Architecture | 15 Chinese buildings to be built in 2022

The design inspiration comes from the Central Plains culture and ancient scientific and technological civilization.

Looking forward to 2022, what new buildings are about to be completed? This paper selects 15 Chinese buildings to be built, explores and appreciates with you, and opens a new chapter of 2022 architecture.

Human activities can extend to the wharf, which can be partially filled with water to form the landscape of pool and path fluctuation.

Foster firm has proposed a double tower scheme, hoping to achieve a balance in the distribution of R & D space, office space and public space.

The building consists of two buildings, a 106 meter high building with an 88 meter garden atrium in the West and a 144 meter high tower in the East.

In order to ensure the restoration of the original architectural style of the new building, the appearance of the stadium is constructed by fair faced concrete technology on the basis of retaining the original color, After completion, it will become the single building with the largest application scale of fair faced concrete technology in China.

The polished white colored glass of the structure reflects sunlight, sky and landscape, and changes light and color according to the surrounding environment.

Design unit of Shenzhen Eastern environmental protection power plant (energy ring): SHL architecture firm project location: Shenzhen Eastern environmental protection power plant, located in the mountains of Longgang District, Shenzhen, will be completed and will become the largest environmental protection power plant in the world.

The main body of the building is composed of three different gray-scale glass and external mullions, and these thermal insulation glass units and sunshade mullions can not only describe the vertical language of the tower, but also reduce the influence of the building absorbing solar heat and glare.


The architectural form is like a mountain peak pointing to the cloud.

The scheme rearranges the power plant, integrates the main equipment and auxiliary functions of the power plant into a simple circular structure, breaks the rectangular industrial shape of the traditional power plant, and more importantly, minimizes the floor area of the plant base, greatly reducing the impact on the surrounding environment.

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Macao Melco shadow exchange phase II design unit: Zaha architectural firm project location: Macao.


In the past year, we have witnessed the landing of many remarkable buildings, which show different urban style and urban context.

From a distance, the building looks like a “cloud floating in the forest”.


OMA forms a terrace like loft unit by boldly chamfering the basic outline of the building, which is also like a pyramid composed of glass, so it is named “light edge”.

The design of PES architects creates a mirror bridge on the wharf, which is expanded upward in the second stage, with a multi-functional exhibition space and a restaurant.

The main structure of the library is built on two functional blocks.



Design unit of the new museum of Henan science and technology: Architectural Design and Research Institute of Tongji University project location: Henan science and Technology Museum (New Museum) in Zhengzhou, Henan Province is located on the Bank of Xianghu Lake in Zhengdong New Area, Zhengzhou city.


While respecting the site heritage, it will become a waterfront landmark and connect with the green pedestrian block integrating cultural and leisure functions.


Ancient science and technology and Central Plains cultural treasures such as Dengfeng guibiao and Mozi Xiaokong statue are organically integrated into the architectural scheme design, The design creativity comes from the image of “Heluo culture”.

Taking Hollywood architecture as the inspiration source, it has built a building with exquisite texture beside the lotus bridge connected with Zhuhai, so as to welcome tourists and visitors from all over the world.

15 Chinese buildings to be built in 2022 01 Design unit of “sky city” in Dajiang: foster architecture firm project location: the Shenzhen headquarters designed by Shenzhen foster + Partners for Dajiang innovation technology company (DJI) will be completed and opened soon.

Its design is operated by Zaha Hadid architectural firm.

Shanghai Library East library design unit: SHL architecture firm project location: Shanghai new library, with a total construction area of 115000 square meters, is located in Pudong New Area.

The buildings in the park break the way of highlighting the structural strength of the traditional stadium and transform it into a more internal and implicit beauty.

Reconstruction design unit of Beijing Workers’ Stadium: Beijing Architectural Design and research institute project location: the main structure of the reconstruction project of Beijing Workers’ Stadium has been capped.


Quzhou sports park design unit: mad architecture office project location: the design of mad in Quzhou, Zhejiang combines the functions of stadiums and gymnasiums with the natural landscape, and creates a land art landscape in the shape of volcanoes and Mirror Lake in the city center.

It is designed by OMA architectural firm.

In terms of appearance, the shape curve of Henan science and Technology Museum (New Museum) and the changes of strength, such as engine propeller and flying bird wings, have a full sense of science and technology..

Shanghai submarine Museum Designer: PES architects project location: Shanghai submarine museum is located in a long-standing dry dock on the Huangpu River.

At the same time, the central lake is a sunken garden.

This is a customized design scheme for Dajiang, which aims to change people’s traditional concept of office buildings, Create an “air community” in Shenzhen, an important place for scientific and technological innovation.

Here, people’s sight is flush with the water, and they really feel the wonder and shock surrounded by the sky and water.

The East Library of Shanghai Library reflects the transformation of “from books to intersection” – the public library will no longer be a place only providing books, but also a positive and active place that can connect citizens with knowledge, experience and innovation.

Design unit of Hangzhou future new Lake Center: OMA architectural firm project location: Hangzhou future new Lake Center is located in the core of the new technology central business district of Hangzhou future science and technology city.


The design is like a sculpture floating above the crown of the park.

Anaya ‘cloud center’ design unit: mad architecture firm project location: Anaya architecture in Qinhuangdao, Hebei Province is located near the beautiful Beidaihe coastline in Northeast China.


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