Curiosity Hunting: a ghost building with a full sense of evil. It’s terrible to watch thieves meow at night!

The central mosque in Cologne, Germany, was completed in 2009 to serve local Muslims.

                        Philadelphia City Hall                         Philadelphia City Hall is one of the tallest and largest masonry buildings in the world.

As if to say, don’t be afraid, the holy heart of Jesus is with you.

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It is 314m high and 77 floors in total.

Hollywood Pacific Design Center, located in the Los Angeles basin, is a landmark building.

The folded building facade of the headquarters building of the Basque Health Department in Spain forms multiple visual ways to look at the street from the interior.

A television and radio tower in Moscow, Russia.

                        Reykjavik Cathedral in Iceland is located in the center of Reykjavik, the capital of Iceland.

Is there a bridge built by rocky in Belgrade, Serbia? Is there a crawling baby statue on the TV Tower in Prague, a military station of the evil empire? It should be the headquarters of anti human forces.

At night, it looks like a vampire in a black robe, which makes people flustered.

The architectural shape is modern and novel.

In Pyongyang, North Korea, Liujing hotel building is a triangular pyramid building with an inclined angle of 75 degrees, 105 floors and 330 meters high, with a total floor area of 360000 square meters and a truss structure.

British riverside Museum                         The museum is known as the “lighthouse in the city” by the media and is the design work of zahadid, the world’s top architectural designer.

Prop Sleeve

The evil knight of the Catholic Church in bogas, Hungary, made a brilliant debut.

It is 540 meters high and the fourth tallest tower in the world.

The Museum covers an area of more than 7800 m2, and the steel consumption of the roof is more than 2500 tons, which is a feat in the history of British engineering.


Bank of America in Houston feels this epic grandeur.

Maison st Cyr in Brussels, Belgium, feels he has to cut through difficulties to get in.

The southern needle peak of the French Alps is a peak of Mont Blanc in the French Alps, with an altitude of 3842 meters.

                                               Capsule tower, Tokyo, Japan                         BOC capsule tower is considered to be the first building built with capsule building modules in the history of modern architecture.

A German bank, It looks very villainous.

The building is 22 meters high.

It consists of two interconnected buildings, a total of 140 pre cast building modules, and each independent unit is designed to be independently replaceable.

With such a strange, dark atmosphere and terrorist atmosphere, we can experience the great villains in the construction industry.

Bulgarian revolutionary monument this is a huge building, located at the top of the glacier with an altitude of 1441 meters in Bulgaria.

It is one of the tallest buildings in Iceland.

The following buildings make people immerse themselves in horror.

At & T building, Nashville building is located in the street and looks like an old flip phone.

The central tower of the building is 548 feet high, and a statue of William Penn stands at the top.

It’s amazing that this product is a hotel.

The roof adopts dome design, supported by 100 radial beams and columns, and inlaid with transparent glass.

It’s like an abandoned flying saucer, and it’s like a building on another planet.

The octagonal star composed of two squares indicates family harmony, happiness and happiness.

Its balcony on each floor forms a complex maze.

The “crystal surface” made of glass defines the air contour of Vienna.

MahaNakhon MahaNakhon building in Bangkok, which means “great city” in Thai, is designed by German architect OLE Sheren.

They are most suitable for building the villains’ base camp in the film.

                        Oakley forest lake headquarters                         Welcome to the world of different dimensions.

Those paths are not randomly generated, but a real maze.

The former Institute of experimental medicine in Berlin, Germany, was once used as a drug development institution, but its unique appearance looks like a giant tank.

It is the tallest building in Bangkok.

I’ve seen this scene – the Lord of the rings.

Long live the Hydra (actually a fire station) terrible alien attack (actually a stadium) the polyhedral God at the classic gate of the Luna Park.

Belarus national library is one of the largest libraries in the world.

It has 23 floors and weighs 115000 tons.

Dubai maze tower is the largest vertical maze in the world, with a surface area of 3947.22 square meters and a total height of 55 floors.

The tone of this church in France is out of tune with the surrounding.

Finnish rock church this is the only church built in rock in the world.

                        Expeatoridel sagratcor, Barcelona, Spain                         The church rises 542 meters above sea level, the highest place in Barcelona, and is known as the church closest to heaven.

                        Polygone Riviera shopping center is located in the French open-air shopping center, which is divided into four areas: family garden, lifestyle, premium area and designer gallery.

Petersburg, Alexandria, Russian water castle, built in 1838, named after Alexander II, adjacent to St.

It is the tallest building in Austria.

In Stockholm, Sweden, the former atomic shelter, the modern Pansi cave, there is no SEI longer any office here.

Ashgabat, happiness palace, Turkmen, young men and women who are about to get married will register for marriage here and hold wedding and other activities.

The building is like a gem.


In Vienna, Austria, dctower dctower is 220 meters high.

Its French name is “guetteur”, which translates to overlooking.


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