Chen Shenghua: let the architectural spirit enter the interior and let more people benefit from the value of beauty

Q: How is this pragmatic aesthetics embodied in specific representative works? A: In many representative works, yhD has always advocated that beauty should be realistic, which can be unrestrained, but not superior.

As a leader in the field of domestic architectural interior design, yhD architectural interior design institute is a strategic partner of high-end projects such as Dayi villa, Yihe villa, Yide residence, Qiaoxin huiyuetai, etc.

Does the new crown have enlightenment significance to the field of architectural interior design? A: Of course.

For example, the private residence art residence designed by yhD for Yihe Golf Villa integrates the philosophical artistic conception of Chinese traditional landscape, highlights the ecological vitality of living space, has gone beyond the living function, and is more inclined to the relationship and balance between art, livability and life.

 ·  Plan: architectural spirit  · Yihe villa “let the architectural spirit into the interior and let more people benefit from the value of beauty.” – Chen Shenghua Q: in the face of possible changes and trends in the future, what are yhD’s plans? A: I hope yhD is a practitioner of life aesthetics and an explorer of pioneer aesthetics.

interview   Real estate business era   From the incremental era to the stock era.

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With the advent of the stock era, design should not only accept AI and other modern science and technology, but also learn more about the production and application of modern revolutionary materials suitable for human activities.

As a design institution, the transformation must be based on the background of social development.

In fact, design and construction should be closely linked.

Q: The new crown has changed many fields and impacted the inherent scientific system and cultural tradition.

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The rise of the post-90s and post-00s has brought an impact on the traditional aesthetic consumption values.

Another work written by yhD, Yihe villa, although adopting Chinese style, is not completely retro Ming and Qing Dynasties, but pursues the beauty and warmth of home through the characteristics of Oriental culture.

In the short term, yhD will upgrade from traditional home decoration design to a comprehensive architectural design institute covering tooling design, and will more participate in the creation of architectural space discourse in the public domain, so as to let the architectural spirit enter the interior and let more people benefit from the value of beauty.

Yihe villa area a  ·  Future: the stock era is coming  · YhD cooperates with Shenmei garden “the stock era is coming, the design should accept AI and other modern science and technology, and the society of environmental protection and beauty is becoming more and more popular.” Q: what do you think of the future of this field? A: Human beings have entered the stock era from the incremental era, earth shaking changes are taking place in various fields, and the evolution and change in the field of architectural interior design are also taking place.

It can be seen from his talk that a residential design reform on science and technology + aesthetics is coming.

As industry practitioners and designers, they should have an open scientific spirit to face the future.

Our life is in a rapidly changing historical period.

if need.

Q: Will yhD reposition its role? A: Of course.

On the one hand, this enlightenment covers what I mentioned earlier, that design aesthetics should show respect for life and convey humanistic care for people’s life details; On the other hand, in the field of decoration design, environmental beauty societies such as Avenue simplicity and natural ecology are becoming more and more popular.

The vision of yhD Design Institute is closely related to social responsibility and social mission.

▼ protogonist   ♪   Dialogue: Chen Shenghua    YhD Architectural Interior Design Institute: President, chief designer, New Youth urban design tutor of Chinese design, master’s tutor of Guangdong University of technology.

The pure design that can only draw is too single, which will probably cause the disconnection between design and construction.

Interior decoration design needs to pursue pragmatic aesthetics and emphasize the daily relationship between beauty and people.

In any case, all design aesthetics should reflect human thinking and respect for life.

Although this puts forward higher quality requirements for yhD designers and builders, only in this way can the value of design be maximized.

 ·  Critical: design and construction  · Summer Palace   “Construction is the redesign of design.” – Chen Shenghua Q: what do you think are the common main problems in China’s interior decoration design industry? A: From a practical perspective, the main problem in this field is the serious disconnection between design and construction, and the design can not be fully implemented and implemented.

In recent years, yhD has applied its rich practical experience accumulated in high-end residences to the field of interior design of public buildings.

Yihe villa area a  ·  Aesthetics: Design Aesthetics  · “All design aesthetics of Huadu Yelin wharf should reflect human thinking and respect for life.” – yhD’s core design concept Q: what has been yhD’s core design concept all the time? A: Every era has the mainstream aesthetic thought of every era.

Design guides construction actions, construction reflects design value, and a design work depends on the final construction to implement and complete.

In order to solve this key problem, yhD advocates the integration of design and construction, requires the design to bring the construction into the design system, and also requires the construction to participate in the design.

The production reform driven by scientific, technological and cultural innovation is imminent, and the traditional aesthetic consumption values have been impacted.

What impact will this have on the field of architectural interior design in China? In this regard, Chen Shenghua, President of yhD Architectural Interior Design Institute, advocates the combination of practical aesthetics and AI science and technology to let the architectural spirit enter the interior and benefit more people and the value of beauty.

The representative works of yhD involved in the design include Guangzhou Baiyun airport T2 terminal, times real estate model house, Ouya spring villa model house, Huadu Yelin wharf office building, Yihe villa multiple sets of design + construction, Foshan Sanshui spa, Foshan JINDA office building, etc.

YhD in the future should follow the pace of scientific and technological development, rely on advanced human settlement culture, create more possibilities for diversified life and provide more design kinetic energy for social development.

Q: How does yhD solve this problem? A: I have always stressed that construction is a redesign of design.

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