College of architecture and Engineering “different Chinese red” I take a photo with my motherland — basking in strong patriotism (IV)

Give birth to me and nurture me.

We are willing to defend the prosperous China with our youth! Please rest assured that the powerful country has me—— Li Lingtao and Peng Zhen are great proletarian revolutionaries, politicians, outstanding state activists, firm Marxists, the main founders of China’s socialist legal system and outstanding leaders of the party and the state.

The whole country is happy, the family and the country are prosperous, and everything is prosperous—— Zhang Jialin, class 2 of grade 19 project cost, was lucky to go to Taishan in Taiyuan during the National Day holiday.

He once again deeply felt the magnificence of the natural scenery of the motherland and lamented the wonder of everything in the world.

You are the lamp that will never go out in our hearts—— If Zhao Lulu believes that there is color, it must be Chinese red—— The national flag of SUN Hao, class 2 of the project cost of grade 21, was displayed high in the wind, and the whole country celebrated the National Day ceremony.

On May 2, 1962, he accepted the first-class national flag medal awarded by the Supreme People’s assembly of Korea.

China is covered with beauty, and the people live in peace and smile.

Look up and have a look at the five-star red flag flying by our Chinese nation.

Motherland, our mother, we celebrate your 72nd birthday.

You are the deepest love in my heart and the spiritual support I am proud of.

With the arrival of the “11” national day and the opportunity of the 42nd anniversary of reform and opening up, the College of architectural engineering has fully mobilized the strength of the “green” matrix of the college.

I sincerely wish the motherland a long life under the wise leadership of the Communist Party of China—— Hou bingru, class 1, grade 19 civil engineering.

All the five stars shine for faith.

Lanterns hung high to welcome the national day, red flags fluttering and full of joy.

Here, I feel the charm of the winner who stepped onto the peak podium in the world sports world, intoxicated, cried and carefully tasted the champion in the majestic national anthem.

Warm congratulations on the 72nd anniversary of the motherland! May the motherland be more prosperous—— Class 3 of civil engineering, upgraded from grade 21, is extraordinary.

On June 28, 1983, he was awarded the Grand Cross Medal of honor by the Peruvian Parliament.

The people have faith, the country has power and the nation has hope.

If you have something to do, you must report to China—— Qi Kelin, class 4 of grade 19 project cost, celebrated the 72nd birthday of my mother under the bright five-star red flag, which is my supreme glory.

During the national day, the College of architectural engineering plans to carry out a “different Chinese red” photo with the motherland – a collection of photos with strong patriotism.

Heroes, we will never forget you.

He has made indelible historical contributions to the liberation of the Chinese people and the birth of new China, to the cause of socialist revolution and construction, and to the final realization of communism.

People singing and dancing rejoice, and all the people celebrate the birthday of the motherland—— Mao Rui, class 3 of civil engineering, upgraded from grade 21, met on the birthday of the motherland and passed on the National Day blessings; Huizhanghua color industry is prosperous, and the journey of wind and rain is like Jinhua; White pigeons and fireworks bloom together, red flags flutter and vibrate China; The Dragon leaps and the tiger leaps with joy, and my heart floats thousands of miles; Wish the motherland prosperity, prosperity and brilliance.

All activists joining the party participate.

All our eyes are Chinese.

In a different way, Chinese red is colorful to welcome the national day, and red leaves dance in the autumn wind.

This is a group photo of me and the bird’s nest.

All the audience are moved, excited and depressed; The joy of success and the regret of failure merge into a torrent of emotion, constantly refreshing people’s real feelings in their inner world—— Yu Haipeng, class 2, civil engineering, grade 19, “another Chinese red” I take a photo with my motherland—— We were born under the red flag and grew up in the spring breeze.

On October 5, 1964, he was awarded the first-class shavadra royal family medal by Prince Sihanouk of Cambodia.

Fixing Socket

The indelible red is a witness of history.

All athletes come to the competitive event with the dream of gold medal, show their majestic posture, look forward to success, return with reputation, the excitement of the winners, the regret of the losers, and the spiritual realm of coaches and athletes are revealed at this moment.

When we meet the prosperous times, we should live up to the prosperous times.

Happy birthday to the motherland—— Gong Jiaxiang, class 3, civil engineering, upgraded from grade 21, to be continued editor: Ren Zihan reviewed by: Duan Yajie, Du Yan   Lang Dongwen, Zhang Yan, Zhao Tongtong / proofreader..

2021 marks the 72nd anniversary of the founding of the people’s Republic of China.


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