Recruitment of Shanxi Construction Engineering Group Co., Ltd

(4) the applicant shall truthfully fill in the resume and submit the original of the certificates listed in the list of submitted materials to the unit for review.

(formerly Shanxi construction engineering [group] Corporation), the top 80 contractors in China and the top 200 competitiveness in China’s construction industry, has comprehensively inherited and developed Shanxi construction engineering [group] The qualification and brand of the head office is a large state-owned comprehensive construction group company integrating investment, development, construction, operation, design, scientific research, production, labor service and machine leasing.


After passing the preliminary qualification examination, the company will reply by e-mail or telephone and arrange the interview time.

of applicants.

List of materials to be submitted: (1) resume.

The following matters are announced as follows: first, recruitment conditions and working places 1.

is one of the top 500 Chinese enterprises The core enterprise of Shanxi Construction Investment Group Co., Ltd.

Once verified, the applicant will be disqualified.

Lifting Foot Anchor

The applicants shall submit their resumes (see Annex II) and scanned copies of relevant materials and certificates to the employer before 18:00 on December 24, 2021 In principle, each person is allowed to declare only one post.

(2) scanned copies of ID card, academic certificate, professional title qualification certificate, executive qualification certificate and achievements, Thesis Award, etc.

having rich experience in real estate business, with a high sense of responsibility, good professional ethics and personal conduct.

below the age of 45, with occupation qualifications; 2.

It is an excellent backbone construction enterprise and one of the top ten backbone construction enterprises in Shanxi Province.

Handle relevant procedures after both parties reach an intention.


Click the blue font to pay attention to “Sanjin public office” and recommend good jobs in Shanxi at 9:00 every morning.

If the job seeker has doubts about the specific circumstances, please contact the recruitment unit directly..

Up to now, the group’s real estate project operation has achieved national layout and multi-point flowering.

Contact person: Zhang Longyan manfen; tel.: 0351-7671917 Annex I: Source: Zhaopin recruitment Disclaimer: the official account is published in recruitment information, and its final interpretation power belongs to the recruitment unit.


(3) Two recent 1-inch color photos of the applicant.

We have a position to talk to you about our sincere invitation! Here is the stage for your ability to bloom and the perfect place for you to realize your dream ~ Shanxi Construction Engineering Group Co., Ltd.

, strong communication and teamwork skills; 2、 The number of recruits, job responsibilities and job requirements are shown in (Annex I) (salary: Interview) III.

registration and preliminary qualification examination 1.

This recruitment is a new project in Taiyuan, located in the core area of Jiancaoping Sangui area, close to Binhe West Road; The overall orientation of the project is to improve the community with high-end high-quality products based on modern facade style Official account of the WeChat public number of Shanxi Construction Engineering Group in November 19th, and now it is open to recruit real estate related businesses and technicians.


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