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Be fully responsible for the security management of the company, including the security of the company’s public security, fire safety and major activities, so as to ensure the safety of the company’s personnel and property.

of China Construction Second Bureau, construction hr.

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6 comprehensive management post location: National Shenzhen salary: 8k-9k / month job description: 1.

Civil engineering quality inspector: responsible for the quality acceptance of divisional and subdivisional works on site, implement and supervise the project quality problems; The inspection of engineering materials is better than that of submission for inspection.

Financial position location: National Shenzhen salary: 8k-9k / month job description: 1.

Job requirements: Bachelor degree or above, Party members and student cadres are preferred.


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Be responsible for the implementation, implementation and follow-up of the company’s rules and regulations, and maintain the authority of the company’s rules and regulations.

Assist the unit leaders to organize the daily office and related activities of the unit, provide logistics support to the unit leaders and departments, and provide good services for the normal business development of the unit; 2.

Working location of administrative management post: National Shenzhen salary: 8k-9k / month job description: 1 Under the leadership of the chief executive, be responsible for the company’s administrative logistics, security and fire management, and create a comfortable, beautiful and clean working and living environment.

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Performance bonus pre job training holiday gifts paid annual leave post promotion physical examination 1 Civil Management related post location: Shenzhen salary: 8k-9.5k/month Job Description: civil construction worker: responsible for managing the daily construction work on site, coordinating the on-site work, assisting the project manager to manage the site and supervise the project progress; Control site construction quality and safety, and prepare construction logs.

Be responsible for the office order and discipline of all departments of the company to ensure normal and orderly work without violation of discipline.

Complete the work assigned by the superior to the administrative director.

Responsible for reviewing fund receipt and payment vouchers; 2.

Collect, summarize and report all systems and important work information of the unit, and archive and manage all kinds of documents, contracts, agreements and meeting minutes; 4.

Civil material clerk: responsible for the incoming and outgoing acceptance of project materials and inventory of project materials; Assist the material manager to purchase materials; Prepare material plan.

Be responsible for the public relations liaison, message receiving and sending, message processing, document review and seal management between the unit and superior authorities and relevant units; 6.

Civil Engineering Technician: mainly responsible for assisting the chief engineer of the project to prepare construction schemes for various divisional and subdivisional works; Conduct joint review of construction drawings with the owner, solve possible deficiencies in drawings, and communicate design changes and contact letters with the owner; Civil Engineering Manager: responsible for the mobilization and demobilization, installation and disassembly, daily use management, maintenance and data recording of large mechanical equipment.

Be responsible for binding and keeping vouchers; Job requirements: Bachelor degree or above, Party members and student cadres are preferred.

Supervise and inspect the implementation of relevant decisions, work arrangements and important matters of the unit, feed back the work progress and handling results in time, and coordinate the operation of relevant work of each department of the unit; 3.

Be responsible for handling the company’s emergencies and assist the company in handling various emergencies.

In principle, undergraduate students are required to pass CET-4 and graduate students are required to pass CET-6; 3.

Be responsible for the management of the company’s assets, office supplies and labor protection supplies to avoid the loss and waste of the company’s assets.

Following the principle of matching specialty with post, it is proposed to assign post 2.

Physical and mental health, no major or infectious diseases, no industrial diseases unsuitable for construction related work, and can meet the job business requirements; 2.

Its projects have won 1 International Award, 3 Zhan Tianyou awards, 8 Luban awards and 17 national high-quality engineering awards, It is the backbone enterprise in the national construction industry.

Prepare transfer vouchers; 3.


Working location of construction management post: National Shenzhen salary: 8k-9k / month job description: meet job requirements job requirements job requirements: Bachelor degree or above, Party members and student cadres are preferred 4.

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Strong sense of responsibility, high loyalty, good language expression ability and interpersonal skills, strong learning ability, practical ability and innovation ability.

Please be vigilant and beware of being cheated! Do not use without permission.

Functional management post, management trainee.


Be responsible for closing accounts, preparing accounting statements, and arranging the declaration of various taxes; 5.

Civil budgeter: be responsible for calculating the project quantities and signed quantities, and making project settlement with the owner and subcontractors.



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Good academic performance during school.

of China Construction Second Engineering Bureau is a large state-owned enterprise with national first-class general contracting qualification for housing construction.

Be responsible for the comprehensive statistics of personnel, labor and capital, personnel information and file management of the unit, and submit various personnel, labor and capital statistics reports as required; Formulate management systems, rules and measures for personnel, labor wages and assessment of the unit and organize their implementation; Job requirements: Bachelor degree or above, Party members and student cadres are preferred, baa5000-10000 people from the second Construction Engineering Co., Ltd.


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Be responsible for account book registration, and check accounts and actual accounts; 4.

The second Construction Engineering Co., Ltd.

Specifically manage the internal statistical work of the company, and submit statistical statements to the company and relevant government departments respectively; 6.

Working place: Shenzhen, Guangzhou, salary: 9k-12k / month.

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Shenzhen fast recruitment | latest recruitment tips of Shenzhen tongtaiying Technology Co., Ltd.: it is illegal to charge training fees, loan training, or pay physical examination, clothing, deposit and other fees in the process of employment.

Job requirements: 1.

Job Description: human resources management post   Administrative management post party mass management post legal management post job requirements: no description temporarily 3.

Founded in 1952, the company has a registered capital of 500 million yuan and an annual construction output value of more than 10 billion yuan.

Civil safety officer: responsible for daily safety management on site, safety education, safety acceptance of divisional and subdivisional works, civilized construction management on site, and preparation of safety data.

Organize and prepare various meetings and important activities of the unit, and prepare meeting minutes; 5.


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