Foundation and foundation, main structure, decoration, building roof division, which need to do concealed acceptance, a summary!

  ② Plastering works: for plastering with strengthening measures, the material specification, laying, fixing, overlapping, etc.

Hidden contents of building roof engineering: variety, specification, thickness, paving method, overlapping width, joint treatment and bonding of base course, leveling layer, thermal insulation layer, waterproof layer and isolation layer materials; Waterproof details of additional layer, gutter, eaves gutter, flashing and deformation joint extending out of the roof, setting of isolation layer, sealing treatment parts, etc..

Concealed inspection of building decoration works ① ground works: check the material variety, specification, laying thickness, method, slope, elevation, surface condition, sealing treatment, bonding condition, etc.

Practice of water stop at civil air defense outlet.

of embedded parts, anchors and bolts.

of embedded parts, post embedded parts and connectors.

  ④ Ceiling works: check the material, specification, spacing, connection mode, fixing method, surface fire prevention, anti-corrosion treatment, treatment, joint and continuous joint, variety, specification, laying and fixing of filling and sound-absorbing materials, etc.

of anchor bolts.

② Support works: check the variety, specification, quantity, position, insertion length, depth and verticality of anchor bolts and soil nails, specification and position of reinforcement cage, cleaning of groove bottom, sediment thickness, etc.

⑥ Steel structure engineering: check the specification, position, embedding method, fastening, etc.

Waterproof layer base, waterproof material specification, thickness, laying method, internal and external corner treatment, lap sealing treatment, etc.

⑤ Prestressing works: check the specification, quantity, position, shape and embedded base plate at the end of the reserved duct; Blanking length of prestressed reinforcement, cutting method, vertical position deviation, fixation and integrity of sheath; Anchorage, fixture, connection point assembly, etc.

⑥ Decorative panel (brick) works: check the specification, quantity, position, connection mode, anti-corrosion treatment, etc.

⑦ Curtain wall engineering: check the installation and anti-corrosion treatment of connecting nodes between components and between components and main structure; Treatment of gap nodes around curtain wall and between curtain wall and main structure and installation of sealing; Installation of expansion joints, settlement joints, seismic joints and wall corner joints of curtain wall; Installation of lightning protection and grounding nodes of curtain wall, etc.

Cast in Sockets

③ Door and window works: check the specification, quantity, position, spacing, embedding mode, connection mode with frame, anti-corrosion treatment, gap filling, bonding of sealing materials, etc.

③ Pile foundation works: check the specification, size, sediment thickness and hole cleaning of reinforcement cage.

of the strengthening structure shall be checked.

⑦ Construction method of internal and external thermal insulation structural joints of exterior wall.

④ Underground waterproof works: check the form and structure of concrete deformation joint, construction joint, post cast strip, wall bushing, embedded parts, etc.

⑤ Light partition wall works: check the specification, position, quantity, connection mode of embedded parts, connectors and tie bars, connection with surrounding walls and ceilings, keel connection, spacing, fire prevention, anti-corrosion treatment, filling material setting, etc.


Concealed inspection of foundation works and main structure works ① earthwork: check the base cleaning and base elevation before backfilling of foundation trench and room core.


For the parts with waterproof structure, the construction method of leveling layer and waterproof layer shall be checked, which is the same as that of ground engineering.


of each base course (cushion, leveling layer, isolation layer, waterproof layer, filling layer, ground keel).


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