Super City – Shanghai, the top ten super landmark buildings in the future

The overall scheme takes the park and river bank as the center, interwoven into a large-area green ecological network, and becomes a green heart of Pudong New Area.

Lujiazui CBD in Pudong New Area is a window to show China’s development achievements to the world.

The project is a high-rise building in Puxi.

At present, the west tower has been built more than 200m above the ground, and the core tube is expected to be capped by the end of the year.

In 2019, it won the title of CTBUH’s 50 most influential high-rise buildings in the world.

It is formed by the intersection of two giant arch inclined planes gradually narrowing upward at the top, and the vertical height of the building is highlighted by the crisscross of square prisms and large arcs.

The material is perforated metal sunshade.

After several rounds of competition, it was finally won the bid by the “dragon” scheme of Gensler architecture firm, and the architectural design and Research Institute of Tongji University issued the construction drawings.

The plane of the main building is an isosceles right triangle.

coordinates of Shanghai Magnolia Square: the North Bund along the Huangpu River project height: 320 meters project design: Som + East China Architectural Design and Research Institute, the design inspiration comes from Shanghai flower Magnolia.

coordinates of Shanghai Xujiahui Center: Xujiahui district project height: 370m project design: cissa Perry united with lead8 architectural firm project completion: invested and developed by Hong Kong Sun Hung Kai in 2023 and undertaken by Shanghai Construction Engineering Co., Ltd., it is a bus oriented architectural work.

The project is a multi tube structure.

The latest progress map of the plot project IX.

At present, the auxiliary building has been completed, and the main building has been built to more than 20 floors on the ground.

The curtain wall presents a curved surface, starting from the 35th floor, from large to small, and gradually shrinks from top to bottom, forming a model of different sizes of unit plates.

Several graphics are used to create a sense of perspective, which makes the shape of the main building straight up and straight into the sky.

Seven steel petals are made at the top of the tower crown, which extend from the outer frame column of the tower and are connected with the core tube, just like creating a slowly blooming Magnolia.

As a super high-rise plot of more than 400 meters sold publicly for the first time in Shanghai, the project will become the tallest building on the North Bund, Reshape the Puxi skyline.

88 Century Avenue, Pudong New Area, project height: 420.5m Commencement / completion: the project was completed in 1994 / 1999, replacing Guangzhou CITIC Plaza.

Item four: coordinates of Shanghai Oriental Pearl TV Tower Project: height of Pudong New Area Lujiazui CBD project: 468 meters start / completion: the early landmark development of Shanghai in 1991 at the beginning of /1995 development in Pudong.

Project VII.

Coordinates of Shanghai Shimao International Plaza: East Nanjing Road, Huangpu District project height: 333.33 meters project design: German iokp design firm + East China Architectural Design and research institute project commencement / completion: 1998 / 2004 The project is the tallest building in Puxi.

At present, the scheme design solicitation stage is under way, and the preliminary scheme of nine major architectural design firms in the world is shortlisted.

Editor’s note Shanghai: referred to as “Shanghai”, it is a provincial administrative region and China’s international economic, financial, trade, shipping and scientific and technological innovation center.

Project coordinates of Shanghai Jinmao Tower: No.

It is one of the few 300 meter high skyscrapers in China, with a total investment of about 14.2 billion yuan.

Coordinates of Meiya Chunyu project of Shanghai Jinqiao sub center: Northeast of Pudong New Area Project height: 330m project design: Meiya Chunyu project designed by Japan Co., Ltd.

The triangular bevel of the main building shrinks to the direction of the core hole, so as to form an air garden with an empty space of nearly 30 meters.

It not only became the first tallest building in China, but also raised the height of Chinese skyscrapers to 400m.

In 2020, the total GDP is about 3.87 trillion, ranking first in Chinese cities, with a permanent resident population of about 24.87 million.

Since the reform and opening up of new China, Shanghai has witnessed China’s rapid development.

Project developer: Shanghai industry, Shanghai Urban Investment and Shanghai construction engineering plot transaction price: 9.106 billion.

Project VI.

Extreme weather (such as typhoons, earthquakes, etc.) is a huge challenge to Shanghai Center Tower, a skyscraper of this grade.

After several height and top structure adjustments, the project took 11 years to complete and put into use.

However, it can be easily resolved because there is a 1000 ton Wind Damper with eddy current technology at the top of the building, which is inspired by the “eye of the candle dragon” in the book of mountains and seas.

Project 5.

The design of the building fully integrates Chinese traditional elements – ancient Buddhist temple pagodas and the auspicious number “8” into the building.

Super City: refers to a city with an urban population of more than 10 million.

Project 8.

It attracted the world’s top architectural design affairs to participate in the bidding.

They look like rockets and imply upward exploration.

Three thousand ton steel structure balls are hung at the height of 112 meters, 295 meters and 350 meters respectively.

is the core landmark project of Jinqiao sub center, which will build a smoke and fire “Biyun Xindu” with composite functions.

coordinates of Shanghai North Bund neighborhood 91 project: the planned height of the plot at the core of the North Bund in Hongkou District: 480m, the buildable building area: 350000 square meters.

Shanghai Center Tower damper project two, Shanghai world financial center project coordinates: Pudong New Area Lujiazui CBD project height: 492 m project developer: Sen Overseas Corporation, Shanghai Global Financial Center Investment Corporation project design: affirmative design / completion of KPF architectural design office: 1997/2008 project is a square cylinder.

Coordinates of twin towers of Zhangjiang science gate in Shanghai: the core location of Zhangjiang City sub center project height: 320 meters project design: Gensler + East China Architectural Design and research institute project in the United States is the highest twin tower under construction in Shanghai, composed of two 320 meter towers.

Project III.

Here are the details:   Project 1, Shanghai Center Tower project coordinates: Pudong New Area Lujiazui CBD project height: 632 meters project developer: Shanghai city investment group, Lujiazui finance and Trade Zone Development Company and Shanghai construction engineering group project design: American Gensler architectural design office started / completed: 2008 /2015 project started in Beijing Olympic Games, as the world’s top skyscraper.

The main body is composed of three hollow Optimus pillars with a diameter of 9 meters and a height of 287 meters.

The following is a brief introduction to the top ten super elevation landmark buildings in Shanghai in the future.

The plane and elevation of the tower are abstracted from the geometric patterns of Magnolia flowers, and the two magnolias overlap, The extracted square elements constitute the basic elements of the plane form of the office tower, and the extracted curve elements constitute the basic elements of the upflow line of the building facade.

Lifting Anchor

The East Tower is several floors above the ground-.

Project 10.


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