Among the top 10 architectural certificates, the difficulty of first-class constructor is the last, and the most difficult is it!


It is said that the architectural examination is the gathering place of gold medal certificates.

Registration certificates generally include: Registered Fire engineer, registered architect, registered structural engineer, registered electrical engineer, registered public equipment engineer, registered chemical engineer, zhishikaochang, the official public platform of knowledge examination room for more information, registered urban planner, registered environmental engineer, registered environmental assessment engineer, registered constructor, registered supervision engineer Blasting engineer, civil engineer, registered cost engineer, registered consulting engineer, etc.

The higher the entry threshold, the more difficult the certificate examination will be.

⑤ Obtain a doctor’s degree in engineering or engineering economics, and have been engaged in construction management of construction projects for at least 1 year.


There is such a ranking list of “difficulty” in the examination of architectural qualification certificates on the Internet.

Each architectural certificate occupies different heights because of its different difficulty coefficient.

Professional practice of first-class constructor examination: Construction Engineering, highway engineering, railway engineering, civil aviation airport engineering, port and waterway engineering, water conservancy and Hydropower Engineering, municipal public engineering, communication and radio and television engineering, mining engineering and Mechanical and electrical engineering.

Attribute difference: the gold content of registration certificates is generally higher than that of professional title certificates.

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The value of a certificate brings the examiner an annual income of as little as tens of thousands of thousands, as many as tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands.


The income level of each specialty, the examination difficulty of construction engineering specialty is low, the number of examinees is large, the corresponding work income is also low, the examination difficulty of municipal and water conservancy is relatively high, and the corresponding wage income is also considerable…

Registration threshold: the gold content of certificates with high registration threshold is higher than that of certificates with low registration threshold, which is directly proportional to the gold content of certificates.


④ Master’s degree in engineering or engineering economics, working for at least 2 years, including at least 1 year in construction management of construction projects.

■ what is the relationship between certificate value and difficulty coefficient? 1.

Of course, the low pass rate does not mean that you have to compete with 100 people for 2-7 positions, because the statistics are the number of applicants.

② Obtain a bachelor degree in engineering or engineering economics, and have worked for at least 4 years, including 3 years in construction management of construction projects.

The first-class constructor ranked 8th in 11 tests.

Conclusion: judging from the curve and the registration conditions of the first construction, the difficulty of the first construction test belongs to medium difficulty.

③ He has obtained a double bachelor’s degree or graduate class in engineering or engineering economics, and has worked for at least 3 years, including at least 2 years in construction management of construction projects.

Number of certificates: the number of certificates is mainly determined by the number of people taking the exam and the pass rate, which in turn affects the difficulty coefficient of the exam.

But we also know that for rare certificates such as electrical engineers and geotechnical engineers, it is almost impossible to pay attention to the official public platform zhishikaochang of the knowledge examination room to obtain more information.

It is almost impossible to pass the examination without practical ability and experience.

In short, the more difficult the test, the lower the pass rate and the more valuable it is.

Market demand: when the market demand is large, you just eat it.

The overall passing rate of first-class constructors is very low.


■ application conditions for class I constructor: ① obtain a college degree in engineering or engineering economics and have worked for at least 6 years, including at least 4 years in construction management of construction projects.

When the market demand is shrinking or the market is saturated, your certificate is worthless.

People who have passed the exam know that many positions are absent, and some are soy sauce.

■ ranking list of difficulty & gold content of each specialty of first construction division 1.

Difficulty ranking of each discipline of first-class constructor, from easy to difficult: 1 Construction works 2 Electromechanical Engineering 3 Highway engineering 4 Municipal Engineering 5 Railway Engineering 6 Water conservancy and Hydropower Engineering 7 Communication, radio and television engineering 8 Mining engineering 9 Port and waterway engineering 10 From the passing rate provided by netizens, the passing rate of architecture and electromechanical specialty is relatively high, while the civil aviation specialty is relatively unpopular, but the market is good.

We compare the passing rate of candidates in each major of first-class construction, which can reflect the difficulty of the professional examination.

The higher the passing rate, the lower the difficulty of the professional examination.

The greater the market demand, the higher the test difficulty of the corresponding subject.

So even if it’s valuable, it’s just a sigh for most people.



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