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is China’s architecture for Internet service platform, which is built on the Internet plus strategy.

Under the xinrongbao mode, suppliers can quickly apply for financing from financial institutions based on their own qualifications, historical performance data and platform evaluation on, no longer rely on the confirmation of accounts receivable of core enterprises, and fully support the capital needs of suppliers in procurement and goods preparation after winning the bid.

Xinrongbao products are still under continuous optimization, including continuous polishing of data models, improvement of product ease of use, and expansion of supported scenarios.

On the one hand, it has realized the development of data enabled industrial Internet, making platform data an asset; On the other hand, it promotes the innovation of financial products with data, reduces financing risks and improves financing efficiency with the help of big data risk control.

Through the data analysis and integration of existing business systems, combined with the collection and processing of external public data, the platform will realize multi-channel and multi-dimensional pre loan, in loan and post loan data monitoring, so as to supplement more valuable information for the traditional risk control mode.

Through big data thinking, the innovative financial model of win-win for all parties has been realized.

China Construction e-commerce’s cooperated with financial institutions to launch a full range of online and pure credit financing products – xinrongbao based on the supply chain order scenario.

On the premise of taking into account risks, develop the data value of the platform to a greater extent and provide better financing services for suppliers.

Through the organic combination of industrial big data and traditional supply chain financial risk control mechanism, the product transforms the uncontrollable risk of a single enterprise into the controllable risk of the whole supply chain enterprise, so that financial institutions can obtain the grasp of risk control and fundamentally change the risk control mode, so as to help small and medium-sized enterprises obtain financing support with low threshold and relatively favorable cost, This has become a breakthrough to resolve the financing difficulties of small and medium-sized enterprises.

The foundation of data loans is industrial data.

From the perspective of risk control, for credit loan products, risk management requirements are high.

CSCEC e-commerce Co., Ltd.

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Post loan management: in the post loan phase, the supplier’s performance and evaluation are monitored systematically, and an early warning is given in time in case of any abnormality, so as to reduce the possible risk of loan.

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Cloud construction network has built up the open online procurement of bulk materials, and online procurement of sporadic materials online, so as to achieve a new mode of “Internet plus material procurement” covering all the purchases on the whole line.

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At the same time, the platform formulates management measures for overdue customers.

For a new business model.

2.1 the company’s situation and business background Zhongjian e-commerce Co., Ltd.

Compared with traditional factoring products or credit loan products, the innovations of xinrongbao products are mainly reflected in: (1) in the face of massive data and complex business lines, fully excavates the value of historical transaction data of the platform, and creates a unique multi-dimensional and three-dimensional supplier information report of through supplier history, transaction data and other information, It took the lead in setting big data application scenarios and applied them through the digital section of cloud building network, so that the data truly reflects the value, and took the first step in big data mining and application.

And realize differentiated financing amount and financing cost for different suppliers.

–’s order loan solution based on big data credit enhancement    The essence of supply chain finance is to focus on the core enterprises in the supply chain and rely on the operation of the industrial chain to provide credit to the enterprises in the industrial chain.

2.2 introduction to xinrongbao product model xinrongbao product is a data-based credit financing product.

(3) Compared with the traditional risk control methods, the data-based risk control can carry out more systematic continuous and dynamic monitoring and analysis.

(2) Financing mode innovation xinrongbao products combine the advantages of supply chain financing products and credit loan products.

Pre loan management: build multi-dimensional customer portrait for suppliers based on platform big data, which can effectively identify customer quality, identify suppliers with good performance and rating, and launch products.

When suppliers are overdue, they can cooperate with financial institutions to collect overdue customers and reduce overdue losses.

Therefore, in the early stage of xinrongbao product planning, we started with the massive transaction data of, cleaned and renovated the key transaction data of platform users, eliminated abnormal data, and improved the quality of basic data.

On the basis of ensuring the data quality, starting from the key points of risk control of financial institutions, summarize and integrate the platform data, establish a data model, and form a data analysis model for platform suppliers.

MRO Through in-depth excavation of big data applications and digital risk control technology, explore new ideas of supply chain finance in the construction industry, and use data to empower small and micro enterprises on the platform to effectively solve their financing pain points.

In the future, xinrongbao products will form a more mature data and risk control model, access more financial institutions and more forms of financial products, and provide more choices and better services for platform suppliers.

In the future, will continue to cultivate the “data enabled” business model, deeply operate the platform data, analyze the whole business process of platform, expand more application scenarios, and promote the in-depth combination of big data technology and industry.

At present, there are four main products: Factoring easy, insurance easy, yunzhengtong and xinrongbao. cooperates with financial institutions to establish corresponding risk control measures, form risk control management measures for data loan products, and orderly manage suppliers before, during and after loan by means of big data, so as to prevent accidents.

Compared with traditional credit loan products, the main difference is that it adds the integration and analysis results of’s transaction data and supplier evaluation data over the years, and realizes the credit enhancement to suppliers through the calculation of data model.

2.4 development prospect under the tide of big data, CSCEC e-commerce actively embraces change, transforms the mode of financial operation, deeply investigates the actual needs of platform users, and explores a new mode of supply chain finance in the construction industry.

It aims to strengthen the financial assistance to small, medium-sized and micro enterprises on the platform, inject funds into the links most needed by enterprises, and solve the urgent needs of enterprises.

The better the performance, the better the financing conditions, so as to promote suppliers to improve the quality of products and services and form a virtuous circle of transaction ecosystem.

In loan management: suppliers withdraw money based on the real order data pushed by, reduce the workload of bank verification of financing customer information and improve the review efficiency.

CN) as the core brand, CSCEC e-commerce company has built five business segments: cloud building centralized procurement, cloud building optimization, cloud building labor service, cloud building Zhilian and cloud building digital technology.

Among them, Yunzhu digital section is a comprehensive online digital technology service platform for the construction industry based on the industry advantages of China Construction Group, which is committed to providing customers with safe, rich and standardized online digital technology services.

Through the blessing of big data on the platform, on the one hand, it reduces financing costs for suppliers and improves financing amount, on the other hand, it provides risk control for financial institutions.

2.3 phased achievements since the launch of xinrongbao products in October 2020, it has continued to provide convenient and efficient credit loan services for platform suppliers, serving more than 1000 suppliers in total, and the product scale has exceeded 1.5 billion yuan by August 2021.

For a long time, there are many problems in the supply chain of the construction industry, such as the low level of industry informatization, backward management level, uneven scale of enterprises in the construction industry, which also leads to the high dependence of Supply Chain Finance on the core enterprises in the chain.


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