Go straight to 2021 service trade fair and Guanglianda will lead a new wave of digital architecture!

The implementation of these projects has continuously expanded the influence of Guanglianda overseas.

When you walk into the exhibition hall of Guanglianda in the National Convention Center, you can see such a pictorial, which shows in detail the internationalization road of Guanglianda since 2008.

Intelligent customer service is based on artificial intelligence technology algorithm to realize intelligent question and answer service.

▌ the leader of global digital building platform service providers.

(hereinafter referred to as “Guanglianda”) has been committed to promoting China’s digital construction technology to the world and pursuing the success of every engineering project with science and technology.

Today, Xiaobian will take you to review many highlights of Guanglianda in this service trade fair ~ ▌ digital + service, open the smart future.

Global business layout up to now, Guanglianda has more than 80 subsidiaries around the world, serving customers in more than 100 countries and regions.

2021 service trade fair is coming to an end, and Guanglianda’s action will not stop.

Before the digital cost booth, Guanglianda deeply expounded the overall solution of Enterprise Cloud big data.

▌ digital platform makes construction projects more low-carbon and environmentally friendly.

Relying on cloud, big data, AI and other technologies, promote the cost products to be more intelligent, efficient and convenient, and fully support localization.

On this occasion, we are actively preparing for the “China Digital Architecture summit 2021 · Zhejiang station” held in Hangzhou from September 26 to 27.

During the service trade fair, Guanglianda demonstrated the digital achievements of digital construction, digital cost, digital design, digital finance, digital supply chain and digital government.

Since 2008, Guanglianda has gradually accelerated the pace of internationalization, radiating the European and American markets with Finland and the United Kingdom as the core, and driving the development of the Southeast Asian market with the regional advantages of Singapore and Malaysia.

Through intelligent setting, background inspection and analysis of returned data, the intelligent inspection robot releases the workers who originally need to inspect in a difficult environment, and uses the robot dog to replace the construction workers in complex work scenes.

The 2021 China International Trade in services Fair, CO sponsored by the Ministry of Commerce and the Beijing Municipal People’s government, with the theme of “digital opens the future and services promote development”, will come to an end today.

Guanglianda digital design business, based on the whole professional and whole process digital design, creates full digital samples, constructs China’s architectural design internet platform and design market ecology, solves industry pain points, drives industry transformation and upgrading, and improves the value of design business.

For example, the suhano New Airport Phase II project under construction in Indonesia, the chendusheng hospital project in Singapore and the trxexchange106 project, the tallest building in Malaysia, are using Guanglianda’s digital building technology products.

With the development of technology, digital trade is booming.

It can be said that the “double carbon” goal has become the keyword of “green circular development” in economy and society.

Digital design is realized through standardization, modularization and intelligence, which points out the implementation strategy and path for the digital transformation of the design industry and makes the design more valuable.

During the conference, in the exhibition hall of the National Convention Center, nine business scenarios of Guanglianda were fully displayed in the e3-22 exhibition area of the digital service area.

As a representative of China’s digital construction industry, GuangLianda Technology Co., Ltd.

As the invited unit, Guanglianda will present the whole business line scenes and related hardware products, such as robot dog, intelligent helmet and tower crane, to increase the interactive experience in the exhibition area and shorten the distance between digital buildings and people’s life.

“China will strive to achieve carbon peak by 2030 and carbon neutralization by 2060”, which is a major strategic decision made by the Party Central Committee after careful consideration.

At this service trade fair, it can be seen that enterprises in different fields are using practical actions to help the “double carbon” goal from vision to reality《 In the digital service area of the National Convention Center, Guanglianda has brought a “digital project integrated management platform” to make construction projects more low-carbon and environmental friendly“ Relying on the whole industry chain of Guanglianda digital building, we strive to reduce the carbon dioxide emission of each construction project by 50%, accelerate the progress by 50% and reduce the cost by one third.

It is understood that this year’s comprehensive exhibition has set up a digital service area exhibition for the first time to comprehensively display new digital technologies, new models, new formats and new achievements.

Combination Wing Nut

Slide left and right to view the solution.

The main products have passed the adaptation and certification of mainstream chips and various localization operating systems.

The solution changes the operation mode of traditional design and review from design end to delivery end and from supply end to demand end.

This scene full of a sense of science and technology has become a reality on many smart construction sites in Beijing.

The realization of carbon peak and carbon neutralization is an extensive and profound economic and social systematic change.

At the digital service exhibition area e3-22 of the service trade fair, Guanglianda displayed its digital achievements in many fields, including digital construction, digital cost, digital design, digital finance, digital supply chain, digital government and other businesses, so as to shorten the distance between digital architecture and people’s life.

▌ nine core businesses appeared together.

With the export of overseas service trade, China’s digital building technology is also helping more overseas projects to reduce costs and increase efficiency.

In front of the digital construction booth, the overall solution of Guanglianda digital construction welcomed the consultation of a large number of builders.

Guanglianda digital design will help the transformation and upgrading of the construction industry with advanced technology.

Digital design is not only the inevitable choice for the transformation and upgrading of design enterprises in the future, but also the most direct path to realize the transformation of the construction industry.

” Zeng Fengqing, marketing director of Guanglianda digital construction enterprise products, said.

The theme of “digital opens the future, service promotes development” highly summarizes the biggest highlight of this year’s service trade fair: Digital + service.

We look forward to working with industry experts to jointly promote the transformation of the construction industry and help the high-quality development of China’s construction through this important platform! To promote the informatization development of the construction industry, Guanglianda was invited to participate in the central and Western BIM League 2021-09-06! Two more qualifications have been cancelled! On September 6, 2021, Guanglianda signed a BIM benchmarking cooperation agreement with Greentown design, opening a new chapter of win-win cooperation! 2021-09-03。.

In front of the digital design booth, the three solutions of Guanglianda digital design have won the wide attention of the designer group.

Intelligent products appear together, Liu Qian, senior vice president of Guanglianda, said: robot dog inspection is only the tip of the iceberg of the traditional construction industry enabled by digital technology.

Relying on the construction enterprise’s own digital transformation strategy, supported by various technical, business and data capabilities of the “digital project integrated management platform”, realize “multi, fast, good and province” through digital means, provide one-stop services for the construction general contracting enterprise committed to improving the enterprise’s business efficiency and project management achievements, and realize the lean management of engineering projects.

Traditional design will be transformed into new design, and traditional architecture will no longer be wasteful, extensive and manual development, but into green, fine and information construction.


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