The new landmark building on the lower North Bank of Sydney, and the air luxury house set a new house price record! Enjoy the invincible

1, can be described as a pilgrimage to gourmet eaters.

 》》   In addition, St Leonards is also adjacent to Sydney CBD, North Sydney, Chatwood and other prosperous regions, with countless employment opportunities “Three high” elites, concentrated network resources |  》》    In ancient times, Meng’s mother moved three times because of her neighbors.

 》》   In addition, there are Northshore private hospital, Greenwich psychological and elderly rehabilitation hospital, materhospital and many specialized medical centers on the north bank to protect the health of residents.

The construction of this selection building is Hutchinson builders, the top ace in the first echelon of Australian construction industry with a history of more than 100 years.

Hutchinson #108 years of history # since its establishment in 1912, the top construction company in Australia has become the leading construction company in Australia through the unremitting efforts of four generations and relying on its excellent construction team and careful craftsman spirit..

And famous schools such as Loreto Kirribilli, which has a long history, and Greenwich public school, which has a wide range of courses, are also a few minutes’ drive away from the north bank No.

It not only has fast transportation, but also has top educational resources to match the needs of local elite families.

Not only many enterprises such as Coca Cola, IBM and Panasonic will provide at least 8000-12000 jobs here in the future.

Go downstairs to enjoy the excitement, go home to be quiet, and perfectly realize the effect of taking quiet in the noise Top medical care to ensure a healthy life |  》》   North bank one is located in the largest medical circle on the lower North Bank of Sydney.

Among them, St Leonards, known as the Pearl on the North Bank of Sydney, has not only become one of the important sections of the government’s regional planning in recent years, but also more and more favored by home buyers.

It is north bank one, the highest luxury building and residential project in St Leonards! Enjoying all the geographical advantages, it is above the top of the North District ~ | rare in Sydney, with two stations close at hand | planning and design drawing of crowsnestmetro station  》》    In addition to St Leonards railway station, crowsnestmetro subway station will be built in 2024! Both stations are very close to north bank one!  》》    The northwest railway line with a total investment of 8.3 billion Australian dollars is the largest public transport project in Australia so far.

These high-end and comfortable living circles can be reached as long as they live on the north bank No.

The new state government also plans to increase 119979 square meters of commercial construction area, with an investment of up to a $116 million.

 》》   St Leonards is also about to build a new Plaza directly connected to St Leonards railway station.

It is intimate that the resident floor is 5 floors away from the ground, and there is an independent elevator.

In fact, it is very appropriate.

1 is also adjacent to the Pacific Highway, which connects the north and south of Sydney, and M2 expressway.

A top luxury apartment has been built and has become a hot topic in the Sydney housing market.

The high-end positioning of north bank No.

 》》    North bank No.

This statement is not groundless.

In addition, there will also be upgraded bus stops downstairs, with multiple lines leading to various districts of Sydney.

St Leonards has the largest IT population, financial personnel and industrial development personnel in Sydney.

 》》    The new state government has designated the office as a priority development area and plans to add 10400 jobs by 2041,   Greatly stimulate the job market.

 》》   At the same time, the University of Sydney, one of the world’s top 100 universities, can go to the south, and Macquarie University, which is famous in Australia for business, can meet different professional interests The business district gathers and the employment prospect is carefree |  》》    Some people say that St Leonards is a business center that can be as famous as Beijing international trade.

The food street is full of delicious food and wine from all over the world.

 》》    The third ranked northsydney boys high school and the seventh ranked northsydney girls high school in New Jersey only need 5 minutes to drive from No.

The future of regional development is bright..

Foot Eye Anchor

 》》   In addition, St Leonards is also a “young” urban area.

1 on the north bank and get there with one foot on the accelerator.

Thelandmark is in such an important town in the North District.

 》》   In addition, there are many high-class celebrities’ alma mater, Sydney Church of English grammar school, such as former CEO of Woolworths, former director of the board of directors of the Reserve Bank of Australia, Roger Corbett, and Robert James Hamilton, founder of Hamilton & Co.


1 on the north bank with the elite.


1 also attracts many high-income elites to stay, become your neighbors and broaden your network resources Surrounded by gardens, beautiful and livable, green ecology |  》》   There is a 1500 square meter open garden friedlanderplace at the bottom of Building 1 on the north bank, which is equipped with coffee shop, restaurant, leisure area and children’s amusement area.

In your spare time, you can enjoy the time with relatives and friends here.

1 is located in St Leonards district.

Crowsnest subway station is one of the important hubs.

St Leonards is not only an important economic place in Sydney’s lower North District, but also embraces a beautiful natural environment and superior cultural environment.

1 is adjacent to various large business districts such as Chatwood.

The Royal North bank hospital of the world-famous medical research and medical education institution center is here, with nearly 600 beds ready for use.

Some even predict that St Leonards may catch up with Chatwood in the future.

The north bank is recognized as a treasure land integrating wealth, wisdom and humanities, which is favored by home buyers.

It takes 10 minutes to reach barangaroo and the city center, 4 minutes to the north to Chatwood, and the frequency of 30 subway trains per hour is rare in Sydney!  》》    Starting from north bank No.

1, you can walk 5 minutes to the existing St lenoards railway station.


 》》    At the same time, north bank No.

 》》    In addition, St Leonards has a large number of parks and green spaces, and a large area of urban greening.

Its high-income population accounts for 2 / 3 of the overall statistics, and its annual income is as high as a $13 to a $18.

Walking nearby, all kinds of shops at the bottom of the building meet the daily dietary needs.

1 on the north bank is only 250m away from it.

Now the owner lives in No.

It is a few minutes’ journey to the major towns on the north bank, which is very unobstructed There are many famous schools and rich educational resources |  》》    North bank No.

Sydney’s north bank pearl future new town n people say that Sydney is “rich in the north and expensive in the East”.

The government plans to invest 4.75 million Australian dollars to fully build 4750 square meters of open space, various shops and nearly 300 parking spaces to enrich your modern life.

27% of the residents are between the ages of 25 and 34, and the area is full of vitality.

It is also close to Ku ring gaichase National Park, gorehill Park, Newlands Park, naremburnpark, etc Food shopping colorful modern life |  》》   Crowsnest, just one step away from the north bank No.


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