Recruitment information of construction engineering personnel on October 13, 2021

Contact Wu Gong, 15768648751 [Huizhou] Huizhou construction site labor team recruits a survey assistant with a salary of 8000, two apprentices with a salary of 4500 ~ 5000, including food and accommodation, Tel: 18666899440 [Zhuhai] Zhuhai main road construction (housing construction project) sincerely recruits construction talents: 1 data supervisor, 2 building managers (required to have done aluminum mold climbing frame project) and 1 Safety Officer (required to be able to do safety data) The above positions require technical secondary school degree or above, under the age of 45, working location: Zhuhai..

Familiar with drawings and construction operation processes, good communication skills and independent operation ability; 3.

Location: Huiyang District, Huizhou City.

Welcome to recommend or recommend yourself.

Be able to formulate according to the actual situation Construction schedule, preparation of technical disclosure materials, reasonable arrangement of personnel for sub divisional and step-by-step construction; 4.

Sweep and add Xiaobian wechat [Qingyuan City] Qingyuan new project is looking for a number of skilled constructors with more than 3 years of working experience and salary interview.

Contact number: 13502579307 [Guangzhou City] address: Yuexiu District, Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province.

Contact: Mr.

He is required to be diligent and hardworking.

purchase five insurances and one fund on time every month, including food and accommodation, performance bonus, year-end bonus at the end of the year and paid annual leave.

They should be able to use conventional instruments.

Jiang, contact information: 18565447245 (wechat has the same number.

Party A is Yuexiu real estate (state-owned enterprise) , there is Ruijie three-party flight inspection.

You can send your resume directly through wechat.

The salary is negotiable, including food and accommodation.

recruitment: Municipal documenter education requirements: Junior College location: Aviation Road, Baoyuan Road, Bao’an District, Shenzhen monthly salary: 1W (with project bonus) contact information: 13078286860 Li [Huizhou City] Urgent recruitment of housing construction project department: 1 data supervisor, who requires 2 complete housing construction project data preparation experience, proficient in data preparation, and understanding civil engineering, electromechanical and safety data is preferred.

The first degree requires full-time undergraduate education (with work experience, the requirements can be relaxed appropriately).

Contact: Mr.

They are 35-55 years old.

Age within 40; 2.

Thank you very much.

Interested parties contact Liu Gong 13602580858 [Shenzhen] 1、 One constructor and documenter for Shenzhen hardbound project; two, one budgeter for Shenzhen Futian decoration company; three, one project manager for Shenzhen Luohu Electromechanical project, computer literate;   4、 Hainan project recruits mechanical and electrical constructors, one mechanical and electrical project manager, contact information: Manager Ye 1331644686 [Maoming City] the project urgently needs a measurement supervisor, working place: Maoming, contact number: 15343083131 [Dongguan City] Guangdong Dongguan Huaxiang construction labor Co., Ltd.

The project is near Shabei station of Guangzhou Metro Line 6.

The salary is 67000.

The builder service states that it will not bear any direct, indirect, incidental, subsequent or special losses arising from obtaining the information published on this platform.

Teng 15757904510 [Shenzhen] Recruit semi skilled documenters who know how to do some water supply data of pipe network.

Contact person: Ms.

Due to production needs, it is recruited for the society: 1 technician, 1 Safety Officer (with C certificate), 1 documenter, 1 constructor and 1 Hydropower constructor 18873501752 [Shenzhen] Xinyong project unit of Shenzhen Bao’an District Water Affairs Bureau: CCCC Guangzhou Waterway Bureau Construction Company: Shenzhen Yichu Engineering Co., Ltd.

Requirements: on site visa progress management, cooperate with the company to carry out subcontracting, be familiar with the housing construction process, and have consulting company experience is preferred.

It is a small project.

Supervise the construction team and carry out procurement, acceptance and other work.

It is required to be stationed at the site.

It is best for boys (due to accommodation conditions) to discuss their wages in person.

Those who are interested will send their resume through wechat [Zhuhai] Zhuhai housing construction project, and recruit a resident pre settler with a monthly salary of 1.2 to 1.5W (after tax, including food and accommodation).

If you are interested, please contact manager Shi: 18824140882 [Dongguan City] looking for: documenter, cost controller, working place in Dongguan City, you must have self-motivated, sense of responsibility, eat and live, interview and detailed salary, Contact number: Li 18890016802 wechat with the same number.

If you are disturbed, please understand.) [Huizhou] Guangdong Centennial Fengze construction company is looking for construction talents: 2 technical directors / Chief technicians, 1 fire construction supervisor, 1 documenter, 1 fine decoration Engineer / constructor, 3 actual quantity measured, i.e.

Be able to obey the unified arrangement of the company;   3、 Contact information: ① contact person: Miss Tan   ② Tel: 18145893721 wechat same number (if you are the one) (welcome to introduce yourself and recommend.

Work location: Zhaoqing has good welfare benefits.

The treatment is rich.

The recruitment and job information provided by this official account is derived from the unified arrangement and release of the network and enterprise docking.

Major in architecture / civil engineering, technical secondary school or above, 2 years or above experience, proficient in professional related software; 2.

Those who are familiar with the inspection of Daya Bay safety supervision station are required to be able to drive.

After employment, five insurances and one gold, paid annual leave, family visit leave and basic salary are discussed in person.

Their salary is 10000 +.

Job requirements: 1.

Timely solve and report problems in construction according to the specific situation of the project and in combination with the construction progress; 5.

Talk in detail.

Contact: General Manager Li 13642670694 Many surveyors are recruited in [Foshan] Foshan housing construction, and 15320929583 [Shantou] recruits a novice water and electricity budgeter.

The contact person is Huang Gong, (+ wechat-hsp0055) [Huizhou City] Danshui District, Huiyang District, Huizhou City: we are looking for 1-2 housing construction workers.

The contact person is Zheng Gong: 15800215246, wechat same number [Dongguan City] Due to the needs of business development, the company specially recruits the following positions: 1 chief technical engineer;   1 warehouse keeper, 1 Civil budgeter, 1 installation budgeter, 1 security guard, 1 procurement manager, 1 Coster, 1 water and electricity installation constructor; II.

The working place is Shantou.

Details: Honglin construction.

Contact person of interested parties: General Lai.

Please consult if you are interested : 0752-3331112 / 17728872730 (same wechat number) [Huizhou] Daya Bay plant project recruits safety documenters.

Xu 15815144462 [Shenzhen] China Railway in Nanshan District of Shenzhen recruits a documenter.

They are required to have worked in high-rise residential projects and are familiar with this aspect.

The working place is mainly in the Pearl River Delta.

The correctness and authenticity of the information released are not guaranteed to be completely accurate.

Working location: Huizhou; 1 resident budget and settlement officer, major in project cost, familiar with contract agreement, construction drawings of project department and construction site, and participate in the budget of projects under construction and settlement after completion Work, assist the finance department in the cost accounting of the project, work location: Zhaoqing hydropower documenter, have work experience in the same position, and can come to the post in the near future.

position: construction worker location: Dongguan salary: 8K ~ 13K / month job requirements: 1.

It is more than 7 million.

The construction site is in Longgang, Shenzhen.

If wechat fails to reply in time after sending resume, please contact directly) [Guangdong Province] The South China installation branch of China Construction Eighth Engineering Bureau recruits mechanical and electrical documenters.

Contact person: Li Gong, 13542728202 [Zhongshan City] Zhongshan Nanlang (Zhongtian construction) For the plant project, one long building number and one constructor should be recruited.

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