The old building is transformed into a “Star” wedding banquet building, and the residents of this community will save a sum of money!

The LED electronic screen is barrier free.

After the epidemic situation is stable, it will be opened to residents for free banquets.

Right from the parking lot is the entrance to the banquet hall.

Manuscript: zining picture: Xie Chaojun community map editor: zining format: Lin Erwen’s wonderful recommendation in the past, three enterprises in Houjie were forced to cut off power! Real name exposure! Houjie released the list of traffic violations! Dongguan latest bulletin!..

360 degree panoramic glass windows broaden the vision of the hall.

The renovated wedding banquet building can not only provide residents with a beautiful and comfortable banquet place, but also enable residents to reduce banquet expenses and get tangible benefits.” the construction started in March this year (effect drawing of wedding banquet building).

Only the residents need to invite people to cook and pay cleaning fees.

The colorful lights on the outer wall are constantly changing, making the building shining, high-end atmosphere and more advanced.

The wedding banquet building is located at No.

“This is one of the projects of ‘I do practical things for the masses’ in the community.

360 degree panoramic floor glass windows make the space transparent.

It is an L-shaped design and has a three-story structure.

Imitation stone tiles create a fashionable beauty in simplicity.

It is understood that at present, the whole wedding banquet building has been basically completed.

Residents call it “Baotang version five-star building”.

We are working out the specific rules for the use.

It’s a comparison with our five-star hotel in Houjie.

The stairs are paved with dark red marble and bronze handrails, which adds a lot of festive atmosphere to the building.

The whole building is equipped with a passenger elevator and two vegetable elevators.

After the epidemic situation is stabilized, we will open the residents to use immediately.” the staff in the community of Bao Tang said that the old wedding banquet building was built in the 90s of the last century.

“This is much cheaper than holding a banquet in the hotel.

In the future, we can hold a banquet here, which is both comfortable and save a lot of money.” It is one of the projects benefiting the people in the community.

Residents living nearby told Xiaobian that since the wedding banquet building was decorated, many residents praised it one after another, “it’s so beautiful.

The relevant staff of Baotang community said that in order to cultivate a new culture of civilization and promote thrift and morality, the community began to prepare for the upgrading project of the old “wedding banquet building” in April 2020 and started construction in March this year.

2, North fifth lane, Baoping Road, Baotang community, with a construction area of 2026 square meters.

You can choose to take the elevator or take the stairs.

The parking lot on the first floor can park more than 30 cars.

The supporting facilities of the banquet hall of the wedding banquet building are perfect.

Recently, Xiaobian came to the wedding banquet building under the leadership of the staff of the community neighborhood committee.

When you enter the banquet hall of the wedding banquet building, you can feel the elegant and exquisite design style.

The decoration is simple, which has long failed to keep up with the residents’ requirements for banquet venues, and has been vacant for a long time.

Pile Cage Spacer

The light orange exterior wall is inlaid with panoramic floor glass windows, which makes the appearance of the wedding banquet building unique and atmospheric.

The staff calculated an account for Xiaobian and held a banquet in the wedding banquet building, The site, water, electricity and other expenses are all free.

Panoramic floor glass windows and marble stairs each floor of the banquet hall has an area of about 600 square meters, mainly in golden yellow.

The wedding banquet building in the kitchen at night is even more amazing.

It’s the ‘Baotang version of the five-star building’.

The banquet hall on each floor is equipped with an independent kitchen and food transfer ladder, which can be used by two families to hold banquets at the same time.

At present, residents have lined up to apply for the use of Baotang community.

It is one of the people-friendly projects of “I do practical things for the masses” carried out by Baotang community.

The hall is equipped with small stage, LED electronic screen, central air conditioning, lighting and sound, dressing room, sound control room, male and female public bathroom, barrier free public bathroom, food delivery room, etc.

The first floor is equipped with a parking lot and kitchen, and the banquet hall on the second and third floors can accommodate about 80 banquets.

The wedding banquet building at night is amazing (lighting debugging).

A table of about 3000 yuan in the hotel can be about half cheaper if someone is invited to do it in the wedding banquet building.” the old wedding banquet building                 “As long as the residents of the registered residence of the treasure house can queue up for the banquet in the wedding banquet hall, many residents have come to the neighborhood committee to consult the queuing for the banquet.

After the renovation, the enthusiasm of residents to make an appointment to bid for the wedding banquet was significantly improved.

The banquet hall has professional sound reinforcement system, advanced multimedia display system, rich stage lighting system and central air conditioning intelligent system.

Baotang wedding banquet building, which has been upgraded, is located in Baotang community, Houjie street.


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