Yiyuan construction site has a “black box”, which is a high-value construction site!

It is equipped with a high-pressure cleaning water gun to flush the tire mud water of small vehicles such as tricycles.

     The project is now in the most tense stage of main construction, with more materials on site and more waste.

       In order to further improve the safety production and civilized construction management level of Yiyuan construction site and accelerate the construction of “smart site” in our county, the Dayuan impression Taohuayuan construction site constructed by Shandong xingtairan Construction Engineering Co., Ltd.

The company is a three-level construction enterprise of housing construction engineering.

           An ice mist tray dust suppression system is installed on the road, enclosure and construction frame.

It undertook the Dayuan impression Taohuayuan construction project in May 2021.

“Black technology” intelligent AI monitoring system makes the building more intelligent       Through the use of digital smart site management system, a standardized, process-based and information-based “smart site integrated management platform” is established to seamlessly integrate the eight sections of project introduction, environmental monitoring, safety production, energy management, real name system of labor personnel, VR panorama, smart brain and hidden danger investigation, And push the field data to the cloud platform for big data analysis.

It, together with sprinkler, road spray, mobile fog gun, enclosure spray and tower crane spray, forms a three-dimensional full coverage dust suppression system from the ground to the high altitude, from more than ten centimeters above the ground to 1.5 meters above the ground, 4 meters above the ground, 8 meters above the ground to the full height of the floor.

      We can see that the road and construction site have been completely hardened, and there is no bare soil on the site.

        Shandong xingtairan Construction Engineering Co., Ltd., established in March 2021, is subordinate to Shandong Dayuan Urban Construction Development Co., Ltd.

       Omnidirectional data monitoring can comprehensively monitor parameters such as amplitude, height, rotation, weight, torque, wind speed, inclination, position, temperature and humidity, current, power operation frequency and so on (different versions have different functions).

The concrete grade is C30  , The thickness of the main part is 30 cm, and there has been no deformation problem in nearly half a year.

     The road spraying shall be started regularly and sprayed every ten minutes to ensure that the construction road remains wet.

It was highly recognized and praised by the people present with perfect construction standards and advanced technology, It has aroused the strong attention of the industry, media and owners!   Smart construction site, technological frontier, innovative safety management      The on-site double in and double out real name system channel can realize the collection, statistics and attendance of the information of the mobilized labor workers and managers of all parties through face recognition, and has been connected to the provincial and municipal migrant workers’ wage supervision platform according to the requirements of the competent department.

They all carried out full coverage as required.

    Visit the tower crane hook visualization system in the smart site experience hall.

With its own excellent standards and strength, the company dares to accept the great test of peers in the county, stands out in countless critical eyes, and becomes the quality benchmark for everyone to learn…

The flushing time shall not be less than two minutes until it is clean.

       On the left side of the channel is the vehicle automatic flushing channel and the tire flushing sedimentation tank.

          The main responsible comrades of the county housing and Urban Rural Development Bureau and the quality safety station, as well as the relevant responsible comrades of the county’s construction, supervision and construction units, participated in the dust control and “smart site” on-site observation meeting.

     The tower crane safety monitoring system realizes the functions of open real-time safety monitoring and audible and visual early warning and alarm for the interference operation of group towers running alone, as well as real-time dynamic remote monitoring, remote alarm and remote notification, making the tower crane safety monitoring an open real-time dynamic monitoring.

The engineering status is clear at a glance!      The main feature of smart site is integrated management, which realizes unified deployment, unified maintenance, unified operation monitoring and unified integrated display of smart site; Interconnection, eliminate information islands, realize equipment linkage, management coordination and data sharing.

Lifting Insert

In the next step, all construction sites of xingtairan company will be constructed according to this standard.

     Turf and seedling greening have been carried out along the north and south sides of the road and the office area to a high standard, which is an integral part of the concept of xingtairan company to build a green construction site and garden construction site.

In terms of technical means, it ensures the timely supervision of the use process and behavior of the tower crane, practical early warning and control of dangerous factors and potential safety hazards in the process of equipment operation, and effectively prevents and reduces the occurrence of safety production accidents of the tower crane.

was opened to the public for observation and inspection by peers in Yiyuan industry.

The person in charge of the tower crane black box explains on site the supporting facilities of the building construction quality and safety experience hall, fire fighting equipment demonstration experience / safety protection articles exhibition area, prevention of electric shock accident / helmet impact experience, fire fighting demonstration experience / shear wall reinforcement binding, roof ventilation and waterproof / wall building and plastering stair formwork support / lightning protection and grounding pipe well / row Use method of water and exhaust steel wire / reserved wire box       This activity focuses on five key points: safety production standardization, dust prevention and control, smart site management, quality management standardization and application of new technologies and processes.

Yiyuan construction site has a “black box”, which is a high-value construction site!       On September 10, an on-site observation meeting on the standardization of safety production and quality management of construction projects with the theme of “implementing safety responsibility, promoting safety development and dust control” was held at the Dayuan impression Taohuayuan construction site constructed by Shandong xingtairan Construction Engineering Co., Ltd.

Two cleaners are assigned to clean and water the construction road every day to keep the road clean and wet, so as to ensure that the vehicles do not carry mud, the road surface does not see soil, there is no dust in the hospital, and the raised dust does not leave the hospital.

Bulk materials and sporadic materials are stored separately, and protective railings are installed to distinguish them; Set up a waste area to collect waste materials in a centralized manner, arrange special personnel for management and regular cleaning and transportation, so as to effectively ensure the cleanness and order of the site.

     According to the planning of site layout, the construction material area and waste area are strictly divided on site.


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