[architecture can be read] this “Castle” on Yuyuan Road collects the golden childhood of many children

It is an English Gothic Revival independent residence with Castle architectural characteristics, covering an area of 6500 square meters, with a main construction area of 2158.8 square meters and a four storey reinforced concrete structure, There are 32 halls and rooms of various sizes.

The interior wall panel on the first floor is carved and hardbound with teak.

On January 1, 1960, Changning District Party committee and district government allocated a beautiful small building on Yuyuan Road to the children’s palace.

111, Lane 1032, Yuyuan Road, Changning District opening hours: the Louis Ailey micro exhibition hall is free every Thursday from 15:30 to 17:00.

The children’s palace founded the first newspaper for Chinese children, the little master newspaper, which gave children a practical position to be masters of their own affairs; Following the pace of scientific and technological development, young pioneers such as “love science, learn science” and “driving rockets to add new stars” are thriving.

The young palace people create new articles with diligence and cultivate this land of education with their heart.

It is like a meaningful background of all the pictures of calm life in this century old block.

Indoor and outdoor rooms, halls and exterior walls are decorated with oriental traditional art plum blossom patterns.

A castle for children to “play”, the children’s palace in Changning District (formerly Wang Boqun’s residence) was built in 1930 and completed in 1934.

The North facade and both sides are European castle style, and the dome is four pointed.

The main building is divided into three parts: the middle, East and West.

4, Lane 1315, Yuyuan Road, Changning District, the “happy reading” world for children in Changning District Children’s Library (East Library) is free, with a total collection of more than 400000 books, 500 readers, long eared rabbit reading club, Scripture reading and other brand projects..

The spring breeze of reform has blown into the children’s palace, the development of education has entered a new stage, and student art troupes have sprung up and thrived.

On Yuyuan Road, there are old buildings such as the former site of the editorial department of bolservik, the children’s palace in Changning District, Qian Xuesen’s old house, Shi Zhecun’s old house and Louis Ailey’s old house, as well as cultural and art bases such as story store, Yuyuan public market and Yuyuan Department store, as well as art venues such as Shanghai Community Art Museum and fiufiu Gallery, which show the century old humanistic history and “culture The characteristic style of “art and life” has gradually become a fashion benchmark for the integration of culture and art and life in Shanghai.

The main street of Yuyuan art life block in Changning District is about 850 meters long, extending to Jiangsu Road in the East, Dingxi road in the west, Xuanhua road in the South and Changning Road in the north.

On this lush grassland, distinctive summer camp activities have witnessed the growth of children.

It is designed by Liu Shiying of Xielong foreign firm and constructed by xinfengji construction plant.

He often came here to visit his father when he returned from his career in the United States in 1955.

Cast In Loop

  In 1973, the staff of the children’s palace built the theater by themselves  “ “The path of the brave” climbing facility   1980s – pioneering.

Building repair in 2008, the historical building protection design institute of East China Architectural Design and Research Institute Co., Ltd.

There are lush trees, green grass, small bridges and flowing water in the garden.

Address: No.

  Qian Xuesen’s former residence tells about the imprint left by Qian Xuesen, China’s “father of aerospace”, and the development process of China’s aerospace industry.

“Big windmill” and “small train” carry the children’s happy childhood, “red scarf cinema”, “330 Experience Camp”, “fire summer camp” and “little English corner”…

 “ The “big windmill” has brought many children beautiful childhood memories – sailing for dreams in the 21st century.

Brand projects in the new children’s palace came into being.

The scope of this protection and repair design mainly includes environmental renovation and landscape design, facade renovation, protection and repair of indoor key protection parts and indoor design of non key protection parts, focusing on the protection and repair of facade style and indoor main halls, such as lobby, hallway, corridor space, staircase, wood decorated room and other spatial patterns and characteristic decoration.

The colorful children’s palace activities provide a stage for children to show themselves and develop their interests.

Opening hours: 9:00-16:00 from Monday to Sunday) address: No.

It introduces the history of lane 1315, Yuyuan Road and the experience of Louis Ailey living and working in Shanghai, and shows a series of revolutionary struggles carried out by Louis Ailey, a great internationalist soldier, in China, especially during his living and living on Yuyuan Road.

With the tide of reform and rapid changes, the children’s palace is also bustling.

From then on, the music in Baiyun Building was flying, the dreams in Xiaocao building were drawn, the science was explored in Honghua building, the happy red scarves met here, and the golden childhood set sail from here!   The main building of the children’s palace photographed in 1960   1970s – construction.

The door and window handles are all made of red copper.

Qian Xuesen met his father here for the first time.

Now, let Xiaobian take you into it and feel this worry free paradise filled with children’s laughter.

    The development and changes of the children’s palace in Changning District before and after the repair — sailing in the 1960s.

designed and repaired the overall protection and utilization of the building, which was completed and put into use in 2013.

Build their own theater and polish their own props…

In September 1989, Wang Boqun’s residence was listed as a cultural relics protection unit in Shanghai and the first batch of excellent historical buildings in Shanghai.

 《 The reporter of “little master” interviewed American lunar astronaut Jim Owen   1990s – feelings.

Hidden deep in the quiet Yuyuan Road, there is a lawn Castle hidden behind the carved iron gate.

The outer wall facade is symmetrically treated with earth yellow frosted and crimson facing bricks with carved flowers.

The outdoor arch bridge type double holding staircase leads directly to the hall on the second floor, and there is a ticket door under it to the basement.

This magnificent fairy tale castle has been continuously improved“ Red scarf, sunshine sports, young eagles competing for Chapter line, film and television little talent…

Over the past 60 years, countless children have sprouted the Enlightenment of their initial interests here and pursued their dreams of technology, painting and music.

Along the steps of milky marble, you can see the mosaic ground with simple and generous patterns, and the wall of the corridor uses imported Beige exterior wall bricks in a unique way.

The long years and complex past have stopped here.

The passage in the building is circuitous, connected up and down, protruding in the middle of the facade with arc, and the two wings are symmetrical.

Upper left: mosaic floor    Lower left: Teak carved hardcover on the dado right: imported Beige exterior wall brick opening information on the corridor wall#   Changning District Children’s Palace   # Location: 1182 Yuyuan Road   Due to the needs of epidemic prevention and control, it is not open to the public for the time being to visit the surrounding punch points.

In the south of the main building, there is a garden lawn of 1.3 hectares.

Entering the new century, the children’s palace has changed its old appearance, the Baiyun building has returned, the Honghua building has been rebuilt and repaired, and the “Happy Garden” has been built.

The performance of fire prevention, thermal insulation and safety is improved to meet the needs of art and culture communication and contemporary youth style display of the children’s palace.

There are pools, rockeries and flower beds.

In April 2020, Yuyuan art life block in Changning District was rated as one of the first batch of global tourism characteristic demonstration areas in Shanghai.

All flowers in the garden are blooming all the year round.

Comprehensively optimize the building quality, function and streamline, add air conditioning system and transform public toilets, so as to improve the use comfort without damaging key protected parts.

The plum blossom window railing is cast in the air, showing elegance, atmosphere and nobility.

The facade before and after the repair comprehensively protects the color mosaic floor, terrazzo dado, brick wall, three running stairs of wooden decorative railing dado, marble fireplace with mirror, steel doors and windows, characteristic hardware, wood decoration, etc.

  The main building of the children’s palace in Changning District, “Honghua building”, is a luxurious and elegant gothic Castle style building.


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