Architecture is more than [construction] | new houses are built with ingenuity, and new Asian aesthetic settlements are beyond it

The cluster layout is adopted to form two large central landscape courtyards and several cluster landscape courtyards.

The roof adopts the cornice design of sloping roof, with enough elevated space reserved to pay tribute to the urban skyline| The key words of the renderings are “vacation feeling” and “Park”, which determine that a large-scale central garden has become the focus of planning and layout, and a central green space with a depth of nearly 100 meters and subtropical style has become the visual center of the whole project.

It is a balance and optimization after a variety of considerations|   The real shooting of the model room implements this balance and pragmatism from the setting and positioning of the area section: the three main area sections with a construction area of about 100 \ 119 \ 135 ㎡ are comfortable for three bedrooms, big three bedrooms and big four bedrooms, and have a double balcony house type.

The best architecture is like this.

Lifting Socket

In 2021, Baolong city in Haikou will be upgraded again to build a new Asian aesthetic residential area – Baolong family area F.

Streamlined and asymmetric natural landscape design reduces the end rigidity brought by the sense of axis, and the temperament is more relaxed and active; With the local overhead space on the first floor interspersed, the boundary of indoor and outdoor space becomes blurred in the garden, creating a “borderless” visual effect and organically integrating the whole residential area.

Shanghai Tianhua Architectural Design Co., Ltd., a well-known Chinese architectural firm, was specially invited to write.

The standard configuration of the whole series of products achieves a large face, wide and bright space.

Fully meet the housing psychological needs of urban upstarts with both international vision and Chinese cultural aesthetics| The effect drawing creates a tall and stable architectural image through the orderly insertion of vertical and horizontal lines of the building.

Provide a total of 1198 aboveground and underground parking spaces.

In the treatment of the building roof, the essence of Chinese traditional architecture is interpreted in a modern way.

Baolong city in Haikou expresses its love for the city with architectural works.

All buildings enter the house from the north, and the wide space between the north and south buildings ensures that most rooms have a South daylighting surface while ensuring the good landscape| The effect drawing adopts a separated core tube structure, with 2 ladders and 4 households in each building and transparent plank building.

with modern and simple architectural language and design style, it will show the eternal and excellent architectural art and life connotation for this increasingly international city| Renderings Baolong family area f is located in the southwest corner of Baolong City Project in Haikou, at the junction of high-quality residential area and commercial area, with a land area of about 51174.49 m2 and a total construction area of about 181491.92 m2.

From a blueprint to prosperity, build an emotional link between architecture, nature and people, carry humanistic feelings and ingenuity, uphold the concept of quality first, and praise life with architectural aesthetics.

The exterior wall is combined with the reasonable configuration of white hemp imitation stone coating, blue gray texture coating and metal grid to create a building facade with rich sense of hierarchy.

At the same time, two main landscape axes are formed in combination with the main entrance of the community.

The main creative team fully takes into account the high-end sense of the international city of the project and the ease of the resort community, and adopts the new Asian architectural style highly praised by the industry.

Optimize the overall layout of the building through scientific design, reasonable layout, innovative ideas; It emphasizes the quality and effect of the facade, the relative comfort of the house type design and the goodness of the landscape.

It is planned to build 13 high-rise residential buildings.

After years of upgrading the concept of quality living, Baolong has a universal understanding of the needs of residents.

The south face width shall be reasonably distributed to each household, and the full face width shall be used as far as possible on the premise of ensuring the spacing| As far as possible, the renderings should be designed so that every household can enjoy the scenery and hold the garden.

The entrance lobby adopts classic color matching, which is calm, introverted and bright, highlighting the atmosphere and dignity; The space design with originality and taste is also the measure of noble life.

The staggered facade design with golden section proportion is used to integrate the basic geometric elements such as “point, line, surface and right angle” to form a clear and clear block connection.

Improve the use efficiency of elevators and travel calmly to and from work; In the meantime, it also has a larger landscape interface to realize the beautiful ideal of nature and comfortable residence| The effect drawing creates a high-quality community entrance, and reasonably sets the moving lines of the main entrance, secondary entrance and basement entrance.

We are deep in it, but we don’t know where nature ends and where art begins—- Lin Yutang Haikou Baolong City, built in four years, prospered the city, created value and created a new life.

Area F of Baolong family is not only a change and transcendence, but also an in-depth exploration of human settlement aesthetics.

The plot ratio is 2.8, 18%, comfortable building density and green space rate are 40%; Pleasant light, cool ventilation in summer and sufficient sunshine in winter.

 | Although the aerial view is mainly residential, considering the actual use, a small number of commercial supporting facilities are still built in the east to continue the flow of people in S03 area, which is mainly commercial, meet the needs of residents at the first time, and enrich and fill the life scene| The front-end thinking of complex product design in the effect drawing can bring a beautiful living experience.

And build a safe, comfortable and high-quality underground garage, with gentle slope road + ground environmental protection and anti-skid materials + internal lighting + guidance system + good exhaust system + reasonable parking space, so as to return home calmly and consistently| The effect drawing is provided with 6 unbounded overhead floors with high floor height, which can better introduce natural light and outdoor landscape.

The house type in area F of Baolong family is such a classic product that meets the demand of the maximum common divisor.

Create a sense of reverence and home returning ceremony of “courtesy in and out” for the owner.

P   O   W   E   R   L   O   N   G。.

The growth house type can meet the needs of the whole family| Choosing a house is not only a space, but also a bit of life and attitude in the future.

Fully consider the experience needs of residents and create a space atmosphere with humanities, art, nature, warm scene and harmonious belonging| The effect picture house type products fully consider the functionality, comfort and sense of space from the perspective of living, so as to meet the needs of various life scenes as much as possible.

Western architectural techniques are used to carry the Oriental aesthetic elements, and the traditional artistic conception is coordinated with the modern style to deduce the simple life artistic conception.


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