The total construction area exceeds 100000 m2! New office and residential projects will be built here, and the renderings will be seen first

Postal Code: 201206, and “project publicity opinions” shall be indicated on the cover of the letter.

The office and residential projects to be built are simple and grand in appearance, equipped with activity spaces such as open squares, and geographically adjacent to the planned park.

Let’s see the relevant details together! ⬇️ Project owner name: Shanghai Zhaoke Real Estate Co., Ltd.

5X5 Scaffolding

We look forward to the early implementation of the project in Caolu town and inject more vitality into the local area ~ editor: Wang Yumeng*.

The letter shall be subject to the postmark.

▲ main economic and technical indicators of the publicity map: total construction area: 106943.97 square meters, aboveground construction area: 74443.97 square meters, underground construction area: 32500.00 square meters, floor area ratio: 2.3 green space rate of office area: 20% green space rate of residential area: 35% effect map, office and residential publicity details feedback deadline: September 4, 2021.

Please send the feedback letter of publicity project to: 27 Jinqiao Road, Pudong New Area Building 14, administrative examination and approval service office of Management Committee of Shanghai Jinqiao Economic and Technological Development Zone.

project construction address: Caolu Town, Pudong New Area, east to Huahe Road, South to qinjiagang Road, West to Gutang road and north to Jinshuo road.

Some time ago, Xiaobu took you to know the overall land and space planning of Caolu Town, Pudong New Area (2020-2035) (including the recent special planning for key public infrastructure) (Draft).

There will be new office and residential projects here.

No, there is a new planning and design in Caolu central town.


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