Aowang building materials and 2021 xiongan new area low carbon building and new materials expo help the construction of xiongan New Area

● municipal buried pipe and pump valve exhibition area: metal pipe (cast iron pipe, ball milled cast iron pipe), plastic pipe (PVC-U pipe, PE pipe, PP pipe, etc.) , concrete pipes; pumps, valves, pipes \ Museum connectors, etc.

● exhibition area of wood structure and landscape wood: landscape wood structure and materials, bamboo structure materials, wood structure building foundation and roof system, etc.

● ecological comprehensive utilization of solid waste: municipal solid waste, building solid waste and other disposal and comprehensive utilization technologies and equipment.

The exhibition aims to build a zero distance docking platform for building materials enterprises and construction units, so that more new materials and products can be put into the construction of the new area.

The theme of this new materials exhibition is “xiongan opportunity under the double carbon goal”, focusing on the characteristics of “high starting point, high standard and high level”, aiming at internationalization, orientation, novelty, scientificity, practicability and economy, highlighting the characteristics of “branding, high-end and internationalization”, and presenting a wonderful “new materials” feast for xiongan builders.

● exhibition area of indoor heating technology products: radiator, new indoor heating technology, ground source / water source / air source heat pump, etc.

Aowang building materials   Assist the construction of aowang Building Materials Technology Co., Ltd.

● exhibition area of passive low energy consumption green building technology and components: passive doors and windows and sun shading products, roof and exterior wall waterproof materials, thermal insulation materials, exterior wall thermal insulation system, molded polystyrene board, graphite polystyrene board, vacuum thermal insulation board, rock wool, plastering paste and adhesive paste, fresh air installation unit, etc.

As a concentrated carrier of new products, new technologies, new materials and new material processes, xiong’an new area has attracted worldwide attention.

Exhibition scope ● prefabricated building exhibition area: prefabricated building industry base and industry leading enterprises; Prefabricated architectural design, concrete structure system, toughened structure system, modern wood structure system, prefabricated machinery and production equipment; Prefabricated components, prefabricated municipal works, modular houses, integrated houses, etc.

Help the smooth realization of “ecological xiongan” and “quality xiongan”.

At present, all preparations have reached the stage of preparation.

Double Head Lifting Pin Anchor

During the forum, the “solid waste comprehensive utilization branch of China Building Materials Market Association” will be held Inaugural ceremony.

● prefabricated full decoration and interior decoration industrialization exhibition area: overall toilet, overall kitchen, overall storage cabinet, integrated ceiling, kitchen and bathroom electrical appliances, drainage on the same floor, whole house customization and interior decoration Integrated technologies and components related to equipment industrialization.

The posters of xiong’an country park were put on the line! Look at the 14 urban exhibition parks! The infrastructure construction in the start-up area of xiong’an new area was in full swing.

After the previous forum exhibitions, the organizers will select some enterprises from the exhibitors to settle in the “high quality green construction exhibition base in xiong’an New Area” for a long time And establish a communication mechanism between the supplier and the demander through new product press conferences, conference negotiations, forum salons and other means to promote the extensive and efficient utilization of new technologies, new products and new materials such as green energy conservation and smart buildings in the new area.

2021 cities across the country The forum of solid waste recycling technology exchange conference will comprehensively promote diversified technology projects such as source reduction, resource utilization and ecological utilization of solid waste, solve solid waste problems for enterprises and help enterprises formulate overall solutions for solid waste recycling.

in xiong’an new area, specializing in the R & D, manufacturing and operation of inorganic new materials.

There are still a few gold booths vacant, and enterprises interested in participating in the exhibition need to hurry to report In the past, the certification and evaluation center of Building Materials Information Institute introduced the decoration of building materials Letters of magazine subscription, contribution and corporate image product promotion cooperation the first national low carbon building materials Summit Forum was successfully held.

It is a “national high-tech enterprise”; The series of products have been tested by national authoritative testing departments, and all indicators have reached and exceeded relevant industry standards; The enterprise series products have passed the audit of the Ministry of environmental protection and the Ministry of finance, obtained the “ten ring certification” and entered the national government procurement catalogue; The enterprise has passed ISO9001, ISO14001 and iso45001 system certification; It has been appraised as “domestic leading product” by the Ministry of science and technology; The enterprise has obtained a number of invention patents and utility model patents; The technical specification for application of wall facing mortar was jointly prepared with China Academy of building materials science and became the editor in chief.

2021 xiong’an new area low carbon building and New Materials Expo xiong’an New Area New Materials Expo is currently the first large-scale professional Expo jointly sponsored by national institutions of xiong’an new area and China xiong’an group.

The invitation letter for members of the solid waste comprehensive utilization branch of China Building Materials Market Association business cooperation building materials decoration The magazine’s submission, official account, business cooperation, etc.

● exhibition area of sponge city and underground comprehensive pipe gallery construction: rainwater collection and utilization Utilization system; rainwater infiltration and drainage integrated system, permeable brick; underground space planning and design, comprehensive pipe gallery construction, municipal company, smart pipe network construction; professional pipe fittings, prefabricated components and other relevant supporting products of comprehensive pipe gallery of various materials, etc.

● exhibition area of green new building materials: building pipes and fittings, interior and exterior wall coatings, thermal insulation coatings, ready mixed mortar, building waterproof materials, LED lighting, integrated ceiling, plumbing equipment, ceramic tiles (boards) , sanitary ware, building doors and windows, sliding doors, structural glue and hardware accessories, building natural stones, decorative components, steel for reinforced concrete, cables, low-voltage electrical and other green building materials required by xiongan.

The organizer has been deeply engaged in xiong’an for five years, provided a platform for exchange and cooperation for thousands of enterprises to participate in xiong’an construction, and attracted many media to participate in reporting.

The previous skimpy brand exhibitors held the fourth session in 2021 The national low-carbon building and new materials jointly build xiong’an Development Forum will focus on “building” and “low carbon” From the perspective of low-carbon building itself and low-carbon healthy and comfortable living environment, this paper discusses and studies the planning and design of low-carbon building, the development trend of material technology, the perspective of later energy management and operation and maintenance, indoor environment control and optimization, the technical application of intelligent scientific and technological home, and the overall solution of low-carbon comfortable living technology system.

Please contact the micro signal: the tjf960702 assembly building materials industry alliance will provide you with the whole industry service telephone number (010) 65576998 address |

Building materials for energy saving and thermal insulation system: rock wool products, glass cotton products, molded polystyrene foam (EPS) products (including modified products), extruded polystyrene foam (XPS) products (including modified products), flexible foam plastic products, foam glass products, foam ceramic products, rigid polyurethane foam, integrated thermal insulation board, external wall insulation (self insulation) system materials, thermal insulation cutting, etc.

The company’s products have been successfully applied to the construction of supporting facilities for the Winter Olympic Games, beautiful villages and characteristic towns.

● doors, windows and curtain walls and sunshades: doors, windows and curtain walls, sunshade systems, structural glue series and hardware accessories series, building glass and photovoltaic series, sunshine room.


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