Shanhai elephant green construction hosts Shandong passive ultra low energy consumption building forum. We look forward to your

Cheng / Hua / Jian / Zhu  / Exhibition Chenghua    Building exhibition registration: Liu Wei, Liu Hong    Tel.: 0531-88879879, 86512575   Visit registration: Shang Yanhui, Judy   Tel.: 0531-88879894 / 9970    Forum speech: Zhang Legang 0531-88879952    Project procurement: Han Haiyan 15169055919   Mail:   Box: Address: North Zone, University Science Park, high tech Development Zone, Jinan, Shandong  。.

    The 7th Shandong green building and prefabricated building exhibition is scheduled to be held at Shandong International Convention and Exhibition Center (No.

(meeting site)     Relying on the rich advantages of the construction industry in Shandong Province, under the strong guidance of the competent government departments and the support of industry insiders, this exhibition has been successfully held for six times, with a cumulative exhibition area of more than 200000 square meters and more than 3800 international standard booths.

(previous live photos)     During the exhibition, “high quality building development summit forum”, “prefabricated building forum”, “healthy building development forum”, “passive ultra-low energy consumption building forum”, “building intelligence forum”, “new product technology exchange meeting”, “high quality project sharing exchange meeting”, “project supply and demand docking meeting” and “expert consultation exchange meeting” will also be held And more than ten supporting activities.

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1 Rizhao Road, Huaiyin District, Jinan) from November 12 to 14, 2021.

At that time, 20000 people from competent departments, real estate development, survey and design, construction, quality supervision, universities, scientific research institutes, enterprise representatives and other relevant units are expected to visit the meeting.

Relying on the exhibition concept of “accurate docking, accurate demand and accurate service”, the exhibition has been highly praised by exhibitors and visitors, and has developed into an upstream and downstream communication and cooperation window and project docking platform in the domestic construction industry.

Authoritative experts are invited to discuss industry hot spots, technical difficulties and other issues, transfer new ideas, explore new ways and share new opportunities.

    The successful holding of the exhibition will effectively promote the achievement transformation of new technologies, new materials, new products and new processes in the field of housing and construction, further promote the high-quality and large-scale development of green buildings in our province, improve the recognition of green buildings by all sectors of society, create a good development atmosphere, help energy conservation and emission reduction in the field of housing and construction, and achieve the goal of carbon neutralization and carbon peak as soon as possible.

(previous live photos)     With the theme of “promoting high-quality development of green buildings and helping double carbon standards in the construction field”, this exhibition plans seven special exhibition areas, including excellent project achievement exhibition area, prefabricated building exhibition area, green building exhibition area, ultra-low energy consumption building exhibition area, healthy building exhibition area, building intelligence exhibition area and construction machinery exhibition area, with a total exhibition area of 30000 square meters.


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