John Pawson, a minimalist architect, published a cookbook family farm cooking in his villa

The main colors of the space are earth color, rat tail grass color and mineral gray, introducing the natural flavor of the rainforest into the room.

John Pawson and his wife Catherine Pawson are on the family farm.

The stones of all houses on the family farm were derived from the most distinctive yellow limestone ore of Cotswold.

The whole farm is composed of several different houses in series, some of which can even be traced back to the 17th century.

The architect John Pawson stopped in front of the fully open sliding floor glass window, facing the green orchard and the farm pond.

The first living and eating is a cooperation between him and food writer Annie bell《 The photos in the book “home farm cooking” are taken in the villa in a documentary way.

The garden that can be clearly seen in front of this large French window is more like Catherine’s world“ She wants to plant flower beds around the villa (a flower fence around the house).

In his 20s, listening to his heart, he went to Japan alone to find the legendary master cangminamata Shirang.

Deep in the room, closets and other sporadic wood parts are made of elm.

The house was purchased in 2012 as a holiday villa for the couple on weekends and holidays.

20 years later, the architect produced the second cooking recipe.

Their amazing fate began.

He didn’t officially start his construction career until he was around the age of 30.

It can even affect the way I perceive the place.

It seems that the only sign of reconstruction is the chiseled entrance to the house on the front, but in fact, the whole house has undergone a complicated renovation process.

His simple and refined style has quickly won the favor of many people, but he still focuses on his simple design style.

  Home / home “the perfect feeling when the content of a work is reduced to the minimum.” People call architect John Pawson a master of minimalism, and that’s how he defines “Minimalism”.

For me, this is a completely inexplicable idea! ” John Pawson complained, “it’s the same as her insistence on curtains.

“– In addition to the space designed by John Pawson for others, his own “family farm” villa also gives full play to his style.

Cotswold is the second home of many Londoners, and it still retains the typical British rural style.

The benchmark sofa and wonderglass chandelier in the center of the living room are designed by John Pawson.

The wall seat on the left was designed by Donald Judd and his wife.

Due to home isolation during the epidemic, the family spent most of their time here, taking photos © GilbertMcCarragher。 John Pawson’s aesthetic gene has been opened.

It’s really wonderful! ” When he was a minimalist architect, he lived in the oil paintings of the 19th century.

In his concept, “when all components of an object, all the details and all connections are reduced to the essence, it will have this property, which is the result of removing the non essential elements.” You can try to do anything in a quality space.

I feel the noise and smell of the countryside, and I notice the light changes.

On their wall, there was no decoration except the books on the wall..

Here is a poetic pastoral scene: an old farm containing 17th century buildings, a small and quiet pond, an orchard and an endless countryside.

The bed for rest is from Poul kJ æ rholm, and the stove is designed by dickvan Hoff for Royal tichelaar Makkum.

” Garden view suite at Singapore garpelle hotel.


In his book, photos are taken in the villa in a way of reporting and documentary“ We now have the first dog in our life.

The Times describes the architect John Pawson as “a man who makes us minimalists”.

Its retained traditional architectural style has a strong British town style, which makes people like living in the oil paintings of Impressionist painters.

The restaurant is reconstructed from the original garage and the ground is paved with terrazzo.

The “family farm” villa in the John Pawson couple’s book is located in the center of Cotswold.

In his own “high-quality space”, no one expected that what the master chose to try was to compile a cookbook with his wife.

Compared with its original house state, only the walls, roofs and huge floor glass windows are still in use, and the indoor space is fully illuminated, which makes people feel impressive.

The couple used their time at home during the epidemic to compile a book about cooking – Home Farm cooking, which is also Pawson’s second book about cooking.

John’s wife Catherine is a great cook.

The living room is wrapped with walls made of elm boards to create a comfortable and open natural state.

Pawson, life on the pastoral farm is very regular, and three meals a day has become an important part of life.

At the beginning of home isolation, John Pawson and his two sons decided to move here and live here for a long time.

What is surprising is that what was born in the architect’s family farm is the cooking recipe compiled by him and his wife…

But I admit that her curtains made of cloth like a monastic dress make the space more comfortable.

Before formally entering the construction industry, John Pawson spent several years trying many industries, but failed.

For him, a quality simple space is not only a bright and comfortable experience, but also the essence and the real inspiration that is condensed to the extreme.

and Mrs.

It gives me a great reason to urge myself to go out for a walk every day.

John Pawson and his wife used this time at home to compile “home farm cooking”, which is their second book on cooking © PHAIDON。 For Mr.

I always think the windows should be bright and unobstructed.

The dining table and glass chandelier were created by John Pawson, and the dining chair was designed by Hans Wegner for Carl Hansen.

In Catherine’s office full of books, John Pawson and his wife did a lot of video interviews.

The dishes in Figure 1 are from the “spring” part, photography © GilbertMcCarragher。 Sliding to the left, Pawson seems to be very good at showing the philosophy between food and life ritual.

When all this comes into view, they naturally constitute a scene like a 19th-century oil painting.

After this trip to Japan, Pawson went to AA architecture school in London to start systematic architecture study.

For a city man with a ‘London mark’ on his body, this relationship with nature is more like a self disclosure.


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