Why is the architectural design institute now beating thousands of people?

High happiness index; Electric power design is also a monopoly industry, but there is internal competition, which is inferior and superior to water conservancy; Traffic planning (road, bridge, tunnel and railway) is slightly more competitive, but the volume is large and the cost is high.

In recent years, the market situation is not good, and even a white note at the end of the year.

How can there be such a good boss in the world? It is not that the design institute breaks the drum and thousands of people beat, but that the abnormal salary system and management system of the design institute based on the design boom era can not keep up with the current era.

Now there are a lot of broken things in architectural design.

There is no difference between double 985 graduate students and ordinary undergraduates who have worked for three years.

Tan Teng: the root of the pain of the Design Institute comes from the whole.

Only for designers of Architectural Design Institute.

Editor | Nina proofreading | Su Xiaoqi Han Mou: now all major platforms are persuading the design institute to retreat.

Before, the design institute played PUA and year-end bonus system, which were based on the prosperity of the industry.

My Lord, times have changed! Wasteland tramp: it’s been several years since the Design Institute started to carry buckets.

The engineering industry is almost purely empirical and inefficient growth, which really can not be called technology.

Many problems in the work are often not how difficult, but you haven’t done it and you don’t know.

The learning ability of double 985 graduate students must be better than that of an undergraduate, but they really can’t be used at work.

If there is no demand in the upstream, no matter how low the design fee in the downstream can receive the project.

It must be painful to adhere to the previous set as a migrant worker.

If there is no project, many people will be idle, so the staffing of many design institutes is insufficient and can only be completed through overtime.

People are servants.

The income of the design institute was indeed high in the early years, but the problem is that over the years, the income of designers has hardly increased, and even decreased or paid a blank note.

Besides, the work intensity is closely related to the income in the following paragraph, because the unit price of design fee is reduced.

The money is national, and each project has indicators, and there is no pressure on the cost within the indicators.

For the Design Institute, because the cost is the cost of computer equipment, printing and labor, and the investment of computer equipment remains unchanged for many years, no matter how it is reduced, the company has money to earn, but it is transferred to the individual designer, You pay the same experience to complete the workload, but the output value is decreasing, and the final income naturally does not go up.

Make complaints about her.

First, there must be project approval before there is design demand.

Now let’s go back and talk about it.

Small state-owned enterprises and private enterprises are not included in the scope of discussion, and non core majors are not included in the scope of discussion.

Bolt Anchor

In order to ensure the operation, the company can only take more projects, but the increase of personnel can not keep up.

Steamed stuffed bun Xi Shi: I speak straight.

Because I usually sign a design contract, and I can make another money by simply modifying it.

After calculation, you can owe the company money for the next year.

Even once there was a saying that the design institute is party a…

Take the drawing of construction drawings for example.

With the sunset of large civil engineering, the salary is much worse than before, and the management is rigid.

I think Party A is a fair weather friend.

Fairly moist; There is great competition in Municipal Design (water supply and drainage landscape, etc.).

It was not funny that the money you got from the architectural design institute after graduation was more than twice the starting salary of other majors.

She thinks Party A is an enemy who kills her father.

This is also related to the times and can be analyzed by themselves.

As a result, your advantages can not be brought into play.

The income of designers naturally rises because it is related to the workload.

Why has the design institute changed from the former altar to the scene of breaking drums and beating by thousands of people? Poppy: briefly analyze the design ladder diagram:    Special design (civil air defense, special equipment, etc.) > hydraulic design ≥ Electric Power Design > Traffic Planning (road, bridge, tunnel and railway) > Municipal Design (water supply and drainage, landscape, etc.) > > architectural design.

You have the ability but nowhere to show it.

Is it difficult or uncomfortable? Lose or not? In the final analysis, design is a labor-intensive industry with a very low threshold.

The closer to the downstream, the more specific the field, and the greater the impact of the market.

The construction units even need to trust the relationship to go to the design institute to draw the design.

Just take an example: I’m glad to let me change it after drawing.

Architectural design occupies all the shortcomings of the design industry, but the advantages are not accounted for at all.

The draftsman should deal with Party A’s leaders, work overtime in late night holidays, and more than half of the last few broken copper plates will buckle their hair by the end of the year.

The competition is fierce, Party A is difficult to serve, the design fee is broken, there is great pressure to work overtime, and there are many specialties to cooperate with.

Fixed 4K per month (friends in the hospital), performance at the end of the year, uncertain, “can’t you beg on your knees”? You know, now the dishwashers and waiters in the hotel have 3K wages.

The following comparison is only for design institutes engaged in competitive industries at the provincial capital, provincial, national and economically developed prefecture level cities.

However, in recent years, the supply of the design institute exceeds the demand and the construction market cools down.

Ordinary wage earners.

There are more recruits.

When you look back, it’s so simple.

To put it bluntly, for the sake of money, painters have endured it.

Isn’t this “only one bowl of money for two bowls of powder”? The salary is calculated according to performance and deducted every month.

The engineering industry is an experienced industry.

For the design of the above industries, Party A is basically a development and investment company subordinate to the local government or SASAC.

The first is in line with the plan, the second is safety, and other technical issues can be discussed.

The project has been changed repeatedly for half a year or even a year or two, and only one piece of money is given.

And architectural design, let you change at any time, change slowly or change not in place, but also deduct money, which is really incomprehensible.

The actual work threshold is really not high, but it needs a lot of experience accumulation.

Happiness index burst.

In the past few years, major universities have supplied a large number of relevant professionals to the society, Leading to a decline in status.

In fact, the design institute belongs to a relatively downstream position.

In the 1980s and 1990s, all kinds of construction just rose.

Instead, it has been falling.

After all, at that time, architectural design was the head industry.

There was a survey and design income standard in the past few years, Since then, it has not changed for many years, especially in the residential field.

It’s really a servant! My sister is in architectural design.

The design institute can’t make money and still hold back.

Another point is the positioning in the industrial chain.

The superstructure of the design institute can no longer match the current foundation.

Making money is not shabby.

The boss has to consider food and accommodation, otherwise no one will work.

This working mode is extremely exquisite, wasting your time and talent, and there is almost no cost performance.

“If you can get 30%, it depends on Huang Silang’s face”.

Stupid thing: in a word, the design institute needs exactly what you are least good at.

Finally, sometimes you will find that designers of different ages in the design institute can make a 180 degree turn in their views on the work of the design institute.

You don’t need to push the navistox equation? Other undergraduate students come in faster than you, earn more than you, and have higher professional titles than you.

Even if the design fee is discounted, it is still a matter of tens of millions, and there are few specialties (i.e.

Double 985 graduate students are even worse than undergraduates who have worked for a long time, because undergraduates have longer working hours, more engineering experience, are more familiar with specifications and drawing requirements, and know which atlas to look at, Know which project to refer to.

First, let’s talk about the income problem that we are most concerned about.

There are too few design institutes, many of which are still public institutions.

Naturally, the status is high.

Water Conservancy Design monopolizes the industry, with large quantity and high cost, so the design fee is high.

The status of design institutes.

hydropower landscape).

It is no different from the textile workers in the old society, but the spindle in hand has become a computer..

Special design is God, no explanation.

At the beginning of this century, with the hot real estate and the launch of various infrastructure projects, there are many projects of the design institute.

The reason is that the design fee has not increased, or even decreased slowly.


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