How to choose the floor when buying an elevator room? Architects give three rules: pay the bill, buy high and don’t buy low

Why can’t I buy even numbers? This is inseparable from Chinese tradition, because most of the floors brought by even numbers are not very pleasant to hear.

It is no longer the concept of having a nest in the past.

Everyone is more and more concerned about the comfort of living.

When the weather is hot, there are cockroaches and mosquitoes.

The 14th floor, like the 4th floor, is taboo because it sounds like “dying”.

2、 “Buy high: more than half of the floor”.

This kind of daylighting time doesn’t matter to office workers who are not at home during the day.

The seventh floor and the eighth floor represent “seven up and eight down”, and the number of “eight” represents the days passing day by day, so everyone doesn’t like the eighth floor.

01 I.

Therefore, combined with the above three points, architects believe that it is best to consider these three points when buying a house.

It will be affected by some noise downstairs every day, and the privacy is not high.

Therefore, if the building is 30 stories high, you can choose more than 15 floors, which is the best choice.

“buy the bill, not the pair”.

The family is dark every day.

Of course, the most important thing is the noise problem.

Moreover, because there are many trees around, mosquitoes, rats and ants are easy to appear, especially in the south.

After all, the floor is relatively low.

Of course, it will only be designed according to the minimum standards specified by the state (1-2 hours of sunshine a day).

Generally speaking, I would suggest that you buy more than half of the floors.

Please rest assured to pay attention.

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Although now each real estate will basically take daylighting into account when building house type.

What is it to pay the bill instead of buying a pair? Yes, just don’t buy floors with even numbers.

Therefore, in order to ensure the lighting, ventilation and vision at home, it is best to buy a high-rise building, because the sunshine duration increases according to the floor, that is, the higher the floor, the longer the sunshine, and there is no need to worry that the height of the floor is too close to the distance between the buildings without sunshine.

Of course, some of these things are taboo and some don’t care.

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After all, people should enjoy this short life.

For example, floor 4 sounds similar to the pronunciation of “death”, so I feel unlucky and don’t want to buy it.

What should we pay attention to when buying a house and selecting a house type? 58 a professional in the same city believes that it is best to abide by the following three principles when buying a house.

Do you think so? Do you think the three rules put forward by architects are correct? Welcome to leave a message in the comments area below…

Of course, I don’t mean it’s 100% correct, but at least I won’t buy it wrong.

Therefore, recently, a netizen asked me how to choose the floor when buying a house.

3、 “Don’t buy low floors: floors 1-5” don’t choose the ground floor mainly because of the distance between buildings.

No matter who they are, they certainly want to live more comfortably.

The low floors are often blocked by the front floors, resulting in weak sunlight intensity.

In addition, the vision of low floors is not so good compared with high floors, and it is easy to be stolen.

Others hope that the houses they buy in the future can increase in value and preserve value.

It depends on your personal situation.

If you buy the wrong house, or buy some poor houses because of the sales routine, you won’t cry to death.

And because of the lack of sunlight, it will also affect the humidity in the house.

I don’t have to explain what it means.

To this end, I invited a 58 city professional to answer for us.

Is there any direct way for Xiaobai to use directly? After all, house prices are so expensive now.

Of course, there is our floor 18.

But if there are adults and children in the family during the day, this kind of lighting time is too short.

Cuplock Scaffolding Components

In a word, you should pay more attention before buying a house and save more worry after buying a house.

Note: the source of pictures and texts is the network, which is invaded and deleted                                                          With the better housing conditions, people’s demand for house quality is also higher and higher.


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