Building structure Chapter 9 door and window structure self test questions and answers in this chapter

The correct answer is: hinge, air hook, bolt, handle, guide rail and pulley   The following windows are divided into groups according to different window frame materials.

() the correct answer is “yes”   The gap between the door frame and the wall is often covered with wooden strips, which is called the door head line.

The correct answer is: hanging window   The following window can rotate along the vertical axis is ().

It is divided into single leaf, double leaf, inner opening and outer opening.

() the correct answer is “wrong”   The common wooden window sashes are glass sashes and screen sashes.

The correct answer is: wooden window, color plate steel window and aluminum alloy window   One of the following statements about the characteristics of plastic steel doors and windows is ().

() the correct answer is “wrong”   Most of the commonly used fire doors are rolling shutter doors and upturned doors.

() the correct answer is “yes”   In order to improve the sound insulation capacity of doors and windows, rigid connections should be used to facilitate solid sound transmission at the connection.

The test question   Although the lower opening of the inner window and the middle cross frame of the outer window are weak links in waterproof, they can be waterproof only by setting cutting strips.

The correct answer is: upper riser, middle riser (window core), lower riser and stile   The window sash and window frame are connected by hardware parts.

() the correct answer is “yes”.

() the correct answer is “wrong”   The main purpose of the door is traffic connection and enclosure.

The correct answer is: tempered glass   The installation of wooden window glass is generally used ().

The correct answer is: color plate steel doors and windows   For cold areas and cold storage buildings, in order to reduce heat loss, doors and windows should adopt ().

Its shape, size, proportion and arrangement have a great impact on the aesthetics of the facade, so it also has aesthetic effects.

The status has been completed.

The correct answer is: window frame test question   The main components of the window sash include ().

The installation of factory produced finished doors mostly adopts the vertical opening method.

The correct answer is: embed the test question with putty   The text window of the test question occupies a prominent position on the outer wall.

() the correct answer is “yes”   According to the size and construction method, the casement window can be divided into internal opening and external opening.

() the correct answer is “wrong”   The fire door should not only have certain fire resistance, but also close tightly and open easily.

The correct answer is: improve the thermal resistance of doors and windows to reduce the penetration of cold air   The doors and windows of recording room, teleconference room and broadcasting room should be () in the text of the test question.

The correct answer is: sliding window   4 the text window of the test question is mainly composed of window frame, window sash, hardware parts and accessories, of which the window frame is also known as ().

() the correct answer is “wrong”..

() the correct answer is “yes”   The installation of door frame is the same as that of window frame.

Halfen Channel

The commonly used hardware parts are ().

The correct answer is: vertical rotating window   The following window does not occupy indoor and outdoor space when it is opened ().

() the correct answer is “yes”   37 text of the test question: the door used for evacuation stairwell shall be a two-way spring door.

() the correct answer is “yes”   Color plate steel doors and windows have the characteristics of light weight, high hardness, large daylighting area, dust prevention, sound insulation, good thermal insulation and sealing, beautiful appearance, gorgeous color, corrosion resistance, etc.

The window used only for daylighting, sunshine and overlooking refers to ().

You can use scaffolding and planting climbing plants or broad-leaved trees to shade.

() the correct answer is “wrong”   The size of standard windows in most parts of China adopts 9m expanded modulus.

() the correct answer is “yes”   23 text of the test question when the window size is large, the middle transom or middle mullion should be added; generally, when there are more than two window sashes in the vertical direction, the middle transom should be added.

The door also plays an important role in building facade treatment and interior decoration.

() the correct answer is “wrong”   The size of the text window should not only meet the needs of daylighting, ventilation and sunshine, but also meet the requirements of building facade design and building modulus coordination.

The score was 40.00/40.00 and the score was 10 / 10.00 (100%)   There is no window sash in the text of the test question.

() the correct answer is “wrong”   When the door leaf of the spring door is opened, it slides left and right along the tracks set up up up and down, including single leaf and double leaf.

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The correct answer is: direct fixation method   The correct answer is: ordinary door, thermal insulation door, sound insulation door, fire door and anti-theft door   The key point of thermal insulation door and window design is ().

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() the correct answer is “yes”   The size of the opening of the flush wooden door can be determined according to the traffic, transportation and evacuation requirements.

The correct answer is: soundproof doors and windows   The main body of the test question is made of colored galvanized steel plate, and the doors and windows made by machining refer to ().

with sub frame and without sub frame.

() the correct answer is “yes”   The swing door is a door opened in the vertical direction, and the door leaf rotates around the hinge installed on the side.

It can’t be opened.

() the correct answer is “wrong”   When it is difficult to set fire walls or fire doors and windows in buildings, fire rolling shutters can be used to replace fire doors, but they must be protected by water curtain.

() the correct answer is “yes”   For super high-rise buildings, greening and shading is an economic and beautiful measure.

() the correct answer is “wrong”   When choosing and setting shading facilities, it is usually unnecessary to consider the impact on the lighting and ventilation of the room.

There are two construction methods: discrete opening and plug opening.

() the correct answer is “wrong”   At present, there are two types of color plate doors and windows, i.e.

The correct answer is: self significant, high cost   The correct answer is: the glass used for aluminum alloy windows can choose ordinary flat glass, float glass and laminated glass as needed   For the connection between plastic steel door and window frames and the wall, embed wood bricks in the wall, send the plastic steel door and window frames into the window opening for positioning, and use wood screws to directly pass through the door and window profiles and connect them with wood bricks.

The correct answer is: thermal insulation doors and windows   The correct answer is: the components of a building do not include building structure sunshades   If it is necessary for safety, the window glass can be used preferentially ().


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