The inaugural meeting of the research branch of the school of architecture and environment of Sichuan University in 2021-2022 academic year

He hoped that in the next year, each member of the research club would treat his work with enthusiasm and put forward substantive suggestions from four aspects.

three     Cultivate comprehensive ability.

So far, the inaugural meeting of the research branch of Jianhuan university came to a successful conclusion.

As a new stage, graduate students mean that we also have to face many new challenges, cultivate the ability to solve problems, learn to communicate with different people, cherish the good times in the next few years, and meet new challenges with an open mind.


Gao first extended a warm welcome to the freshmen of the research club and expressed his good expectations for the new academic year of the research club.


Liao Yuanpei, head of the comprehensive Organization Department of 03 reimbursement process training, also introduced the reimbursement procedures in detail from four aspects: reimbursement process, private transfer, public transfer and meeting minutes.

I hope you will treat the seminar with the same enthusiasm next year.

He also introduced that in his eyes, the research branch is a warm collective integrating execution, innovation and sense of honor.

one   Based on the present, explore the future.

two     endure hardships and be capable of hard work.

Gao Qian, the instructor of the research branch, delivered a speech.

In the future, we need to continue to work with full spirit and turn the Research Association spirit into our own ability in action.

At the beginning of the inaugural speech of the 01 research branch, Mr.

Straight Anchor

Integrity oriented, while improving the level of academic research, we should also cultivate the quality of cadres.

At the end of the meeting, all members of the research branch took a group photo to celebrate the establishment of this research association.

I hope you can enjoy different landscapes and have talents, dreams and confidence.

four     Recognize the bottom line.

of press releases, as well as what kind of photos have the most information.

Then, senior brother Liu Yu said that no matter what your original intention is, as a member of the research club, you should learn to change your mentality, enjoy the happiness and happiness of serving teachers and students, have a strong sense of responsibility and collective sense, accept and complete the work of the research club with a positive attitude and strive for excellence.

While constantly improving professional ability, we should also strive to cultivate comprehensive abilities such as communication, organization and coordination, leadership and planning.

    Next, Zhou Rui, the chairman in charge, thanked and congratulated you for joining the seminar.

First, start with every small thing of the Research Association.

Then, Xu Hongyu, chairman of the research branch, delivered a speech, mainly from the purpose of entering the research branch.

I hope you will have a rich and colorful experience in the seminar, enrich yourself and really love student work.

In the subsequent construction of the research branch, I believe everyone will actively participate in the work of the research branch, accumulate small steps and even thousands of miles, continue brilliance and create good achievements! Text | Editor Li Zishan | Zeng WANYING welcome to Jianhuan research branch.

two   Confident you are invincible.

Finally, Xu Hongyu also wished the research branch better and better, and everyone attending the meeting can have more harvest and experience.

Finally, Xu Jinhui, the freshman representative of the research branch, shared his experience with a relaxed and humorous speech and put forward expectations from two aspects.

Gao pointed out that the improvement of graduate students’ ability is obtained through action and persistence.

The inaugural meeting of the graduate branch of the school of architecture and environment of Sichuan University for the 2021-2022 academic year was successfully held at 19:00 p.m.

one     Implement actions.

Xu Hongyu respected the original intention of each member with an open mind.

With hope and strength, we will continue to work with the spirit of Sichuan University in the future.

02 press release skill training sister Wang Jinyu, Minister of the news media department, described in detail the precautions for writing press releases, including the general structure, recorded content, main content, etc.

on September 24, 2021 in the multimedia room 128 of the administration building! Gao Qian, the instructor of the seminar, members of the presidium of the seminar, Department ministers and new officers attended the conference.


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