[design competition] 2021 3rd BIM architectural decoration competition

The relevant matters are hereby notified as follows.


Animation video: including project promotional film, model roaming video, multi professional software demonstration, self-developed software display, etc.


The whole process of review strictly implements “fairness, impartiality and openness” The Organizing Committee of the competition is located in the industrial and information branch of China Architectural Decoration Association   Address: 0114, Nanxin building, No.

The college team: the participants are students and teachers (V) Copyright related entries must be original works.


A project corresponds to a USB flash disk.

Technological innovation points; 5.

Com) or official wechat (cbdagreen), register online in the “BIM competition” registration system, fill in the competition information and upload the “copyright notice and authorized seal scanning copy” to officially register.

GuangLianda Technology Co., Ltd.

The budget and final accounts team: the participating projects mainly apply BIM Technology in the budget and final accounts stage.

11, Sanlihe Road, Haidian District, Beijing contact: Shi Jiaoyan 15311930319   Tel: 010-57811448   Box: 541888290@qq.com click.

Autodesk software (China) Organizing Committee of the general assembly of Co., Ltd.: Honorary Chairman: Liu Xiaoyi, President of China Architectural Decoration Association; Chair: Zhang Jingyue, vice president and Secretary General of China Architectural Decoration Association; Chair: Shan Bo, Deputy Secretary General of China Architectural Decoration Association; executive director: Wu Enzhen, Secretary General of industry and informatization branch of China Architectural Decoration Association; Deputy Director: Shi Jiaoyan, China Architectural Decoration Association The Deputy Secretary General of the industry and information branch of the association supports the media: China Construction News, construction times, construction science and technology magazine and housing industry Magazine, etc.

Submission of content item ppt: the content shall include project overview, team organization, software and hardware environment, BIM application and effect Project model: relevant model files of the project need to be submitted.

alternative: express the works to the Organizing Committee in the form of USB flash disk.

(III) Category differentiation this preliminary evaluation includes rational evaluation by combination.

The size of individual entries shall not exceed 1g, and the size of PPT file shall not exceed 100m.

the video files are compressed without affecting the definition.

Integrity of submission materials of works.

registration (I) Online registration, log in to the official website of industry and informatization branch of China Architectural Decoration Association (www.cdiin.

China Construction Fifth Bureau decorative curtain wall Co., Ltd.

Henan Jianxiang Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd.

(2) Submission of works 1.

(3) Review principles 1.


BIM application points and application effects; 3.



If it does not meet the grouping requirements, it will be automatically disqualified.

BIM integrated application ability; 4.

Colleges and universities are the main participants, which can be physical projects or BIM application research.

scope of participation: member units of China Architectural Decoration Association and other relevant units, including technical individuals interested in the competition (construction practitioners engaged in relevant work in enterprises and institutions, teachers and students of relevant disciplines in Colleges and technical secondary schools, relevant personnel of other education / R & D institutions, etc.) can sign up for participation.

Public decoration Group: the participating projects are public decoration items The project applies BIM Technology, including public outfit group – Exhibition and display, public outfit group – Airport, highway and rail transit, public outfit group – Hotel, public outfit group – medical treatment, public outfit group – culture and education, public outfit group – commercial and financial office and other categories; curtain wall group: the entry project is curtain wall project application BIM Technology, home decoration Group: the entry project is home decoration project application BIM Technology, assembly group: entry The project mainly applies BIM Technology to the assembly decoration project.

Submission time of works: September 10 – November 30, 2021.


review specification (I) Evaluation methods and processes after the competition is due to enter the evaluation stage, the competition evaluation committee will conduct preliminary evaluation, re evaluation and final on-site defense, evaluate all entries, and publish the final evaluation results after the evaluation results are publicized.

online submission: directly submit the works after online registration.

BIM modeling level; 2.

According to the guidance on promoting the coordinated development of intelligent construction and building industrialization jointly issued by the Ministry of housing and urban rural development and other 13 ministries and commissions on “accelerating the coordinated development of new generation information technology and building industrialization technology, and increasing building information model (BIM) in the whole process of construction” “Integration and innovative application of new technologies such as Internet, Internet of things, big data, cloud computing, mobile communication, artificial intelligence and blockchain” and “several opinions of the Ministry of housing and urban rural development and other departments on accelerating the industrialization of new buildings” jointly issued by the Ministry of housing and urban rural development and other nine ministries and commissions on “vigorously promoting building information model (BIM) technology”, The requirements of “realizing information interconnection and interactive sharing in the stages of design, procurement, production, construction, delivery, operation and maintenance”; in order to promote the industrialization, digitization and intelligent upgrading of the building decoration industry, speed up the transformation of construction mode and promote the high-quality development of the building decoration industry, the third building decoration BIM competition is decided to be held after our research The purpose of the competition is to promote BIM application achievements, promote BIM Technology Application, promote BIM talent training, and boost the digital transformation and upgrading of the construction industry.

organization and guidance unit of the competition: China Architectural decoration Association, organizer: Organizing Committee of architectural decoration BIM competition, organizer: China Architectural Decoration Association Industry and informatization branch of Decoration Association, academic support: Zunyi vocational and technical college, School of economics and management, Beijing Jiaotong University, CO organizer: Shanghai Architectural Decoration Engineering Group Co., Ltd., CSCEC Oriental decoration Co., Ltd., CSCEC Shenzhen Decoration Co., Ltd., Guizhou Hesheng Chuangzhan Architectural Technology Co., Ltd., East Asia decoration Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Meizhi decoration design Engineering Co., Ltd Beijing Gangyuan Architectural Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd.



Submission method A.

There are no more than 10 participants in each project, and each participant can participate in up to 3 projects at the same time.

Release time of the competition: to be notified separately.

The software product team: the participating projects are BIM software products.

The major categories are divided into enterprises, individuals and colleges.

The copyright of the entries belongs to the participating units, and the participating units shall be fully responsible for the submitted works.

This activity is voluntary and free of charge.

The groups are divided into public decoration, curtain wall, home decoration, assembly, budget and final accounts and software product groups.

any or all of the entries submitted by the software contestants can be used BIM software (not limited to software brands), but BIM Technology Application, data information sharing strategy and implementation method shall be reflected in the works.

Review time of works: December 1 – December 20, 2021.

Industry experts are invited by the competition Review Committee to review all participating works in the way of weighted average score.

Shuttering Clamps

Once the entries are found to have infringements, plagiarism and other acts, the competition organizing committee has the right to disqualify them and reserve the right to investigate their relevant responsibilities.


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