban rural development commissions in many places also issued notices, strictly ordering all construction units to no longer employ male workers over the age of 60 or female workers over the age of 50.

It is obvious how obvious the comparison gap is.

Many old people of this age group continue to work, not because of the unreasonable economic conditions, but because they have been used to working all their life.

In that case, who would like to stay at home and farm? By now, we have found that the construction sites in many cities are full of old people in their 60s.

These people grew up doing hard work from an early age, and they are not young, but they seem to be no different from young people and still have great strength.

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These four categories may not be able to hide! Welcome to the public.

In addition, they have the spirit of hard work, so the contractors are willing to use these old people.

In short, they are all to reduce the pressure on their children.

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These jobs may be boring, but other aspects are more suitable for men over the age of 60.

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First of all, these migrant workers are older and their physical quality is far better than that of young people.

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After all, we are all people from the bitter days.

They just want to earn more money to buy a house for their children, or earn more money to save for their future pension.

If they choose to farm land at home to make money, their income can not be compared with working.

Really? Villages will carry out “class 4 house demolition” Village cadres take the lead in demolition.

In this context, they do not have to bear the pressure of life, but also enjoy the benefits of various social security.

As long as they have the strength to make money, they will never stop easily.

This shows that the strength of management is relatively strong, so people must pay full attention to it.

The pension will be increased in 2022, and the length of service of more than 35 years will increase more.

Parents themselves are a group of selfless dedication.


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