Huangxi water plant (phase I) project successfully passed the expert review of “Tianfu Cup” of Sichuan construction project

During the construction period, the group company always adheres to the “high standards and strict requirements” of project quality Led the participating units to carefully organize and standardize management, resolutely practice the craftsman spirit, improve the project quality and safety assurance system, and implement the whole process management of the project quality, effectively ensuring the smooth completion of the project.

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The selection objects are various projects contracted by construction enterprises in Sichuan Province in China, which have been completed and put into use.

Since the project was put into operation, it has operated well, met the design requirements, effectively guaranteed the safe water supply of Hejiang County, and laid a solid foundation for promoting the development of regional economy.

On December 14, Huangxi water plant (phase I) project of Xinglu water group successfully passed the “Tianfu Cup” of Sichuan construction project Expert review.

The design water supply capacity of Huangxi water plant (phase I) project is 95000 tons / day.

The evaluation is organized by Sichuan quality safety and supervision Association once a year and commended by Sichuan Provincial Department of housing and urban rural development.

It is reported that “Tianfu Cup” is the highest honor award for the quality of construction projects in the construction industry of Sichuan Province.

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In this review, the participating experts had a detailed understanding of the construction and operation of the whole project by listening to the report, looking at the site, checking data and communicating, fully affirmed the efforts made by all parties involved in the construction to create an excellent project, affirmed the positive role played by the project in ensuring the safe water supply of Hejiang County after it was put into operation, and unanimously agreed that the project passed the review.


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