Case introduction of cipuyi Building Materials Engineering (I)

Create and subvert the traditional paving technology and methods, and be the pioneer of magnetic paving system.

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Show the floor installation effect of tranquility elderly care home in Dalton, Georgia, and the comparison after two years of use.

Tranquility nursing home is located in a humid location.

Today, I’d like to introduce the installation examples of magnetic shop and easy magnetic building materials.

Combined with the magnetic paving easy waterproof double-sided tape, the joint between the magnetic paving easy magnetic tape is fixed, which can achieve 99% waterproof effect.

There is no significant difference between the magnetic floor in tranquility nursing home and that in the initial installation.

Even in the main living room area of nursing home residents, the flow of people is large, and the magnetic floor is still as bright as new.

Magnetic paving is a brand of Guangdong Nanhao magnetic material technology Co., Ltd.

At the same time, it also greatly enhances the suction between the magnetic glue and the floor, so as to make the floor installation more firm and durable.

Before using the magnetic floor, the floor has to be replaced every year because the floor is arched due to excessive moisture on the ground.

However, one of the biggest characteristics of magnetic paving easy magnetic building materials is that in the case of water vapor, a vacuum will be formed between the magnetic paving easy magnetic glue and the magnetic floor, so as to squeeze out the water.

However, the floor of tranquility nursing home is not installed with magnetic easy waterproof double-sided adhesive, so the water vapor can still penetrate into the floor through the joint between magnetic easy adhesive.

Mason Frame Scaffolding

The installation process was clean, tidy and rapid, with little significant impact on residents and staff of nursing homes.

The whole installation process lasted half a working day.

In such a humid environment, cipu easy products still have excellent water resistance, which once again highlights the unique advantages of cipu easy magnetic building materials.

After learning about the waterproof characteristics of magnetically paved easy magnetic building materials, tranquility nursing home adopted a 5mm thick magnetically paved easy magnetic plastic floor and replaced the ground again.

Effect drawing after two years of paving magnetic easy magnetic floor in tranquility nursing home because the magnetic easy magnetic glue has good waterproof performance, the ground water vapor cannot penetrate the magnetic glue to the floor.

The effect drawing after the magnetic floor is paved in tranquility nursing home has been used for two and a half years.

It adopts magnebuild’s exclusive global magnetic pavement patent technology to develop and sell magnetic building materials and pavement materials.

Are you excited ~ let you imagine that with your design of magnetic shop, it is easy to make the decoration and installation so simple! We are the founder of magnetic paving system.


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