[Transocean international] the landmark of Kunshan flower bridge, the intersection of two cities and the first stop in Shanghai! The unit

Transocean International – Shanghai Metro Line 11 goes directly to the 125m intersection of two cities next to Guangming Road station, the first stop around Shanghai! The key project in Jiangsu Province, the landmark building of Kunshan Huaqiao, is built by Fujian Yueyang group.

Moreover, line 11 has eight transfer stations, which is the “transfer king” of Shanghai Metro.

It will greatly shorten your travel time to Kunshan City, Suzhou and Shanghai.

It can be easily reached by bus No.

The station entrance is directly connected to the second and third floors of the mall.

Kunshan City has combined Huaqiao town with Jiangsu International Business Center to start the planning and construction of Huaqiao International Business City with an area of 50 square kilometers.

Public transportation: the project is only 15 kilometers away from Kunshan City in the West.

Over the years, Yueyang group has always adhered to the spirit of “one building, one work and one monument”, and has successfully developed projects in Nanjing, Henan, Hubei, Shandong, Guangxi and other places in Jiangsu.

The overseas international project is located in Kunshan Huaqiao.

Future transportation: the future extension section of Shanghai Metro Line 11 will be connected with Kunshan rail transit line S1 and Suzhou rail transit line 3, which can directly reach Kunshan and Suzhou city.

Huaqiao is a window for Jiangsu to use Shanghai resources to go to the international service market.

Expressway: it only takes 20 minutes to drive G2 Beijing Shanghai Expressway to Jiamin viaduct to Hongqiao Airport; It is very convenient to take g1501 Ring Expressway to central link or G2 Beijing Shanghai Expressway to inner ring elevated to reach Shanghai; It’s only 55 minutes to the people’s Square in the city center.

It is expected to be opened to traffic in 2022.

Located on Greenland Avenue, Yimaide business district has rich life supporting facilities such as banking, catering, shopping and entertainment, including McDonald’s car store, China cinema, meigefei playground, Greenland Taihe hospital, Zhongfu kindergarten, etc.

The business city is positioned to “integrate into Shanghai, face the world and serve Jiangsu”, strive to build a Shanghai business satellite city with international business services in Jiangsu Province, outside Shanghai and on the Shanghai Nanjing Economic Corridor, and build it into a business gathering area in the Shanghai economic circle.

In the park, the window is green..

Line 11 and line S1 are connected by double lines.

You need to stay in front of each store for 5 minutes.

Three minutes to meet thousands of needs…

It takes you 15 hours to visit the complete Jiating fair; In the south of the project, supporting facilities for life and entertainment are concentrated.

It takes only 20 minutes to drive along national highway 312 to central east line.

Kunshan line S1 starts from Yangchenghu station in Baicheng, runs through Kunshan from east to West, and seamlessly connects with Huaqiao station of Metro Line 11, truly connecting Shanghai Kunshan and Suzhou into a line, And the five trams planned after S1 will cross the whole territory of Kunshan.

Supporting advantages one-stop commercial facilities downstairs and comfortable and colorful projects upstairs are equipped with one-stop commercial complex.

Short Waved Anchor

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Environmental advantages: 200m high air runway, 200m huge natural oxygen bar – the Central Park is directly in front of the Central Park project, surrounded by multiple scenic spots such as Huaxi Park and Jishan Park within 1km, which is a huge natural oxygen bar.

It is an overpass city square integrating catering, shopping, leisure and office.

However, it will also truly integrate into the seamless connection with Su Hukun.

Compared with Jinshan District, Fengxian District, Shanghai, our transportation is more convenient and advantageous.

101 at Menkou Guangming station; In addition, there are 222, 100 and 229 to quickly connect various areas.

But! The reality is that in the face of China’s house prices, everyone can’t afford to wait, especially in the first tier international metropolis and first tier cities in Shanghai, so the first tier cities around Shanghai is also a good choice.

There is no need to transfer from Guangming Road station to Xujiahui in 57 minutes.

Subway, expressway, 312 National Highway and tram run through the whole territory and converge here to form a huge transportation network.

To the East is jiatinghui city life square, a super large commercial complex with a total construction area of 200000 square meters.

You can transfer to 11 lines 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 9, 10, 12, 13 and 16 to reach all regions of Shanghai easily.

To the East is Zhaofeng 99 sunshine new life square, which is seamlessly connected with Zhaofeng station of line 11.

Line S1: Line S1 under construction is seamlessly connected with this case.

The project is built by Kunshan Pulte Real Estate Development Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Fujian Yueyang group.

The directional and high-speed development of urban industry is bound to drive the all-round development of regional economy and let the present lead the future! Traffic advantage: the project is located 125 meters next to Guangming Road Station of Shanghai Metro Line 11.

It takes only one hour to reach Nanjing West Road, known as the first commercial street in China.

Located on the upper cover of Anting subway station, the drive is only 5 or 6 minutes.

The mall includes four categories: one tea, Starbucks, pizza hut, typhoon shelter, UNIQLO and other food, shopping, entertainment and life, with a total of 172 medium and high-end brands.

Now, Kunshan Huaqiao, located at the first stop around Shanghai, is a key project in Kunshan and an overseas international project of Huaqiao landmark building.

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