Why should BIM Technology be introduced into prefabricated buildings? The reason is actually very simple!

The plan reading needs to be confirmed by the trained professional construction personnel.

In the maintenance and operation stage after the delivery of PC prefabricated buildings, BIM Technology is adopted to accurately understand the actual use status of various equipment or components of the building, effectively receive and feed back the information, quickly help users and construction enterprises master the real-time situation after the delivery of the building, and focus on the management and maintenance of main nodes.

It can also further conduct collision tests on building models through NavisWorks and other relevant software, monitor conflicts and deficiencies in design, check relevant data in time, and improve efficiency in all aspects.

When BIM Technology is adopted, the information model system built by BIM Technology is used as the delivery data and corresponding objectives of each stage, so that designers, constructors and managers can communicate well, and share data with the same goal as the main result of production.

This exploratory stage is very prone to construction quality problems, and it is easy to lead to rework and increase the construction period.

    To sum up, the production of BIM Technology in each stage of PC prefabricated building can effectively solve some problems faced by each link, the most typical is the accurate communication between construction and design.

When equipped on site, it can be identified by scanning the data recorded by the chip, so as to achieve information sharing.

In the construction stage and the production stage of prefabricated components, it can effectively help relevant personnel carry out quality control, production period control and scheme optimization, find the most effective construction assembly mode through checking and Simulation of the scheme, and improve the accuracy of construction and production, Reduce rework rate and form a complete production chain integrating design, construction, delivery and operation…

Using the visual model built by BIM, the process of component construction can be demonstrated in advance and the situation during construction can be simulated, so as to realize the accurate operation of PC prefabricated building site construction, as well as the effective control and supervision of construction progress, and finally achieve the purpose of perfect and efficient construction of prefabricated buildings.

Through data sharing, some controversial problems arising from building construction in different stages can be solved.

Different installation sequences may lead to the failure of prefabricated building construction, so in many cases, continuous exploration is needed to complete the overlapping of assembly components.

     To some extent, it is the most critical construction link in the whole construction process to transport PC fabricated building components to the construction site after production for assembly assembly.

Errors often occur in these approval and correction links, So that the construction is inconsistent with the design objectives.

Lifting Insert

    In the traditional construction industry, no matter whether the assembly production is carried out or not, the corresponding work is guided by the construction data and acceptance data such as two-dimensional drawings.

If there are problems in the plan, the construction personnel need to report and correct them layer by layer.

    In the component production stage of PC prefabricated building, it can be determined whether the produced PC building components meet the requirements through the construction of BIM model, and the standardized design component mould can be obtained through timely data operation, so as to carry out the flow production of mechanical NC, reduce the manual production part, greatly reduce the error rate, and speed up the construction and production progress, At the same time, RFID chips are embedded in the components produced by BIM model by using Internet of things technology.


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