Nanchang fast recruitment | [state owned enterprise] latest recruitment of Jiangxi construction engineering construction and installation

Other requirements: strictly abide by the relevant rules and regulations of state-owned enterprises, love their own work, and have a positive work and life attitude.

More than two academic degrees; 2.

Work location of budget cost post: Nanchang salary: 4k-6k / month job description: Job Description: 1.

Ability and quality requirements: strong team consciousness, student cadres and student party members are preferred; 5.


Responsible for the company’s finance, accounting and tax matters: formulate financial plan and budget system, and effectively plan and use the company’s funds.


Work experience requirements: work experience is unlimited, and relevant internship experience is preferred; 3.

Job requirements: 1.

Carry out routine maintenance, management or destruction of archives in accordance with relevant regulations; 6.

5 party affairs management post.

Be familiar with the specific processes and methods of archives management..

Assist in handling relevant problems in the process of contract management, review, filing, signing and performance.

Assist in drafting / reviewing all kinds of letters sent by the company 3.

Be familiar with national laws and regulations and relevant project cost management regulations, be proficient in the professional theoretical knowledge, be familiar with project drawings, and master project budget quota and relevant policies and regulations, so as to lay a foundation for the correct preparation and review of budget; 2.

In April 2017, in order to further expand the business scale of the enterprise, broaden the external business channels, improve the popularity of the enterprise, make full use of the increasing reputation of “Jiangxi construction engineering” and highlight the production and operation characteristics of “construction” and “installation” of our company, the enterprise was renamed “Jiangxi construction engineering construction and installation Co., Ltd.” and is the leading backbone enterprise in Jiangxi Province, It is an enterprise with general contracting qualification for mechanical and electrical engineering construction approved by the state and a state-owned holding subsidiary of Jiangxi Construction Engineering Group Co., Ltd.

Implement financial discipline and fiscal policy: have the right to dissuade, stop and report to the superior the collection and payment of funds in violation of national policies, financial system and financial discipline.

Love their own work and have a positive attitude towards work and life; 5.

Location: Nanchang salary: 3.9k-5.5k/month.

Political outlook: CPC member; 2.

2 legal specialist work location: Nanchang salary: 3.9k-5.5k/month Job Description: 1.

Graduated from a unified recruitment college with a bachelor’s degree (two or more) and a certain professional foundation; 2.


Job requirements: 1.

Coordinate with Party organizations at all levels and be responsible for the daily party affairs of Party organizations.


Full time bachelor degree or above; 3.

Job requirements: 1.

The address of the company is 888 East Beijing Road, Nanchang.

Complete other tasks assigned by leaders.

After the completion acceptance of the project, the final settlement of the completed project shall be carried out in time.

Be responsible for the sorting, classification, numbering, registration and archiving of all archives and technical data of the enterprise according to relevant regulations on archives management; 3.

Correctly calculate the cost and profit of each major product: correctly allocate the product cost difference according to the accounting principle to ensure the authenticity and reliability of the enterprise’s product cost and profit.

Plastic Nail Plate


Enthusiastic, positive, hardworking and obedient to the arrangement of the enterprise is preferred.

Use professional file management software or office software to carry out file management informatization; Job requirements: job requirements: 1.

Post code: 330029.

Assist in handling all kinds of litigation, arbitration cases and other legal affairs involving the company 2.



Responsible for drafting party construction work plan, summary, report and other comprehensive documents.

Full time two or more degree, major in file management is preferred; 2.

Information file management post location: Nanchang salary: 3.9k-5.5k/month Job Description: Job Responsibilities: 1.

Complete other work assigned by leaders.

Professional knowledge and skills: solid knowledge of university professional courses and interested in project cost; 4.

was Jiangxi Industrial equipment installation company established in 1958.

Assist in supervising and managing risk prevention and control of projects under construction, analyze, evaluate and confirm relevant expenses, profits or duration claims, guide and assist in handling major contract disputes and claims.

Assist finance in cost accounting.

Ability and quality requirements: strong copywriting ability, communication ability, language expression ability, sense of responsibility, enterprising spirit, loyalty and other qualities;   4.

Educational requirements: Bachelor degree, unlimited major; 2.

Office administrative post location: Nanchang salary: 3.9k-5.5k/month Job Description: 1.

Job requirements: no description at present.


The company has more than 10 first-class business qualifications approved by the Ministry of Construction: first-class general contracting of electromechanical installation engineering construction, first-class general contracting of housing construction engineering construction, first-class general contracting of municipal public engineering construction, first-class general contracting of smelting engineering construction, first-class professional contracting of fire-fighting facilities engineering, first-class professional contracting of steel structure engineering, first-class professional contracting of electromechanical equipment installation engineering Chemical and petroleum equipment pipeline safety performance bonus paid annual leave food and health examination weekend two-day rest 1 financial management post location: Nanchang salary: 3.9k-5.5k/month Job Description: 1.

In July 2009, after the overall restructuring of the enterprise, it was named “Jiangxi Installation Engineering Co., Ltd.”.

Be responsible for the organization and planning of various conference activities organized by the party and relevant conference affairs.


Education and major: full-time class II bachelor degree or above, civil engineering, engineering cost, engineering economics and other related majors; 2.

Strictly implement enterprise cost management measures: strengthen cost control, accrue various expenses according to regulations, and apportion various expenses according to the principle of accrual basis.


Be responsible for checking the integrity of archives and data stored or returned due, and timely report and deal with problems found; 5.

Have working enthusiasm and strong sense of responsibility; 3.


Political orientation: CPC members (including probationary members)   3.

The predecessor of Jiangxi construction engineering construction and installation Co., Ltd.


Strict expenses and strengthen cost management: do a good job in economic activity analysis, collect, sort out and accumulate various original materials over the years, guide grass-roots economic accounting, and promote the economic benefits of the company year by year.

Collect and sort out various laws and regulations of the industry Regulations and rules, build and maintain business line database, participate in the formulation and revision of relevant legal documents of the company.

Financial management, accounting, finance, etc.

Job requirements: job requirements: 1.

Strong writing ability, communication ability and language expression ability; 4.

Be responsible for borrowing and consulting archives and data; 4.


Job Description: 1.

Master the accurate market price and budget price, and adjust the budget and settlement in time; 3.



Be responsible for organizing and implementing daily party building, and doing a good job in Party building publicity and reporting.

Participate in the review of new contracts and other legal and economic documents, Be responsible for contract disclosure and contract risk prompt.

Responsible for the processing of enterprise documents, data sorting and sorting of various meeting minutes and data; 2.

Be enthusiastic about construction enterprises, obey organizational arrangements, and work hard.

Good health and good conduct; 3.

Relevant experience is preferred.



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