[recruitment] a construction company in Changping City recruits [budgeter]

Be able to master the accurate market price and budget price, and adjust the budget and settlement in time.

Project payment review, settlement management, budget and final account report; 6.

Have the qualification certificate of cost controller is preferred.

Project investment analysis, daily cost calculation, and provide design change cost suggestions; 2.


Salary: 1.

Master the accurate market price and budget price, and adjust the budget and settlement in time.

Strong communication and coordination skills: strong dedication and teamwork spirit.

Recruit   Hire   simple   Chapter recruitment post: budgeter location: Changping city and surrounding recruitment number:   1.

Review the design estimation, construction drawing budget, preparation of bidding documents and quantity calculation: 3.

Change negotiation, review and deal with claims.


Be familiar with the materials and labor market situation in the decoration industry.


2、 Job requirements 1.

Good working environment + broad development space + comprehensive employee training + colorful employee activities, etc.


Be able to make the budget in a timely and accurate manner and provide quotation basis in the project bidding stage.

Job responsibilities: 1.


Contact: Zhang Yixin, Bai Yue Tel: 89711718 (8:00-17:00 from Monday to Friday) consultation time: 8:00-12:00 on weekdays, 13:30-17:00 in the afternoon, boshengda, the HR Consultant around you!..

Draft and manage contract documents, track and analyze contract implementation and review relevant terms; 5.


Salary: Negotiable; 2.

Five insurances and one fund, various subsidies, etc; 3.

Plate Anchor

Recruitment conditions 1.

Be familiar with the budget of decoration, municipal and civil engineering.


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