Recruitment announcement of School of public management of Xi’an University of architecture and technology

Teachers of the college gave full play to the think tank role of university teachers, and successively presided over the preparation of important documents such as “outline of cultural development and reform plan for the 13th five year plan and the 14th five year plan of Shaanxi Province” and “opinions on the implementation of building a public cultural service system in Shaanxi Province”.

It has a master’s degree program in public management, which is responsible for the cultivation of master’s and doctoral students in cultural industry management, administrative management and social management, land and resource management, elderly engineering and elderly security; It has a professional degree authorization point of “master of Public Administration (MPA)”.

Some of the teachers have won the title of “leading talent of Shaanxi special support plan”, and some have been successively employed as members of China Cultural Industry Management Committee, evaluation experts of public cultural facilities of the Ministry of culture, legislative consulting experts of the Standing Committee of Shaanxi Provincial People’s Congress, vice chairman of the Public Management Working Committee of Shaanxi Provincial Education Guidance Committee Part time positions in academic groups and society such as vice chairman of the professional committee of building economy of Shaanxi civil architecture society, member of Shaanxi decision-making advisory committee, member of Xi’an real estate evaluation expert committee, director of Shaanxi emergency management society, etc.

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two   In principle, the age shall not exceed 35 years old (senior professional title, especially excellent doctor shall be relaxed appropriately).

We sincerely welcome excellent talents who meet the requirements of application conditions to apply! 2、 Recruitment target 1   High level talents 2   Full time excellent doctoral students of previous years III.

7、 Contact: Mr.

four   Have a good foreign language level and be able to conduct international academic exchanges.

three   Meet the requirements of the recruitment position, have strong academic level and development potential, and be competent for the teaching of relevant courses.

                                           The college now has four undergraduate majors: cultural industry management, public utilities management, international economy and trade and urban management.

It is also an important measure for the school to actively adapt to the economic development direction of Northwest China, highlight the leading industries in Northwest China, broaden the field of running a school and optimize the combination of disciplines.

                                 The College of professional and discipline development has built a teaching team with high research level and rich teaching experience, and has achieved a number of research results that are at the leading level in Northwest China and have a certain impact in China.

5、 Recruitment posts and number of teachers, teachers and postdoctors: 7 persons 6.

A number of research results were adopted by government departments at all levels as an important basis for policy formulation, It has made positive contributions to national and local social and economic development.

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4、 Recruitment major and direction: public management, urban management, land resource management, applied economics, information management and information system, geographic information system, computer science and technology, management science and Engineering (big data or data mining), urban and rural planning, architecture and municipal engineering.

basic recruitment requirements 1   Doctoral degree from well-known universities or scientific research institutes at home and abroad.

1、 The school of public management of Xi’an University of architecture and technology was established in 2018, which is an important deployment for the school to comprehensively deepen reform, accelerate connotation construction and promote the goal of “creating a first-class and building a top 100” under the new situation.

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The treatment realizes classified guidance for disciplines, quantitative analysis for talents, and realizes comprehensive evaluation in combination with learning and work experience, lecture or report effect, discussion or interview, discipline and team reality, and scientific introduction of “one person, one policy”.

The college has long been committed to the construction of high-level teachers, and sincerely recruits talents from all over the world at home and abroad.


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