[memory] architecture can be read: this Shanghai style garden hidden in the ancient town is a combination of Chinese and western, deep and

There are 16 tablets inscribed on the works of Ming dynasty literati.

Its park planning and architectural style absorb modern architectural elements, such as the style of city gate pier and staircase of library building, the moon tower of tower type, overseas floor tiles and columnless Hall of welcome hall, and detailed cement components, which also reflect the spirit of Shanghai style culture of integration and innovation.

It is representative in classical gardens.

In the north of this picturesque ancient town, there is a tasteful Shanghai style garden building, which integrates many garden characteristics of the south of the Yangtze River.

During this period, it has gone through vicissitudes and many have been damaged.

As the name suggests, the clock in point moon watching building in the park is the place where people climb to look at the moon.

It is deep and elegant and a combination of Chinese and western.

Shanghai handicraft Zhujiajiao exhibition hall opened in 2006.

It is composed of hall area and garden area as a whole, showing the charm of the south of the Yangtze River.

The lion heads hanging upside down on the five raised corners are charming.

The top is a meter shaped bucket arch, which can be called a masterpiece of classical architecture.

There are pavilions, pavilions, rockery pools, stone tablet corridors and ancient and famous trees in the park.

The free life bridge is as long as a belt and as shaped as a rainbow.

It is a new scenic spot for leisure tourism in the suburbs of Shanghai and the largest research and tourism center in China.

It is the largest and longest existing five hole stone arch bridge in Shanghai and the landmark of Zhujiajiao ancient town.

Opening hours: 8:30-16:30 address: 327 North Street admission: 10 yuan / person Oriental Green boat is located at 6888 Huqingping Road, Qingpu District.

The scenery is very beautiful.

In recent years, in order to realize the protection and inheritance of historical buildings in the park, the class planting garden has strengthened the safety inspection and monitoring of ancient buildings, and successively carried out protection projects such as the emergency repair of Yin-Yang corridor, the maintenance of Peony Pavilion performance place, the protection and repair of welcome Hall, and the reinforcement of water moon Pavilion corridor, so that the class planting garden can always meet all tourists with a full attitude.

Shanghai civilization began with the “three Maos and nine peaks”, and Zhangma village was formed in the place where the three Maos meet..

After selecting improved varieties, qingjiao thin rice, Baipi lozenge and famous and high-quality orchids have been cultivated in the class planting garden, which enjoys a high reputation in Zhuqing area, and qingjiao thin rice also sells well in Shanghai.

It imitates the work of Suzhou Lion Forest and means abundant grain.

The main buildings include entrance hall, living room, flower hall, welcome hall, library building, moon watching building, upside down lion hall, playing and singing building, stele corridor, double eye well, Jiuqu bridge, lesson planting bridge, etc.

It is the essence of the lesson garden.

It is a two-story wooden structure building, which is mainly used to display handicrafts and handicrafts with cultural value at home and abroad, and integrates the classic works of local arts and crafts masters.

Zhujiajiao, an ancient town in the south central part of Qingpu District, is quiet and elegant when people are young and prosperous when people are busy.

It not only attracts the essence of gardens in the south of the Yangtze River, but also integrates modern cultural elements with design, decoration, timber and layout.

In 1999, the class planting garden began to be renovated and gradually opened to receive tourists.

111, Xijing street, Zhujiajiao ancient town.

It has been nearly a hundred years since the establishment of the course planting garden, which has been diligent in maintenance and repair and achieved building protection and inheritance.

It is a super large outdoor garden scenic spot combining natural scenery and cultural landscape.

   The library of the lesson planting garden has a rich collection of books.

Opening information opening time: 8:30-16:30 admission: 20 yuan / person consultation telephone: 59240077 traffic information: Fangsheng bridge at the punch in point around Zhujiajiao station of metro line 17.

The class planting garden covers an area of 64000 square meters and a construction area of about 2000 square meters.

Opening hours: 8:30-16:30 admission: from 45 yuan, Shanghai Zhangma scenic spot is located in Zhangma village at the southernmost end of Zhujiajiao Town, Qingpu District, only 6km away from Zhujiajiao ancient town scenic spot.

  There is a row of winding corridors on the east side of Yingxun Pavilion, which separates the class garden from the courtyard of the living area.

It was built in 1912 and took 15 years to complete.

Its main building faces the East, brick and wood structure, three into four Dai, facing Jingting port and back to Dadian lake.

Since 1956, it has been used as Zhujiajiao middle school, and the campus moved out in the late 1990s.

This garden is unique in its own way.

There is a very Mini bridge in the ancient town of Kezhi bridge, which is light and chic with beautiful shape.

Yingxun Pavilion is set as the reading office, which is the lesson garden; In the garden area, plantations are also planned to plant rice fields and fruit trees, so that the human body will work hard.

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At the end of the south side of the corridor, there is a stele of more than 20 meters.

In the park, the Yu Garden Lotus Pond and the nine curved bridge, the rockery and the lion Lion Pavilion of the Lion Forest in Suzhou are built.

In order to build this ideal garden, the owner of the garden has visited the famous gardens in the south of the Yangtze River.

The inverted Lion Pavilion is a rare pentagonal Pavilion in the south of the Yangtze River.

This is a five storey concrete building with a small quadrangle Pavilion on the roof, which is the integration of Jiangnan style and modern construction technology.

It rises in the air, which fully shows the wisdom and strength of ancient bridge workers.

Opening hours: all day, no tickets, Shanghai handicraft Zhujiajiao exhibition hall.

The rockery Taihu stone is purchased in Kunshan West Garden, and the essence of Jiangnan garden is integrated.

See ↓ the old architecture class garden with Jiangnan charm and Shanghai style feelings is located at No.


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