What ISO system certification should construction enterprises do?

AAA enterprise credit rating usually refers to the index level based on the credit, quality, solvency and capital of the evaluation object, that is, the credit rating agency uses the established symbols to identify the future debt repayment ability and debt repayment willingness possibility of the subject and bonds.

ISO9001 quality management system certification ISO9001 is a guiding standard based on the construction of internal process specifications of enterprises or groups.

It manages human health and safety hazards from all links, including poisoning, mechanical injury, electric shock, heatstroke, scald, radiation, etc.

It is the most widely used system standard in the world.

The purpose of GB / t50430 is to further strengthen and implement the quality responsibility of construction enterprises, improve the self-discipline and quality management level of enterprises, and promote the scientization, standardization and legalization of quality management of construction enterprises by promoting the full implementation of GB / t50430 by construction enterprises.

At the same time, with the increasing importance of enterprise credit, AAA credit rating and provincial contract credit enterprises are certified to reflect the performance ability and credit degree of enterprises.

It is applicable to all walks of life.

Having the above certificates can not only improve the bid winning probability of construction enterprises in bidding, but also show the excellent enterprise qualification of the enterprise to the outside world…

Iso45001 occupational health management system iso45001 is a systematic management system to guide enterprises to control employees’ health and safety hazards in the process of operation.

Construction enterprises are of a production nature, the competent departments have strict control, and the bidding competition is the most intense.

Lifting Socket

Passing ISO9001 certification has become the basic condition for organizations to enter the market and win customer trust.

In the bidding, in addition to the qualification of construction enterprises as the shortlisted threshold, ISO system certification and enterprise credit rating often become the requirements or bonus items of bidding.

ISO14001 environmental management system certification ISO14001 is a systematic management method to guide enterprises to reduce and control environmental pollution in the process of operation, involving water pollution, air pollution, noise pollution, energy consumption, fire fighting, chemicals, etc.

What ISO system certification should construction enterprises do? Construction enterprises are the industries that apply the most bidding methods in many industries of the national economy.


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