Recruitment information of construction engineering posts on December 21, 2021

Active personality, good at communication, business negotiation and communication skills and team management ability; 2.

Have strong learning ability, hard-working, strong sense of responsibility, serious and steady work; 3.

5 Salary 5k-1w, salary can be interviewed.

College degree or above, major in construction engineering is preferred; 2.

Those with HVAC Constructor Certificate / constructor and safety officer C certificate are preferred.

It is preferred to have a major in architecture / mechanical and electrical engineering, with a technical secondary school degree or above; 2.

Have more than 8 years of working experience in water conservancy and hydropower project construction.

Qualifications: 1.

Familiar with water conservancy testing process, master various parameter testing methods of water conservancy engineering testing, understand the situation of water conservancy engineering testing industry, and be sensitive to market demand; 4.

College degree or above, major in construction engineering is preferred; 2.

Enjoy national legal holidays; 2.

Active personality, good at communication, business negotiation and communication skills and team management ability; 3.

Contact: Mr.

Travel is acceptable.

Miss Zhang 16626203679 (resume) 【 Dongguan City 】 Dongguan local testing company recruits staff and looks forward to face-to-face treatment.

Prepare training plan and train relevant personnel in professional and technical knowledge.

Recruitment of 2 HVAC constructors (6k-1.2w)) conduct; 4.

Hold the pile integrity inspection (drilling coring [editing]) certificate of Guangdong construction project quality and safety inspection and Appraisal Association or the training qualification certificate of Guangdong Provincial Association above the provincial level (drilling coring [editing]).

President Xu contact number: 13086580707, wechat synchronization..

One class a project or two class B projects with performance (Geophysical Exploration performance or geotechnical investigation performance projects).

II Post requirements for technical director of survey and geophysical exploration (Full-time): (I) mandatory requirements: 1.

Familiar with CAD drawing and other drawing software and office software; Be familiar with professional construction specifications and processes, and have solid professional knowledge of project management; 3.

Be able to travel, be able to stay on site, and be able to work under strong pressure; 4.

Chen 13433093730 [Huizhou City] recruitment: a skilled documenter: Place: BOLUO County pipe network project, Huizhou City, treatment: salary, telephone details.

Contact person: Huang Gong 13809778973 wechat, the same number [Zhaoqing City] Zhaoqing Dawang municipal road project recruitment: 2 from the Ministry of Commerce, 2 from the budget, requiring more than five years of working experience, negotiable salary, 17761507555 Zhou manager [Zhaoqing City] Zhaoqing City recruits a municipal engineering constructor, who is required to understand municipal engineering, water and electricity, water supply and drainage and road construction.

Graduated from full-time bachelor degree or above for 13 years; 2.

The only social security in China, and the resume of Guangdong sanku platform is blank; the last registered unit has geotechnical investigation qualification and has been working for more than 3 years; 4.

(2) Other requirements: 1.

Your ability determines your treatment.

Major in HVAC, college degree or above; 2.


Have the intention to develop in the engineering quality inspection industry for a long time.


Record the construction log on time and accurately; 6.

Be familiar with the drawings and technical process of the discipline, go deep into the construction site, solve technical problems, and participate in the joint review of drawings, commissioning, completion acceptance, submission and review of technical data, etc; 5.

Qualifications and experience related to bidding for survey and geophysical exploration or network resources are preferred.

Wintercoming [Guangzhou] recruits a skilled data clerk (statistical table of the province) the company is mainly engaged in the installation of mechanical and electrical engineering.

In fact, strictly speaking, “Yang” has the concept of yin and Yang and the Yang of the sun.

It is preferred to have more than 2 years of experience in project completion data and independently complete the completion acceptance of project data; 4.

With the title of senior engineer (Geotechnical related majors) and geotechnical registered engineer certificate, and have been registered for more than 2 years; 3.

Hold the title of senior engineer in water conservancy and hydropower related disciplines; 2.

The builder service states that it will not bear any direct, indirect, incidental, subsequent or special losses arising from obtaining the information published on this platform.

Welfare benefits: 1.

Contact number: Li Gong 13602956599, wechat synchronization.

The company provides accommodation and site overtime subsidies; In addition, we also recruit hydropower HVAC designers with salary of 1-2W, and the specific salary can be interviewed.

The winter solstice, also known as “day short solstice” and “day South solstice”, is a solar term reflecting the direct movement of sunlight.

The correctness and authenticity of the information released are not guaranteed to be completely accurate.

More than four years of experience, proficient in various drawing software, able to complete design work independently and take weekends.

Requirements: on-site completion data and on-site data.

Interested parties should contact the contact person by telephone.

The recruitment and job information provided by this official account is derived from the unified arrangement and release of the network and enterprise docking.

In addition to paying five insurances according to law: endowment insurance, medical insurance, industrial injury insurance, unemployment insurance and maternity insurance, there are also commercial insurance; 3.

Participate in bidding for water conservancy project Engineering testing qualification experience or network resources are preferred.

Have good word processing ability, skillfully operate computers and use common office software; 3.


post requirements of pile foundation pit Inspection Engineer (full-time or part-time): (1) Mandatory requirements: 1.

Short Waved Anchor

post requirements of water conservancy project testing technology director (Full-time): (I) mandatory requirements: 1.

(2) Other requirements: 1.

(2) Other requirements: 1.


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