[micro recommendation] seismic performance and design method of steel structure system of traditional buildings [Xue Jianyang, Qi Liangjie]

It is impossible to improve our skills through a day or two of lectures.

We know that there is no easy way to learn, that is, there is no shortcut to learning.

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Pfeifer VS Box

  Many structural designers prefer to put their undergraduate classic textbooks and classic books on the shelf, but look at some technical measures like “thirsty and looking for water” (not that all technical measures are bad, on the premise of solid basic knowledge, Some technical measures are very practical hard operation) or spend two or three thousand yuan to listen to the lecture of the chief structural engineer for two days (people with dialectical thinking are suitable to listen to the lecture and open a thinking direction for problems they can’t solve).

Seismic performance and design methods of steel structure system in traditional buildings structural engineers who have learned a lot about structure reading do not pay much attention to systematic learning in their working career after employment, but pay more attention to fragmented learning.

However, such learning also has disadvantages, which may lead learners to see trees rather than forests and avoid the important ones.

This may be because fragmented learning can save time, be executable and concise.


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