How to register a construction company

For the construction qualification, please listen to the next chapter…

Materials required for registered construction company: 1 Provide multiple company names for name verification; 2.

But anyway, we have finished the part of company registration.

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When we get the business license, don’t be happy.

Copy of house lease agreement and property right certificate of the company’s registered address; 8.

It is usually marked in the bracket: if the licensed business project is involved, it can be operated only with the permission of relevant departments.

Copies of the employment documents and identity certificates of the legal representative, directors and supervisors of the company; 6.

Submit industrial and commercial materials; 3.

Tel: 13688317880 there is no essential difference between registering a construction company and registering a trading company.

Application for company establishment registration signed by the legal representative of the company; 4.

Propose the main projects within the business scope of the company.

Only after obtaining the qualification certificate of construction enterprise can we engage in the construction business activities within the relevant scope.

Account opening; 6.

Copies of identity certificates of all shareholders; 5.

Seal engraving; 5.

Industrial and commercial registration and business license; 4.

This line of small characters is the soul of the construction company, which means that we have to go to the construction management department to apply for the corresponding construction qualification.

You can see another bracket in the business scope.

A capital verification report issued by a legally established capital verification institution; 7.

Certificate of designated representative or jointly authorized agent signed by all shareholders; 3.

General process of registered construction company: 1 Industrial and commercial nuclear name; 2.

Handle tax related matters.


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