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The external wall insulation net is mainly used for the external wall of general buildings, cast-in-situ concrete, high-rise houses, etc.

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Second, the steel mesh can play the role of thermal expansion and cold contraction in cement and strengthen the tensile force of cement.

The external decoration surface can be used for face brick, which is simple to operate.

Specification of roof steel wire mesh: 3-6mm thick   The overall specifications of the mesh are 1x2m, 2X3m, 2x4m, mesh 3x3cm, 4x4cm, 5x5cm, 6x6cm, 11x11cm, 16x16cm, 20X20cm and 25x25cm.

The selected steel wire mesh sheet is light and easy to construct.

The external insulation board and the wall survive at one time.

Fourth, it can avoid cracks caused by concrete temperature stress and heat preservation and crack prevention (this article comes from the network and the copyright belongs to the original author.

The thickness of wire diameter determines the quality of the project and the bearing capacity of the ground (according to the specific needs of the project).

Third, it can improve the tensile force and strength of the ground, It can improve the bearing capacity of the ground.

During construction, the steel wire mesh is placed on the inner side of the external wall formwork to be poured.

It can also be constructed in winter.

After the formwork is removed, the insulation board and the wall are combined into one, so manpower, time and installation cost are saved.

Building reinforcement mesh a Anping County building reinforcement mesh manufacturer direct sales 19333837685 telephone wechat floor heating project construction uses 1m × 2m steel wire mesh (convenient for transportation and construction), mesh from 5cm to 30cm (can be customized), and the diameter of steel wire mesh is mostly 1.5-4MM.

The advantages of the steel mesh in the construction industry are: first, it can effectively fix the pipe and has ultra-high heat conduction performance.

it plays an important structural role in the insulation system.

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