Add a safety lock to super high-rise buildings: strictly control new buildings, strengthen safety management and check fire hazards

So what safety risks should be paid attention to in super high-rise buildings? How to strengthen supervision? The reporter interviewed relevant departments and experts.

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After checking the periphery, Li Dongmei went straight to the fire control room, which is the fire control center of super high-rise buildings.

Therefore, super high-rise buildings must be equipped with refuge floors or refuge rooms.

“Looking back at the development process of super high-rise buildings, there are not many super high-rise buildings with a height of more than 500 meters all over the world.” Song Yehao, a professor at the school of architecture of Tsinghua University, believes that the operation and maintenance of super high-rise buildings are facing no small challenges.

Risk prevention and fire safety are the key buildings with hundreds of meters and dozens of floors, which have played a positive role in intensive use of land resources, promoting the progress of construction engineering technology and promoting economic and social development.

After checking the fire fighting site, approach the root of the wall and check whether the water pump adapter and fire hydrant are normal.

“Therefore, the fire fighting of super high-rise buildings requires high professional requirements.

In addition, most of the super high-rise buildings have underground floors, the surface bearing gravity of the fire truck access road decreases, and the climbing operation site is limited.

She opened the thick duty records and called out the electronic list of the fire switchboard to cross check the time and process of fire alarm disposal.

“Super high-rise buildings may bring urban heat island effects such as ground hardening and heating, light reflection pollution of glass curtain walls and even land subsidence.

Some super high-rise buildings exceed the height limit of lifting fire vehicles.

There should be not only special fire vehicles such as high-rise fire engines, high-rise water supply fire engines and rescue fire engines, but also professional key players and professional protective equipment.

The circular stipulates that cities with a permanent resident population of less than 3 million in the urban area shall strictly restrict the construction of super high-rise buildings of more than 150 meters and shall not build super high-rise buildings of more than 250 meters.

Walking along the Liberation Monument, there are many tall buildings and buildings.

The fire department, together with the public security and housing construction departments, continued to promote the opening of fire truck access and fire inspection of external wall insulation.

In order to strengthen safety management of super high-rise buildings and comprehensively check safety hazards, the Ministry of housing and urban rural development The emergency management department printed and distributed the notice on strengthening the planning and construction management of super high rise buildings (hereinafter referred to as the notice) ), put forward measures to strictly control new super high-rise buildings and strengthen the safety management of existing super high-rise buildings.

The key parts are “screened” one by one.

Strictly control new construction, strengthen safety management, check fire hazards, and add safety locks to super high-rise buildings.

“Don’t rush in first.” In front of a 60 storey office building, Li Dongmei “walked around the field”.

“Fire fighting of super high-rise buildings is a worldwide problem.” According to the analysis of relevant experts from the Fire Rescue Bureau of the emergency management department, if a fire occurs in a super high-rise building, the rescue will face the following difficulties: first, it spreads rapidly.

It is difficult to rescue, so fire prevention is more important.

Cities with a permanent resident population of more than 3 million in the urban area shall strictly restrict the construction of super high-rise buildings of more than 250 meters and shall not build super high-rise buildings of more than 500 meters.

The notice makes detailed requirements for “comprehensive investigation of potential safety hazards” and “systematic promotion of potential hazard remediation” of existing super high-rise buildings, and makes it clear that all localities should strengthen the supervision of potential hazard remediation of super high-rise buildings and implement Listing Supervision on major potential safety hazards; Local fire rescue organizations shall strengthen the investigation and familiarity with super high-rise buildings and regularly organize practical drills..

Li Dongmei, senior engineer of Yuzhong District fire rescue detachment, walks through the high-rise buildings with her colleagues every day for fire “physical examination”.

However, in recent years, some buildings blindly pursue height and bury potential safety hazards.

Song Yehao said: “the various auxiliary systems needed by super high-rise buildings, such as elevators and air conditioners, are far more complex than non super high-rise buildings.

Yuzhong District stands 134 super high-rise buildings over 100 meters.

We also have to screen special fire operation sites in order to improve the rescue efficiency.” Experts from the Fire Rescue Bureau of the emergency management department said.

There are elevator wells and pipe wells in the super high-rise building, and some buildings have thermal insulation materials outside, so the fire is very easy to spread rapidly from the inside and outside to form a three-dimensional fire; Second, it is difficult to evacuate.

The biggest difficulty lies in fire fighting.

“In case of fire in high-rise buildings, it is difficult to escape in a short time.

In the past, some owners often used the refuge floors for other purposes and piled up sundries in order to improve the utilization rate.

“Are the personnel on duty on duty 24 hours a day? Are their certificates in compliance?” Li Dongmei asked and looked.

After continuous rectification, it is much less now.” Li Dongmei said.

Fire water pump room, fan room, diesel generator room…

How to ensure the fire safety of super high-rise buildings by strengthening supervision and investigation and drilling? The reporter followed the fire rescue detachment of Yuzhong District, Chongqing to find out.

The fire water consumption of super high-rise buildings is large, and its own water supply may be difficult to meet the needs; Fourth, it is difficult to climb.

Then Li Dongmei comes to the 15th floor, where there is a unique cave – the stairs are misplaced and there are special passages; Independent smoke exhaust system can block toxic gas; Special firewall, heat insulation and smoke separation; There is also a special fire telephone, which can quickly contact the outside world.

The evacuation mainly takes stairs, but the vertical evacuation distance of super high-rise buildings is longer and the buildings are crowded, which is easy to cause trampling, suffocation and poisoning; Third, the water supply is difficult.

The energy and resources required to meet the daily operation and maintenance of super high-rise buildings are also far higher than those of non super high-rise buildings.” In addition to difficult operation and maintenance, high energy consumption and too many super high-rise buildings, it will also aggravate the “big city disease”.

Too dense super high-rise buildings will also bring adverse wind environment of high-rise Canyon wind.” Zheng Shi, deputy general manager of Beijing Architectural Design and Research Institute Co., Ltd.

She went to the fire engine passage and checked the vehicle occupation, landmark marking, etc.

This year, Yuzhong District not only carried out special rectification on the refuge floor and fire control room, but also comprehensively rectified the problem of fire water for super high-rise buildings.

Engaged in fire protection for 13 years, Li Dongmei personally felt that the fire safety net was becoming stronger and stronger.


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